How Do You Blog?

Recently I wrote a post on Canvas on overwhelmation.  And I am definitely feeling it now.  Pretty soon, they’re going to expect me to go back to work.  I’m better, much, much better, but still when I go to the bookstore, I’m good for about ten, fifteen minutes tops before my body says “Holy crap, go home!”  So I’m thinking if fifteen minutes is hard, eight hours might be slightly harder.  There is also the process of working out sick leave (like not having any) and if I qualify for something called sick leave pool, the logistics of which probably inspired the book Catch-22.

My employee handbook

So I was thinking stressing on this and Thing Two started coughing.  And then running fever.  And I said, “Oh, crap.”  (I say this a lot.) I guess I was just hoping the powers that be or whatever would give me say enough time to quit being sick myself before striking a kid.  Yeah, not so much.  Even better, she has the ability to go from lying still (freaky for this kid) to bouncing about while chattering non-stop until my brains threaten to explode within minutes.

Mommy, what are you doing? I want a buffalo for Christmas! I was reading this story and it was about this and this and this and are you listening Mommy and my buddy said that I was weird and I don’t like bullies why do people bully it isn’t nice and it’s against school policy and that’s not fair and what’s on T.V.? I think I might throw up. No, false alarm, it’s a burp and do you want to play dolls?

So this, and work, and sick, and laundry, and whatever the hell else I’m supposed to be doing has not made it any easier to sleep at night. Well, that and sleeping during the day, which you get used to when you feel too crappy to do anything else, and then it’s hard to break the cycle.  So since I can’t sleep, I get up and write.  And then it occurs to me (and look we’re getting to the supposed point of this post) that maybe I should try to set some sort of boundaries on my blogging.  Boundaries I’d like to set other places, like work (not so many hours) or parenting (not so many hours) or laundry (Why are there so many clothes and where the frack are the socks?) 

Husband: So like I’m not supposed to dry your underwire bras in the dryer?
Wife: I’m going to kill you.

Thing is, I love feedback.  Love, love, love it.  I am extremely susceptible to compliments.  I feed on good press, and then I’m compelled to do more, more, more!  But then I lie awake at night and along with everything else think – am I doing too much posting?  Am I annoying?  Am I pressable?  What if I write something and they think I’m not funny?  You know, like Sinatra when his voice started going but he kept singing and no one wanted to tell him to shut up?  Wait, I forgot what point I was trying to make here.

There’s a point here somewhere . . .

Oh, yeah, insecurity.  I has it.  And night time is a great time to think about this.  Which is why insomnia really sucks, unless you are just dying to catch up on infomercials.  Like this one for this leaf blower that is apparently more awesome than Jesus.  Maybe it’s powered by Jesus.  Or possibly the people in the commercial are on drugs.  They are very, very happy about this leaf blower.  And after a while, I’m thinking, I should get that leaf blower. Then I too could blow away spider webs with the force of a helicopter taking off.

Wait, that’s not a leaf blower – he’s a freaking Ghostbuster!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get my sleep cycles out of “infant” and back to “semi-adult”.  But even when I do, I still have to decide how to balance my life.  Get it? Balance.  Hahahaha. As if mothers, whether SAHMS or working moms, can ever balance their lives. I mean, unless they’re like Ann Romney and have servants and crap.  But I should probably try to balance the blogging.  So here’s the question.  How do you blog?  Do you blog every day?  Once a week?  Twice a week?  Randomly?  Do you keep a schedule?  Do you remember where your children are, or who they are?  Have you bathed lately, because I can smell you from here, I’m just sayin’. 

I dunno, do you think you should be juggling the baby?

I’d appreciate the feedback on this, because I’m trying to figure out some way to balance at least one tiny part of my life but I’m unsure how to do it.  I mean, I realize it’s up to me, but I’ve got Sinatra complex, and also ideas running about my head like mad, which makes it hard to make any decision, including what I’m going to have for supper.  So tell me how you blog, and how you came to that decision, and how long you’ve been doing it, and how you paid off those WordPress people in order to get pressed.  I really want to know.  And then maybe I can figure out how I blog as well.

