Someone I Admire

This is my latest blog post for Canvas of the Minds. I cheated a bit – a lot of this is my incredible daughter’s work. Hope you enjoy it.


9 responses

  1. That is too stinkin’ sweet!

  2. I think that’s an acceptable cheat! And pretty darned cool that she thinks you’re pretty darned cool!

    1. I think so too! By the way, I also love your name. What more do you need?

      1. Whisky. Or Gin. Or Rum. Or Irish cream liqueur… But “Faith, Hope and Chocolate” has a better ring to it and chocolate is an acceptable obsession in Community life!

        1. Well, that’s a relief! I don’t drink either – just never had the taste or the wallet for it. Chocolate – and sodas – that’s a different story.

          1. I didn’t have the taste for it when I was younger. But then I discovered Bacardi & Coke, and then found that wine tastes nice, and that some beers (ales, rather than lagers) are also most tasty. I’m too sensible these days to drink a lot, for several reasons – it’s expensive, and I hate having hangovers! Plus, last time I got really drunk, I broke a bone in my foot and I really don’t want to do that again!

  3. It’s only a little cheat and I think a worthy one.

    1. Me too. I like little cheats.

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