WordPress! A Challenge! Carrots!

As you probably know, WordPress offers a weekly writing challenge.  I thought I might try it out, because hey it’s a blog post and they hang that “FP” carrot over your head so effectively and I am not obsessed about that at all.  Anyway, I need some help deciding what to do.  Here is the challenge:

So this week, we challenge you to step outside your blogging box and try something totally different:

  • If you normally write non-fiction, try fiction.
  • If you normally write fiction, try poetry.
  • If you normally post photos, try writing.
  • If you normally just write, try including photos.

Well, I write posts with photos and writing, so nothing different there.  My fiction’s too long to post, and my poetry?  Hahahahaha.  Once they made me write a poem at a church ladies’ retreat.  They thought I’d be great what with my English degrees.  Here is what I came up with:

Roses are Red / Violets are Blue / Jesus is great / And so are You.

Fabulous, I know.  On the plus side, they never asked me to write poetry again.  Anyway, they do offer some more suggestions below.  I added my own commentary to it:

Need a little more guidance? Check out these post types, and pick one. Don’t opt for something that seems immediately doable; go with something you’ll have to work at a bit:

  • Stream-of-consciousness
    • That’s pretty much every post.
  • Short fiction
    • I don’t write short fiction.  Fiction yes, but not short.  Some of my blog posts could count as “creative nonfiction” which I define as making up facts whenever they suit me to prevent actual research.  Example: Canada is our largest state.
  • A day in the life
    • How bored do you want to get?
  • Instructions on doing/making something
    • I could do a cooking post.  Those are popular.  But I’m not sure if someone really wants to read the back of a “Hamburger Helper” box.
  • Top ten lists
    • I’ve written lists of stuff I hate before.  I don’t remember if there were ten of them or not.
  • An open letter
    • I wrote an open letter to WordPress, but they never wrote back.  Hmmph.
  • An explanation of a topic you know a lot about
    • I know a lot about a lot of stupid, useless stuff.  I can’t think of anything at the moment, though, because 50 Shades has wiped my mind.  Wait, I know about 50 Shades!  That’s so sad!
  • A walk down memory lane
    • This way you can be bored by my past too.
  • A rant
    • Again, pretty much every post.
  • News/current event analysis
    • Ack, then I would have to watch the news.  I’d rather watch The Exorcist than any speech by Romney or his sidekick Ryan.
  • A book, movie, or music review
    • I’ve done book reviews.  God, have I done book reviews.  But not movie or music yet.  I love writing reviews, though, so I guess that’s not stepping out of my comfort zone.

I think I got everything here.

Yeah, so anyway, what do you think?  What would be out of my “comfort zone”?  Do I have a “comfort zone”?  If so, why would I want to leave it?  I’m just so confused.  I ask you Freshly Freshly Pressed peoples for assistance, for you are the chosen ones.  And I’m sure you know why they chose the particular posts they chose rather than the millions of other wonderful posts you have written before.  Not like there is anything random about it at all.

Any suggestions?  If so, feel free to use the comment section below.  Or don’t.  See if I care.


P.S. Yes I do care.  Comments please.  Or I’ll keep drawing carrots.  I might even write a carrot poem. 


24 responses

  1. Perhaps you can write about carrots

    1. Carrots are fascinating. More so than that challenge. I’d lost interest by the time I’d finished the post, but hey, there it was, so okay. And check out that carrot!

  2. Apparently I’m the wrong person to ask, because I still don’t have any idea where people find these WordPress challenges. I suppose they’re on the home page which I don’t often frequent?

    1. WTF, WordPress lost my earlier reply. They are prejudiced against carrots, I think. Yeah, I think I found it on the home page, but like I said earlier, my attention span already moved on so whatevs. But I really like my carrot drawing. I think it’s refrigerator material right there.

      1. Absolutely.

  3. I don’t like raw carrots. I only like cooked ones. I love your responses to each of the challenges–they’d pretty much be my responses too. I don’t do fiction or poetry, my life is pretty boring even to me, I don’t really have any sort of “how to” posts I can write, and the usual food/photo blog post is boring as hell to me. I stick with what I do best: ranting.

    1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

      Ranting is also my strong suit. I especially liked your Republican rant. You couldn’t hear me, but I was pumping my fist and saying “YEAH” while I read that.

  4. Alice, There you go making me laugh again. I know…I’m not even a photographer and my FP is a photo blog. So, there you go. Miss, I know it’s only a matter of time. I get to say “I told you so,” when it happens. Your carrot works for me.

    1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

      Doesn’t that figure? Those are beautiful balloons, but it makes you wonder – do they look at more than one post? It’s hilarious that Le Clown was pressed w/ all the anti-Wordpress stuff. It even says “more fundraising” under his post, like that’s all he does, tirelessly raise money for Cancer and build huts in Africa. Yet where were they when there was a blogroll contest with clown noses? You know, the real charity? Hmmph.

      1. The Bumble Files | Reply

        I like to think of it as a nod to the whole blog. I think WP likes a post that has widespread appeal and/or is unique. That said, the post that gets the FP will be something you least expect. I bet WP really likes Le Clown because in his FP post he mentions wanting to support mental health and then Sara gets a FP for her post on mental health issues. That’s such a coincidence! The post that you almost DON’T do, DON”T think about very much (this is in my case) that’s the one! But, of course, I couldn’t be happier.