I don’t get it.
Where are their faces???

Also, wtf with the jerky-I’m-gonna-take-my-sweet-time crap going on while writing and editing your posts on WordPress lately?  Huh?  It’s annoying. 

As Always,


52 responses

  1. I have no advice because I’m not very good at this blogging thing…and I hate the word blog. As far as posting too much, I do stick to a schedule. Personally, I’m not a fan of the 3 times in one day bloggers, but that’s just me. To each, their own.

    1. Although very occasionally I do twice. Not often.

  2. I always hated that word too, although “tweeting” is worse. Yes, more than once a day is way overkill for sure. So how often do you post on your schedule?

  3. I know a lot of people have a blog schedule where they pick certain days to post. I don’t. I’m more of a free-for-all and so I have several nights like yours where you wonder if you’re spending too much time in this one area where there is no compensation. I do know my son’s name. It is…….

    1. Yeah, I call mine Thing One and Thing Two and alternately Hey you brats. I’ve been doing a post a day (w/ exception of the sick) for a while and it is getting hard to maintain. And I now totally understand why your 50 Shades posts came less and less regularly. GOOD GOLLY THIS IS HORRIBLE.

  4. I started off with a plan to post twice a week but I decided not to stick to a schedule. If I have something to say I say it. Sometimes like now I have million ideas and other times the old brain goes to sleep. But I’m not a fan of overdoing it. Definitely not more than one a day. I think every two or three days is optimal. Also I love the feedback. I think all bloggers do. Nobody likes to feel like they’re talking to themselves.

    1. Yeah, I think I might try recycling some old blog posts – from back when I was talking to myself. Lazy and convenient! And I have a weird student complex as well – I was always very good at school (which prepares you to be – very good at school). So I act like it has to be just so and then I’m like WTF this isn’t for a grade. Lol.

      1. I’m all for laziness. Just wondering how long does it take you to write a blog post – from conception to hitting publish. I’ve had posts that took 10 minutes and the longest one took a few hours. Guess which one that was? Yep, you got it … Fifty shades one. Makes me want to give all you recappers a giant hug and buy you cases of booze to block out the pain

    2. The writing part usually goes pretty quickly. It’s the pictures that take longer. Sometimes I can draw one on paint faster than can find what I want on Google Images. Plus it’s kind of scary on Google Images. That’s a blog post right there. Also there’s the WordPress general glitchiness / slowness lately. Arghh.

      Thanks. I like recapping, and it’s definitely made my blog. But holy cow, this last one is a doozie.

      1. I love google images. They make the weirdest connections. I wanted to add a pic to my post of me flinging 50 shades out the plane and I got an image of a Virgin aircraft. Made me giggle.
        I’ve also been experiencing WP trouble. Thought it was my shitty computer playing up again. Must apologise. Can’t afford to hurt its feelings

  5. I blog when I’ve got a few minutes to do so (I end up writing for over an hour, probably), and whenever I feel like there’s something close to an idea in my mind.
    Something like this.
    Is that enough?

    1. I know what you mean about the writing. I will start off and look up and wtf it’s been an hour and it felt like ten minutes. Definitely good enough. Loving the responses here! It’s giving me a good idea on how others do this blogging thing.

  6. Yeah, I just blog randomly, when I have both a little time and an idea. (I intend to write for only 30 minutes but oftentimes write for an hour or more, lol.) I’m having trouble balancing thing as well, and I don’t even have a kid, so I’m probably not good to ask for advice. Also, I’ve never been freshly pressed, either, so I can’t help you there, lol.

    1. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t balance that well before I had kids either. I did balance okay before I had a husband, but that was because I went to school and home and to school and home, repeat. But I guess it’s not balancing if it’s only one object.

      As far as freshly pressed – sure I’d still love it, but the more I think of it the more I think it’d also freak me out a bit! Suddenly having that many people watching you? Yikes, that would have to add on the pressure a bit.

