My To-Do List

I wrote a post earlier about Time Management in which I proved that I know nothing about what that is.  I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs doing, but I keep forgetting because of ADHD or possibly just laziness or – hey is that a meerkat?

He is SO sneaky.

Anyway, I decided I would type up a list and post it here in hopes that I will be held accountable by fellow bloggers who are also avoiding work by reading blogs.  It’s a rock solid idea.  Here we go.


Try to accomplish something at work. 

1. So far I have confused and misdirected several students and written this list.  Score.


Even Barbie has to do her own flipping laundry.

1.  Sort that strange pile that I swear I saw move the other day.

2.  Re-wash clothes that have been in the washer for three days

3.  Re-dry clothes that have been wadded in the dryer for three days. 

  • One could use an iron for this, but that would ruin the lovely damage to the environment.  Plus I would have to find the iron.  Saying I even have one.

4. Wash and dry other clothes and try to actually remove them when they are done.


Angry bean guy makes me want to leave my cup in the sink just because.

1.  Ignore them until the pile is high and smells like death in hopes that either husband or the dish fairy will finally wash them.

Allergy Shot

1. Have the doctor purposefully inject me with stuff I’m allergic to in hopes of curing me of allergies by making arm swell up.  Try not to die.

Pick up meds

Let’s see, so the pink pills go in that bottle, and the blue ones . . . wait, where did I put them? Eh, nevermind.

1.  Pick up prescription from the pharmacy.  Saying they finally get it in.  And it’s the right one. 

Call Doctor

1.  Figure out what the heck is up with the medicine the pharmacy never got in.  Be directed back to the pharmacy.  And back to the doctor.  Do the hokey pokey and turn self around.

Help child(ren) with homework.

  1. Hope that 6th grade Math is not too advanced yet, because boy did I feel like a dork when I didn’t know where half the states were in 5th grade Geography last year.

The largest state in America? C-a-n-a-d-a.

 Feed children

1. Most likely something with lots of nitrates that comes in a bag or a can and ends with “o’s” 

Force children to bathe. 

Force children to get out of the bath.

Hey, we’re clean.

Read to children

1. Children’s author, Rick Riordan, has double-crossed me by making his chapters progressively longer with each book.

Yeah, I saw you skip the last two pages, Mom.

Mess around on blog and facebook (I might as well put this in because you know I’ll be doing this for sure.)

21 responses

  1. Some of your to do items are stolen straight off my list … so if you’re doing laundry anyway …

    1. That’s why I a clone of me, to do all the chores. I could also send her to work.

  2. Adding “messing about on blog and facebook” to your to do list is genius. This way you’re being productive even when messing about. Big check mark to you.

    1. They say to put stuff you’ve already done on your list so you feel a sense of accomplishment. So I could also add: Got up. Put on pants. Etc. Forgot to add need to that first comment. Sounds like I already am a clone of me.

  3. Sounds like we do laundry the same way, and your post reminded me to check my Facebook!

  4. Why is it that we have to force our kids into and then out of the bath? I don’t get it!!!

    I do the same thing. I actually experience aphasia from the lamictal, so I have to take gingko. I ran out, and forgot to tell my husband to reorder. I’ve been forgetting everything since. I laughed my rear off last night when I put my husband in a very awkward position with a friend when I failed to tell him that she didn’t go to the ear doctor, she went to the woman doctor yesterday. LOLOL! And then I laughed again when I told him I’m forgetting because I forgot about the gingko.

    Oh what fun!

    1. See that other post? It numbered my response to you, as if I’m just randomly commenting on my own blog. I mean, I like my own blog, but I haven’t quite gotten to that point yet. But it was a reply to above message. Let’s see if this one is numbered as well.

      1. I’m confused. What post? I’m probably just being blonde, but what numbers and such?

  5. That’s what I love about meds! Depression can make you forgetful too, so you forget to get the meds that can make you less forgetful. It’s like those commercials for stuff to strengthen your memory where they repeat the phone number like six times, but by then I’ve forgotten what the product’s name was.

  6. I love rewashing laundry. I’m also not sure whether or not I own an iron. I do have relatives who are probably cruel enough to have bought one for me when I got married…

    Work? Huh? In my defense, it’s hard to study with kids yelling and Blue’s Clues playing in the background.

    1. When Thing 1 was little I got hera little play kitchen thingy and it came with a toy iron and she had this expression like WTF is this? Lol.

      Right now Thing 1 is practicing her clarinet. It sounds like something dying.

      1. Ha! I’m going to let my daughter think they don’t exist for as long as possible.

        My oldest is taking up the violin. I’m sure our dog will love it just as much as my childhood dog loved it…

        1. I figure with permenant press clothes, and not particularly caring if I’m wrinkled, who needs irons? It’s like with Math. I wanted so badly to hand the 3rd grader the calculator. I mean, that’s what I do.

  7. Ugh. My therapist banded me from making lists at one point. Said it would make my OCD worse. I think a librarian with OCD is a good thing, right? I actually accomplished nothing on that list today. Including washing my daughter who when asked if she wanted to shower (yes she is 4 and she showers and I love it because you can’t have toys in the shower) said “no” and I went with it because I am tired and needed to read your blog…

    1. Sadly I only have OCD about stuff that I’m not supposed to do, rather than work related things. When it comes to work I’m like pfft, but goofing off on the computer? I’m just going to check my wordpress stats one more time . . .

      I have an early post somewhere about how useful OCD is to your average librarian. I work with people who iron paper ornaments every year to put on the library Christmas tree. This isn’t normal.

      And oh yes, reading my blog is definitely necessary. 😀

      1. Yup, I hear ya. I have the wrong kind of OCD also. Not worried about work but making sure I refresh my facebook page as not to miss a post on what everyone had for lunch complete with pictures of their lunch. And religiously reading your blog of course.

        1. Yay. I love that. Do you have a blog, Sue? I wasn’t sure. If not you should start one. They are a whale of a lot of fun.

  8. Thanks! Now I, too, can check something off my list by blogging and reading blogs. What a great idea. I feel so much better now.

  9. No blog yet…considering it.

    1. I bet you’d have a good one. I would read. 🙂

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