I have bad time management skills.  Since I am a librarian and veteran student, I have decided to use books to help me get better habits.  In the past, I’ve read books that would help me better organize (currently some of those books are, ironically, providing more clutter in my house).  I’ve read books to help me parent by doctor husbands who worked all day long away from the kids.  I’ve read books to help me save money (hint #1: don’t buy this book).  So why not read something on time management?
Since my time management is so poor, I have little time to go check out a book on this, despite working inside a library.  Self-help books are easier to find in public libraries, and I work in an academic library where the books are more scholarly and thus significantly dustier.  So the easiest thing to do is turn to the Internet and Google “time management” where, it turns out, there are a lot of sites dedicated to helping you become more efficient.  Here are some tips.
#1. Don’t spend so much time on the Internet.
                Whew.  What a lifesaver that was.  It kind of reminds me of those children’s shows that advise kids to quit watching so much T.V.  They do realize that if we were to follow their advice, their websites and programs would cease to exist, right?  They must know something we don’t.
#2. Don’t Procrastinate
                I meant to read this article in its entirety, but I got distracted.  There is a very handy quiz you can take to see if you procrastinate too much.  Hint: If you are taking the quiz, you’re procrastinating.
#3. Multi-task
                Instead of being ineffective at just one thing, when you multi-task you can be ineffective at several things at once.  Real time saver, that.
#4. Take more breaks
                This way you can “recharge” and be more effective when you’re working.  I’m pretty good at this.  Sometimes my breaks last for entire days.
#5. Keep a To-Do list
                I’m great at making lists.  Wait – I’m supposed to do what’s on the list?
#6. Don’t take on too much work
                Better not do the dishes.  And sorry, kids, you’re going to have to go.
#7. Set goals
                Surviving is apparently not a worthwhile goal to these people.

#8. Prioritize your tasks
                Do what’s most important first.  Is laundry more important than computer games?  Nah.
#9. Manage distractions
                Other people can be distracting.  Avoid all people.
#10. Be organized
                No problem.  Where’d I put that book on that?
                After about an hour of dedicated research on this topic, I’ve decided that learning how to better manage my time takes way too much time.  It’s also very tiring.  So my goal today is to lock up the kids and take a break from all this work I took on by taking a nap (I can prioritize tasks while I sleep!).  It will be on the to-do list I’m going to write later, first thing, once I find the paper and a pen.

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  4. You’ve enlightened me once more, young lady.
    Good for you!

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