      1. I don’t think that true balance is really achievable without two things: Help, and Letting Things Slide. For me, this means that my husband is stuck with the laundry. It’s a small price to pay, listening to him complain that I shouldn’t put my jeans in the wash after one wearing because the dog only drooled all over one leg. Oh! And you also need a third thing: The Deaf Ear.

        1. I”m definitely good at letting things slide. Maybe a little too much. Then again, that’s the house. I think we all have our areas that are like “MINE”. One of mine is the girls and buying stuff on sale (I’m cheap but that’s useful cause I’m just a tiny bit above poor and my husband has no idea what a check balance is). We’re slowly trying to get the girls to actually do chores, but motivation is strangely low. And we hired a girl to come every other week and do some basic cleaning though lately we’ve been too sick around here. It all comes undone w/in minutes anyway. Lol. Thanks for the comment. I love Deaf Ear.

  7. I don’t have a schedule, but the Clown does. I try to respond to all comments on my posts, and when I’m caught up there, I go to my reader and pick 10 posts I want to read . If I have the time to comment, I will. If I don,t have the time or the brain space to comment, I will still read and “like”. On good days, I read 20 posts. But over all, I’ve pulled back a lot. I just don’t have the time to get to evry post I want. I make special efforts to read friends, and people who interact with my blog. In short, I post when I want and read what I can. Also, I make drafts of blog ideas (sometimes just the title) so I don’t forget. They may or may not turn into a post, but happy to have them if I hit a dry spell. Le Clown is much more regimented than I.
    Your blog should make you happy, be a pleasure. If it turns into work that you resent, it will come out in your writing. IMHO

    1. I am impressed with the Clown’s schedule. He replies to all my comments, even the excessively whiny ones (or maybe I should say even the ones that aren’t whiny). I respond to all my comments (unless I just miss one somehow) but I don’t have nearly as many, which is okay. Do you feel some pressure after being pressed? I think your posts are awesome and always have been (the pee one especially, lol). But with that many followers, wow! It’s great that you are welcoming new ones as well as keeping up with the old. I think there’s a girlscout song in there.

      I try to go through my reader and respond to as many as I can, or at least like, as you do. And some have made a good point – that it is hard to respond to those who post a ton, which is partly why I think I’ll slow down a bit. Well, that and needing to remember to feed my kids nitrates.

      And the very best thing you said is that it must be a pleasure, not work. I tend to do that with my perfection good little student complex. It’s not for a freaking grade, Alice!

  8. How do I blog…hmmm…

    This train left the station in late April. I had no idea what I was doing, I was/am a recovering alcoholic who desperately needed to get out of my own head. This became the perfect outlet. I just started writing about shit that happened or is happening to me, and people started liking it. It was/is pretty fucking cool.

    Somehow, in August, I got Pressed, I nearly shit my pants. Since then, I have miraculously acquired over 600 lunatics that follow me. It makes me scratch my head sometimes, but I love it.

    Sometimes I am overflowing with shit to write, or I remember a funny story and start blurting it into a voice memo on my phone. Then I write all night and early in the morning and use my addictive powers for good. This allows me to bankroll my posts for the times that I’m dry as a bone. I like to put up a new post every other day, sometimes more, sometimes less. But that’s the beauty of blogging, we are not going to get fired and we can do whatever we want. It’s an uncensored creative outlet. There are some really amazingly cool people out there whom I have met through the blogosphere.

    So blog what you want, when you want, and we will all keep reading your shit.

    Now go write something, because you are fucking awesome my friend.


    1. You are hilarious and it’s great that you’re able to use blogging to help in kicking that habit. I don’t drink booze, but I swig sodas like mad and fast food and I are best buds. So we’ve all got something. My blogging helps w/ my depression and other issues (of which there are many!) Plus, I’m thrilled to have made so many friends doing this.

