Last Minute Plea to All Patriots

Lookie! Patriotism!

We all honor our heroes, right?  As well we should.  Our armed forces are really cool because they not only protect us from our enemies, they also go through a lot of crap to do so.  I mean, they have to run.  A lot.  And have people yell right in their faces.  And eat crappy food.  And wear stupid hats.  And sometimes clean floors with a toothbrush.  That would suck.  Especially if they made you brush with it later.

But these are not are the only troopers, people.  There are some right here, tirelessly fighting, despite getting no recognition.  Who am I referring to?  Zombie hunters, of course.  You think there are no zombies?  Well, guess why?  Zombie hunters, that’s why.  They keep the zombies down so we don’t have to.

Zombies are among us, people.

This is why I feel I must once again promote Love and Lunchmeat’s Zombie Apocalypse Task Force.  And not just because I’m on it, because I am not one to toot my own horn.  Ha, of course I am.  See my badge?  But it’s not about me.  It’s about L and L here.  And since she has done so much for our country, I think we should do something for her. 

She’s involved in a contest. No, it’s not for a clown blogroll.  I can’t actually remember what it’s for, but she wants to win for the same reason we all do.  We’re insane.  So, I ask you all to help a sister out and go over to her site where her post will direct you to a website about a circle of moms (it’s possible some of these moms might be zombies, you never know, so she must infiltrate in order to make certain our liberties are at safe.)  There you just scroll down and click on the little thumbs up thing.  There’s other blogs on there, but I’m pretty sure they suck because they don’t fight zombies they just talk about taking care of your kids or some other crap. 

Votes must be in today!  Do it for your country!  (Canadians can vote too and be patriots for whatever the heck your country does.)  So be a patriot, vote for lunchmeat.  And vote for love.  Just vote.  You’ll be glad you did.

7 responses

  1. Thank you for begging me to follow your blog! I had never thought about zombies this way. There aren’t any because of Zombie Hunters. Exactly. And I think we should support our troops, especially for the wearing of silly hats.

      1. I wouldn’t miss it. I wrote about that about a week or so ago.

  2. I have to catch up–I missed this whole thing.

  3. Thanks Alice! Sadly, I wrote that blog post much later than I should have.

    And you should definitely watch out for those Stepford wives. Zombies are getting more and more clever with each new wave of film adaptations… 🙂

    1. Aw, well it was worth a shot. We must support our fellow zombie hunters. 😀 There should be tons at the 50 Shades premier.

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