That stands for Save Our Alice.  For everyone’s info, Alice is currently being held hostage, and has been since Thursday, by an evil race known as the Mucus People.  She would appreciate any kind thoughts and prayers.  Also bling and cash donations.  But mostly prayers.



9 responses

  1. They don’t like menthol or paracetamol. Attack! Attack the Mucus people! xx

    1. The doc sent in a giant scary needle of antibiotics – work, darn it!

  2. Mucus people, the yellow and green ones are the worst.
    Get well soon

    1. Yeah, I don’t think even Jesus loved the yellow and the green ones.

  3. Alice,
    Le Clown doesn’t pray. But he did talk to his alien friends, and the voices in his head, and all agree to send you positive vibes. You were asked though to remove the aluminium foil from covering your head to receive all vibes sent your way.
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown,
      Alice doesn’t pray either, unless she is in a foxhole drowning in mucus. Then she’s willing to try anything. Thank you for the positive vibes. I feel vibery. Oh, and I have a friend who works at a library where some patrons honest to goodness do wear tinfoil hats. This is of course in Texas.

  4. Not sure exactly what kind of prayer is involved and if I must kneel to do so I might end up with rug burns on my knees or cookie crumbs and a random cheerio imbedded in them so I will just say feel better and leave it at that!

    1. Your floor is like mine. Don’t hurt yourself. I’d advise buying one of those prayer rugs, but then I’d have to remember what direction was East – or if it was East or West I was supposed to face.

      Feel better works.

  5. Feel better Alice. And naturally, I saw this and thought of you…


    P.S. Any chance you are on Twitter so that you can be harassed by us blog-folk 24/7 ?

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