      I bankroll my posts as well. I was ahead, then got behind with the sick. But now I think I’m going to go to maybe three posts a week or so, maybe. Like you said, there are no rules and we can’t get fired. Well, I guess if we started prostituting ourselves on our blogs WordPress might kick us off, but hey, we’d have fun first, right? BTW, hope you post more of those Pile of Fish guys. I LOVE those.

      And being called awesome by you is awesome my friend. 😀

  9. I blog to save my uninterested co-workers from my ramblings, they can only take so much.

    1. Haha, good one. I do it to save my husband, partly. He is not a talker and I, well, yeah I make up for both of us.

  10. I have no schedule for posting, although I try not to go longer than a week without a posting. And I’m a slow writer (procrastination mostly), so some days I deliberately DON’T read others in order to work on my own stuff.

    I am not naturally pithy, but I write in MS Word in order to stay on top of word count. I aim for under 700 words, but once or twice a month, I allow myself to write something longer. Some stories honestly can’t be said in less than 1500. And if I’m really aiming to write and find myself procrastinating on the internet, I’ll go and turn off the wireless connection. (Our router is in another room, and I am too lazy to go and turn it back on once I’ve turned it off.)

    I have writers whom I LOVE who I really wish would keep better track of their word count. I still keep them on my watch list, but I would read them more if they could shorten their pieces a little. So, when I go through my reader, I’m going to read based on title, time available, and word count. And I don’t like things unless I’ve read them. Ever. For all I know, the person believes Nazis should have won WWII, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to hit the like button without reading the piece.

    1. I hadn’t thought about the word count thing (there’s a word count?) but you make a good point. One thing that helps if you have a lot of crap to say, I’ve found, is to break it up with lots of stupid pictures. Then it doesn’t seem as long (to me anyway). But I might look into that – it is hard to read super long posts.

      When I was in English class, I often had to trim papers, rather than stretch them out. That’s why I think an English degree should be a BS rather than a BA. I am the master of BS.

      1. Love and Lunchmeat | Reply

        The word count shows up in the reader as the brief excerpt followed by “X more words”. If you nose around the “biggest” blogs, you’ll notice they’re pithy as well as funny. Girl on the Contrary rarely exceeds 500 words. Gatsby is always pithy. Ditto for Byronic Man and quite a few others.

    2. Huh. I’ll have to look at that. Like I said, I have no clue how long mine are. I might reach 500 words in a response to a comment or someone’s post. Pity I ain’t. And I haven’t heard of the biggest blogs. How out of it am I? 🙂

      1. reflectionsonlifethusfar | Reply

        I avoid blog posts exceeding 1500 words unless the topic catches my fancy in a major way, otherwise I avoid people with posts of 2000+ words on topics that are not always interesting to me. Maybe some people write once or twice a week so feel 2000+ words is justifiable but it just annoys me. I think your posts are generally a good length-not too short and not an epic novel!

        As for blog tips I can’t help much. I have a modest number of followers and ‘hits’ so haven’t found what makes people follow some people’s blogs more than others. On the whole though it seems blogs with large numbers of followers post frequently and keep their posts short(ish). So 500 words would be the maximum on many of the blogs I’ve seen with high traffic and followers. That and lots of pictures-especially ones of yourself so people feel they ‘know’ you. I don’t do many of these things so I guess I don’t care very much! LOL

  11. I blog twice a week. I can’t really handle more than that if I want to get anything else done. Also, it can be tricky to keep up with other blogs that post daily. But I doubt they expect others to comment on every post, so good on them for having the creativity to post so frequently. I sorely lack that. 🙂

    By the way, isn’t it great how insecurity likes to sock us in the gut in the middle of the quiet night?

    1. Ha! You have enormous creativity. Speaking of, I have to figure out wtf is up with this Casper guy. Also, I need to visit your blog for more writing advice. If I could just make up my mind and settle on a project and just send the freaking thing off, then yay. It’s nice to know there are other outlets (like e-publishing that’s not vanity press) than I realized. Different world out there. While I love fiction, it takes up a LOT of time, about ten times more than all my blog posts combined. I wonder what sort of market is out there for nonfiction humor.

