Move over, Movember

You might have noticed, if you pay a weird amount of attention to the badges on my blog, and hey, who wouldn’t, that there is a new badge there.  It looks like this:

I have the coolest bling ev-ah

If you guessed that this badge was designed by a Canadian clown with too much time on his hands, you guessed right!  And I think it is pretty cool, cause even though there is not a unicorn on this badge, and it’s not gold, it does have a mustache.  And mustaches are pretty cool, especially if they are on Tom Selleck.  Observe:

I totally would have taken out Monica for him.

So what is Movember?  I’m not exactly sure.  It’s in November and it’s supposed to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and mental illness in men.  I’m not a men, but I figure I have lots of Cancer and crazy in my family history, so I might as well support this.  

I know you don’t have a real picture of me, but I really am a gal, not some creepy dude with a strange fondness for little girls in pinafores (Hello, Mr. Carroll).  Some of my readers know me in the flesh (that’s personally, get your mind out of the gutter) so they could vouch for me.  Other than that, I guess you have to take my word for it.  But even though I don’t have a prostate that I know of, I still think Cancer sucks.  And if you have Cancer, you’re probably going to have depression too.  This Movember business fights both.

How?  Again, no idea.  But mustaches are involved.  I think you grow one if you’re a guy (or a female with lots of testosterone) or something.  You’d have to go to Le Clown’s blog and get further confused over there.  Anyway, if it’s a good cause I will support it, nevermind that I might win prizes while drawing more attention to my blog.  This never crossed my mind.

Anyway, stay tuned for further developments on Movember, like say, what it is and so on.  You’ll be glad you did.


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