Bling Donations Accepted

Doncha just love my award posts?  Of course you do.  I think I will quickly make my mark on AliceBling™.  There!  Done.

This latest award is from Jiltaroo (cool name) who has presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am nothing if not versatile.  I mean sometimes I write about stupid stuff, and other times I write about . . . I’m sure there’s other stuff I write about.  No matter.  Thank you, Jiltaroo, for this latest bit o’ bling for me!

Versatile I am! Bring more bling!

Would you like to donate bling to Alice?  I’m not sure if you realize, but some bloggers can be fed on just a tiny bit of bling a day!  Like, with the cost of one blog post, you could feed another blogger for a week!   Reach into your hearts and dig out another sticker!  Or those cool rhinestones you can glue on crafts!  Any little amount would be appreciated.  We must think of those less fortunate, those with no bling.

As a child, Alice was not given enough Bling. Stop this madness. Donate today.

Thanks again, Jiltaroo and all you caring others who are featured on my Unbirthday Presents page . . . for making a difference.

25 responses

  1. erm what happened to what goes around comes around? why have you not passed this along to others? Miss Alice you disappoint me 😉

    1. Crap, I knew I forgot something in my quest for greed. Hey, um, scienerf, you want a Versatile Blogger award? Please don’t report me to the WordPress police. You . . . just . . . don’t know what they . . . do . . .

      1. haha don’t mind if I do…I wouldn’t say I was versatile but never turn down bling 😉 Nah we’ll keep it to ourselves, no need for the WP police to know anything about it mwhahahahahahah

  2. Alice, there’s an award that I created but nobody wants it, it has a lot of bling

    1. That is one of the awesome-est awards ever, Doggy! And so true – everyone does have an ass! Some people – like Senators – even talk out of them! And bling too? Perfection! I totally want it!

  3. Other times you write about down theres and butt plugs. Never diminish that accomplishment.

    1. True, true. We are special that way, yes? ‘Sob’

  4. […] may have taken a little bit of bribery reminding of the rules, but Aliceatwonderland asked me if I would like this award, so who am I to say no? I can’t can I so thank you Alice […]

  5. You need more bling? Hmm… May do this without the awards post, although I usually just forget about the awards anyway.

    1. Yay! I’m still needing to figure out something to give as AliceBling for the 50 Shades contest . . . maybe pieces of my dead brain tissue.

      1. If you give it to me I promise to keep it on a shelf in a jar for ever and ever…or until I join the Peace Corps. And/or decide to live in a 12ft. camper trailer.

        1. Do you still have the grasshopper parts?

          1. It was crawfish parts, and I think I chucked them when I used the grasshoppers on my 9th grade insect collection, so that it didn’t look like I just re-used yours in its entirety. Not that doing so would have been cheating, given how many of the specimens I collected for you!

  6. Next time I do a bling post, I’ll be sure to send some your way…

    1. Thank you. It’s a noble cause.

  7. I’m devoid of bling, might need to borrow Sad Pony again. If I’m ever bestowed a bling I will make sure to pay if forward.

    1. You have not been bestowed a bling? You can take some of mine! No one should be without bling. Whatever badge you want you can also put on mine. Or, here’s a fun one, you could steal that freshly pressed badge and see how long before the WordPress guys find out and . . . . arghhhhhhhh.

      1. I’m back – I meant whatever badge you want you can put on yours. But never, ever steal the freshly pressed badge. Noooooo.

      2. So if I steal Freshly Pressed do you want me to put it on yours too, so we can share the punishment.

        1. That works. YOU CANNOT TAKE US ALL, WORDPRESS!

  8. Your blog just got a lot sexier.

    1. It’s sexy and it knows it. It might be too sexy for the cat.

  9. Definitely blinged! Congrats on your new piece of sexy flair!

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