      And yeah, I am often lying there at night thinking like that. My husband turns off his brain like a light. I don’t know how he does that.

      1. I think the market for non-fiction is better than fiction, especially if you have a platform. Or in the case of humor, some crazy experiences.

        1. aliceatwonderland | Reply

          I definitely have those.

  12. Like everything in life, there’s no rhyme or reason to how I blog, although I have decided that I will write at least once a week. Or at least throw something up there. But when I get inspired I have. to. get. it. down. I will neglect my kids, stay up late, do whatever it takes to get it out of my head. I have forced myself to write certain posts and they’re just not my favourites. I also keep a list of drafts or ideas in my notebook, and every so often I will revisit them and something will come of it.
    I think it comes down to your goals for your blog. If you do it as a diversion, then you can keep a loose schedule and write what’s fun. If you do it to better your writing, it’s probably a good idea to be a bit more regimented and play around with style and voice a bit. If you do it for the social aspect, that requires a bit more work and maintenance, I think.

    1. What posts do you force yourself to write? I don’t totally know why I blog, except like you it’s nice to get it out. And I’ve always been a writer since I could write – it’s a have to, not a want to sort of thing. But whether I necessarily have something to say that’s worth it is different. I do like to entertain others (and myself) with humor and that also fits in the social aspect. And it has bettered my writing in certain ways. For one thing, the recaps have helped because in reading E.L. James I look more critically at my own fiction. I’m always wondering, “Was that a Jamesism?”

      1. There’s just been a few posts over time that I have written more because it was a while between posts and I felt like I had to write something rather than because I was really inspired. They were ok, but I wasn’t excited about them and I think it showed.
        Just the fact that I am putting something out there in the world for actual random people to read makes me a better writer (although I just typed RIGHTER there, so maybe not. Jesus.) because I don’t want to embarrass myself.
        L&L’s comments about word count are true too; I know that I have struggled to keep some of my posts lean, and I am learning how to tell a story in less words.
        But basically, just keep going.. blogging is creative, unfettered, and you have good, kind and talented critics at your disposal. It’s like a big writers party.

    2. The more I see bad grammar the worse mine gets. What I love about the internet is that you can just make up stupid words and get away with it. Sadfaced is a favorite, just behind Fuckballs (thank you, Speaker 7).

      So I just discovered word count on the last post I wrote and you’ll be so proud it was only like 900 or so after I clipped. And yes, there are some great critics around here – if this is criticism, I like it much better than any writer’s group (those things are freaking scary). I am so happy about the response on this post because I’ve learned so much about people and how they write.

      I haven’t been to the point of writing because I felt I should, because I have tons of random thoughts going through my head at any one moment (For instance: We have a sign that forbids emailing while driving. WTF EMAILING?). But I could see getting to that point. I did change one thing I was doing around – I have something new on Friday. You’ll see. Well if you come. I’d hate to see what the word count is for this comment. 😀

  13. I don’t have a set schedule for my posts. I post when I have a good idea to write about. If I try to force it, it just isn’t any fun. I’m guilty of not being very pithy, though–my posts clock in at over 500 words about half the time.

    1. Yeah, this is why I don’t “tweet” well probably – the non pithy-ness. Well, that and I forgot my password.

  14. Insecurity. I has it too.
    I think compartmentalize your day. When you’re blogging, blog. When you’re working, work, don’t think about the blog. It doesn’t always work out like that, but it sure helps with the anxiety at night.

    1. I have a hard time settling on any one thing at any one time and what am I saying? Good idea, though, I will have to try to train my brain.

      1. Yeah, me too. It’s pretty hard to just concentrate on one thing at a time. I think this is how people keep sane. Maybe it’s possible they don’t think as fast as an express train

  15. I started back in December and stated, in the about section, that I wanted to post at least once a week. Two weeks later I decided to make a New Years resolution to post at least once a day. For a good two or three months I was posting once, and a lot of times, two times a day. I’m coming up on 400 post, and I’m still two months from my one year anniversary. I’ve recently decided to go for quality and not try to post everyday. And I also like putting up quick 200-300 “notes” some times. People tend to respond to those pretty well.