      2. The Bumble Files | Reply

        Alice, I think maybe that came out wrong. I want to clarify…I’m not suggesting Sara’s post was FP because of Le Clown, because it really was a brilliant post. I just think it worked out nicely for them both. Or, probably they had nothing to do with each other….

        1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

          Oh, no, I didn’t think you said that. It’s just I thought it was funny how posts that are chosen for FP aren’t necessarily the normal posts one is known for. I mean, they’re good, but there are all these other ones full of awesome they miss. It’s like when I was in art class and they would turn down my art that I’d worked really hard on and take pieces that I did in like a day. It was just so – random.

          And it IS funny how so many in the circle are getting noticed at once. Maybe they do see one, and go huh, maybe his friends are awesome too, and check those out? Who knows how this works? But it has been really wild. And yeah, they are all equally good. 😀

          1. The Bumble Files

            I couldn’t agree more about the posts seeming kind of random and not really representing one’s real awesomeness. A ha! About your art class. This is your FP post…your art class and your random pieces being selected. That’s it! What do you think?

          2. aliceatwonderland

            I don’t think I have any pictures of my art . . . maybe I could make some up. Like pictures of food. That would do it.

  5. Yeah, I think I’ve done a little of all of those types of posts, too. The only one I haven’t done is a photo post . . . but I don’t have anything exciting enough to take a picture of. And all I have to take pictures is my phone, and my phone camera messes up half the time.

    There actually is a silly list in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about posting. But I don’t think it would be very compelling reading, and even if the WP gods think it’s worthy of being FP, I myself would probably dismiss it as one of those non-substantive FP types if it weren’t mine, so. Yeah.

    Not that I think I have a snowball’s chance in hell of being FP. For some reason, though, a few weeks ago I had a vivid dream that I’d been FP and it was one of those dreams that I got confused with reality for some reason . . .

    I’ve thought about doing one of those weekly writing challenges, but none of them have ever sounded compelling to me.

    1. I guess I could write about this VP debate I’m watching right now. That would be out of my comfort zone. Although I don’t have much in the way of profound thoughts about what’s going on . . . All I keep thinking is that Paul Ryan’s eyes are very blue, and his mannerisms are like he went to “how to be a politician school.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s periodic chuckling makes him look kind of asshole-ish. Not much else to say about that, ha.

      But maybe it can give you an idea? Do screencaps from the debate and put silly captions there? I dunno.

      1. Oh, wow, the debate. Last year I watched the VP debate just for humor. Biden debating Palin was like Aristotle debating a Cocker Spaniel. I’m not saying he’s a genius, but in comparison – good grief. Even the one running the debate looked at her like WTF?

        I am pretty solid liberal Dem, and I heard Obama didn’t do so hot on the debate, which I thought was one of his strengths. So I’ve avoided the VP one too this time. I agree that Ryan does look like he went to politician school – he was strategically chosen because he’s young and somewhat attractive (though I think he looks a little rattish with those ears). Biden adds strength to Obama because of his blue collar roots, but he can’t keep his mouth shut for squat. So who the hell knows what will happen. I’m just concerned because I know that generally conservatives are not known for wanting to pay for any medical care, much less mental health. So even though they are far from perfect, I usually go Democrat. It’s a toss up sometimes.

    2. I think you write a lot of good stuff. Who knows? With Sara getting noticed for mental health, maybe they’re branching out a tiny bit? What would be really great is if someone gets noticed for a post on Canvas – then Canvas would also get fame. That would be perfect. Just like with Black Box Warnings.

      Most of the weekly challenges make me go, eh, too much work. Or they sound dorky. If I even look at them. Mostly I figured I could snark on their “suggestions” though they aren’t nearly as bad as the ones they suggest for “how to get pressed”. Like, whatevs.

      Go ahead and post the list. Who knows? I think everyone blogging on mental health is doing a real service and should keep at it. There is still so much discrimination out there – at work, in life, etc. Keep it up!

      1. I sometimes spot serious posts in the midst of all the drivel, political posts and even posts about eating disorders.

        The funny thing is I actually love cooking. So you’d think I would love the FP recipes… but the are always SO boring. I read one cooking blog that’s great, and it’s great BECAUSE SHE’S FUNNY. Anyway…

        Now you can say you’ve done a blogpost with a talking carrot cartoon!

        1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

          I am very prejudiced about funny blogs. Sure I read some that aren’t funny that are very good, but I like me some funny. Funny cooking would be okay – my cooking would be funny for sure. Thing One will not eat my Kraft mac n cheese. Hmmph.

          Everyone needs a blogpost with a talking carrot cartoon. It’s all the rage.

  6. I want to see a carrot poem. 😉

    1. Green beans are green
      Carrots are orange
      Both are good veggies
      What rhymes with orange?

  7. […] have discovered, thanks to AliceatWonderland, that WordPress has set a writing challenge. I could have just taken the details from Alice’s […]

    1. Glad someone was able to answer the challenge! A top ten 50 Shades list is perfect.

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