Alice Goes On Vacation

Never fear, reader, I will not be gone for long.  I’m thinking a weekend.  And I’m not going anywhere.  I just had this crazy idea that maybe I should, you know, maybe not sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day every day.  Probably two days away is my limit.  If I can handle that.  Of course I can handle that.  It’s not as if I have some sort of a problem or anything.

I am not. I can quit anytime. SHUT UP.

Anyhoo, I will be back fresh Monday morning with – TA-DA – the answer to your prayers or nightmares, whichever, the new recaps of 5o Shades Episode III: Return of the Jerkoffs.  It’s going to be full of exciting shit, people, because I’m sending James back to school and grading her chapters like papers (I have English teacher experience here) and this is just a guess, but I’m thinking she’s not going to do so well.  But that’s not all!  There will also be a contest and quizzes too!  I bet you just had tiny orgasms didn’t you?  Just me?  Eh.

You are SO going down, E.L.

I also hope to get back to the weekly horoscope readings next Friday, because I know you have all been bereft without the benefit of my psychic abilities.  How else are you going to figure out you totally screwed up last week without my help?  You’re welcome. 

Miss me?

But wait, there’s MORE.  I’ll also have other idiot posts, like one with all the interesting and not at all disturbing search words people used to find my blog.  And, and, it’s just going to be so great you’re going to wet yourselves in anticipation. 

So I bid you adieu (see, I am totally Le French) until Monday.  Provided they have not put me in a straightjacket. 

Love and kisses and crap,


12 responses

  1. Methinks I am more likely to get orgasms from your contests and quizzes than I would from any of E.L. James’s writing, however.

    1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

      I think almost anything is more likely to give you orgasms than her writing. Actually, her writing is the anti-orgasm. Oh – and um my vacation starts Saturday, so I’m totally okay here.

  2. Yes, I had tiny orgasms. Seven of them.

    1. I’m impressed! You could compete with Ana!

  3. I’m hoping my comment doesn’t ruin your vacation, don’t read it, don’t comment and don’t ruin your vacation reading that book! At least read something interesting lol xx

    1. Ha, yeah, wasn’t the most successful vacation since still getting over the sick. But I can say I didn’t smoke quite as much Internet. Except way late when I was up with the insomnia, like say now.

    1. Thank you. I tried. On the plus side, I enjoy writing, and it’s one of the few things I can do at least for a bit without getting exhausted.

    1. I did. Mostly. Yeah I wrote, but I do enjoy writing, and I wasn’t on the Internet as much and I made myself not obsess over WordPress and I didn’t Facebook and mostly I was very good! It’s like I’m confessing to my Mom! Snort. Oh, I have a post coming up on biological clocks I think you will like. Thanks.

  4. So my weekend is over so I’m guessing yours will be too soon. Hope it was a good one and you didn’t spend all your time writing.

    1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

      Had the best of intentions, but failed to take into account that there’s little else I can do since I start feeling yuck times ten after ten minutes at the freaking dollar store or Hastings. Thanks anyway. I can say I didn’t do as much, which is something.

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