    1. It’s not so much length for me. If I’m interested in the topic I’ll read. If I know the author’s stuff well, I’ll probably read. Also there is how it is presented. Spacing it out with pictures helps if it’s kind of long. Also breaking up into many paragraphs. No one wants to read one long unending block of text. I suppose many people like much shorter posts because they are so busy. I am lucky in that I don’t have that much of a life. 😀 But very good points. I’ve never thought of just doing 200-300 notes. That would be interesting to try. Alice might get cut off mid sentence and . . .

  16. And here I just linked to you. Just kidding. I’ve been wondering this myself; I used to have 2 other blogs (both on LJ, both dead) and I posted whenever I wanted. But randomthrees takes a li’l bit of research. I manage another blog as well, so I decided I’d limit randomthrees to once, maybe twice a month.

    1. I only have one blog now, though I do post on a multiple author blog called Canvas of the Minds. When I was on blogger, at one point I had three because I thought they had to be about one topic. Then I moved to WordPress because I liked the organization better and just combined all three together. I need to check out your blog, it sounds interesting. People still do real research?

      1. I would hope librarians do!

    2. I don’t usually include librarians in the people category. We’re weird. 😀

  17. I have five boys, a cranky overworked husband, and ADD (myself). So as far as the blogging, it’s not a question of ‘how’ so much as ‘when’. I blog the moment some random lightbulb flashes against my inner cranial recesses, given (of course) that A) there’s not a toilet overflowing B) no one is presently practicing kung fu on the baby C) no one is bleeding D) no one’s starving and E) there are ample chores to keep everybody out of my hair for thirty-eight minutes or so. You know.

    I blog when the fancy strikes. A schedule sounds a bit self-aggrandizing to me, but then again I don’t get paid to blog. Maybe that’s why I don’t take myself too seriously in general. C’mon. How many people can there possibly be who spend their blogging time in brief intervals between wiping little-boys’ urine off the bathroom walls and rescuing animals from certain death and changing poopy diapers all while preparing dinner that’s not out of a cardboard box and doing seven loads of laundry checking everyone’s homework running various errands squeezing in a work out and a shower somewhere too? That’s on top of work, and attention deficit disorder.

    I say free your mind and the rest will follow. I enjoy your blog enough to comment for an hour, and I don’t often comment (unless it’s too good not to and nobody’s dying). And for FP? You will be one day, obviously.

    Do us a favor? When it happens, don’t mutate into a yellow mutant ninja blogger, k? I rather like the purity of your perspective as is. 🙂

    1. Five boys? Oh, wow. I have two girls, and sometimes I want to climb the walls. I pretty much follow your parenting philosophy there. “Are you on fire? No? Go away.” My kids are 12 and 8 now, so no more crappy diapers, but it gets replaced with more entertainment. Right now youngest is home sick, as am I (if you’ve read my marathon of posts on Pneumonia you know why). Fun, fun! She thinks she’s going to have a great va-cay, but I bet she’ll be ready to go back to school after her fever goes down and she does classwork she missed and I have her do a chore or two. Darling little manipulative things, aren’t they?

      You like my blog enough to ignore your kids for an hour? I think I love you. I do the same thing of course. Well, I mean I know they’re there and I pat their heads but then it’s like “GIVE ME A MINUTE” and then we have some quality time that really doesn’t have to be quantity time because then you’d go insane.

      I will never mutant into a yellow mutant ninja blogger! There is something about me that has always gone against the grain. 😀

  18. First off, I love the reference to “Thing Two”. That’s funny!

    Question though — because I do it too — why do the thoughts always come at night? It seems like night should be peaceful, but it is usually the opposite. Theory?

    1. I don’t know. My brain is always going full steam ahead. My husband shuts his eyes and a switch goes off and boom, he’s asleep. Sometimes I envy that.

      1. Um. I’d like some of that too, please.

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