Awards for Alice That Are Like Way Better Than Pressed

Yay, more bling for Alice!  The first award is from Sunny with a Chance of Armaggedon, which is one of the best blog names ever.   She gave it to me a while ago, and I admired it but kept forgetting to put it up and do the proper thank you and frack how many other thank yous have I forgotten?  I bet some of the people at my last baby shower (8 years ago) are pretty pissed.  Where was I?  Oh, yes. 


That is one big flower.

There are always questions.  Must I talk about me again?  Oh, very well, le sigh dramatically.


1) What is your favorite color?  Pink.  Pale pink, not hot pink or bubblegum.  Real pink.  Like you use in baby rooms.  Normal baby rooms.  Not baby rooms done up in a montage of Ronald Reagan photos.  Unless you like that sort of thing (your baby is weirded out enough to register Democrat, though.)

2) What is your favorite animal?  Penguins.  Hilariously goofy little birds. There are, like, 19 kinds of penguins.  I blame Thing Two.

“And then I realized how freaking CUTE we are!”

3) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? I have a love affair with Coca-Cola.  We go way back.  Dr. Pepper is my second choice, like when your other crush is busy and you need a date.  Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too?

4)  Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook because I actually understand it and how the heck am I supposed to fit my posts into that few words cause I can go on for . . .

6) Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Presents, presents, presents.  BLING! I like!  Although I do love to give to those I love, especially if I know what they really like.  I do not like giving to those I don’t know or like much.  It’s awkward.  Not that, uh, there’s anyone that fits that category.

I has it.

7)  Favorite number?  Eleventy-billion!

8) Favorite day of the week? Saturday.  No work.  Sleep in.  All good.  What other day is there?  I would love to see the one who says “Monday” then gets totally clobbered.

9) Favorite flower?  White rose, although I also like carnations because they don’t freaking die so fast.

10) What is your passion? Blogging, music, writing, reading, teaching my kids to snark, politics (certified Yellow Dog Democrat.  Republicans: Please don’t shoot.  :D)

Blog awards are like the Academy Awards, except sometimes these blogs are seen by real people.

Everybody!  Except Le Clown.  Sara must take one (even if she has it already) and rub it in his face.


The second award is from reflectionsonlifethusfar.  This is the first time I’ve heard of this award, and it sounds pretty cool.  You nominate bloggers and stuff, but drat it all now I have to talk about ME ME ME some more and I’m just such a shy violet.  What.  What???

I have always refused to live in the real world. For instance, I like to think there are still lots of people who actually read.


The Top 5 Books I’ve Read:

(You’ll notice that 3 of these are not only series, but YA series.  Whatevs. 

  1. The Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan
  3. The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins
  4. All humor books by Dave Barry (my hero)
  5. Marriage Confidential by Pamela Haag

I know there are other books out there I’ve read (some might even be for adults) that are really great, but I have brain dumbs and can’t think of them now.  Please tell me yours!  I like hearing about what disturbing interesting things people enjoy reading.

Books I’m Currently Reading:

  1. 50 Shades Freed (not a real book) by E.L. Freakin’ James
  2. The Seneca Scourge (a real book!) by Carrie Rubin

This is the most exciting sticker! I feel all red carpety.

Once again, I can’t choose, and not just because I’m lazy.  There are too many!  And this is unreal because I’m saying there are too many bloggers I know that can read!  Sadly, this means once again I have to leave out Le Clown. But Le Eric can feel free to take one.  See?  I am the nicest.

Thank you all!


21 responses

  1. I’m almost done reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. So, so good. One of my new favorites. And thank you eleventy-billion times for the mention. 🙂

    1. You are eleventy-billion times welcome. Thank you for writing comprehensible prose that doesn’t make me smack my head into a table.

      1. Haha. Can I add that last statement to my reviews? 😉

        1. Lol. Feel free. IT will be especially noteworthy coming from such a famous person!

  2. Congrats on your awards! And your disdain of Ronald Reagan wall paper. Like you, I mainly read children’s fiction except for when I’m reading a turd nugget book like Fifty Shats.

    1. I find there aren’t nearly as many turd nugget children’s books as adult books. That’s because kids are smart enough to toss the book when they realize it’s crap on the first page. Hmm.

  3. Thanks for the plug! You know how fond I am of shameless promotion 🙂

    And you deserved every last nomination!

    1. Thank you! Shameless promtion is the best!

  4. Those awards are awesome (especially the second one!).
    Unfortunately, you like pink… The only reason I don’t stop coming over here, are the penguins. (No, I accept it, no worries 😉 ). Seriously, penguins are kick ass! Me gusta.

    Great post. I see I’ve liked it already, unknowingly. That must mean something!

    1. Most people I know hate pink. I probably like it because I tend to be super rebellious about stuff that doesn’t matter in the slightest. Penguins truly are amazing little guys – especially those Emperor ones that will share the warmth in the huddle by taking turns being on the outside. Imagine humans doing that.

      You unknowingly liked? I’m impressed. Half the time WP won’t let me like something. It’s like, quit making me look like a jerk, WP. 😀

      1. Okay, if you do it to be a rebel, I can accept it!
        Wow, scumbag WP! That’s really mean. But from now on, I’ll just believe you really wanted to like all of my posts, but WP wouldn’t let you… 😉

        1. And you would be right. 😀

  5. I loved the first two Hunger Games books, but the third was a slog. I hate love triangles. They almost always feel stupidly contrived. I’m currently finishing up “The Man in the High Castle”. After that, I’m going to finish up “Never Let Me Go”. I love science fiction and dystopias.

    What is “Marriage Confidential”?

    And I’m thrilled that people give you awards! (It helps reaffirm my faith in humanity every time someone gives you an award.)

    1. I like you L & L. I agree the first Hunger Games was the best, though I found it amusing that the heroine was like “WTF like I have time for romance? Trying to survive here.”

      Marriage Confidential is about modern marriage (the so-called okay marriage) and is just interesting. It’s nonfiction, which is mostly what I read. It’s hard for me to read fiction because I’m a total control freak and get really invested and when it doesn’t end up properly I get annoyed and then I go write stuff the way I want it. Lol.

  6. Congrats on the awards. Love the second one. I’ve recently bought the Seneca Scourge on the recommendation of another blogger. Perhaps I should actually read it now.

    1. It’s very good. I haven’t gotten too far in it yet because I’ve had a sick kiddo and it scares me to read at night (which means it is well written, lol).

  7. You know many bloggers that like to read . . . that must mean your (our?) blogging circle doesn’t live in the real world. 😀

  8. Congrats on your award! I love to read, but right now I’m going through a serious non-fiction phase. I want to be some kind of human encyclopedia or something.

    1. When I was younger I used to read fiction all the time. But now I read almost all nonfiction unless a series catches my eye. In the Percy Jackson case, I read the books to my daughter but they are really great. Mythology in modern times (Harry Potter goes to camp in a way), and the writer is hilarious.

      I like to research stuff for fun, which makes me very normal. Ha. I do use it in the fiction I write, though. I love writing. Then I get to make up the ending, because I detest endings where say one of the romantic couple dies and you’ve been rooting for them the whole time. That pisses me off. I don’t do that to myself. 😀

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