Hey, all. Yeah, I said that was my last post, but this is my really last post – for a while anyway. Panda over at Rule of Stupid came up with this idea for having a blog place to go for people alone at Christmas. I think it’s a worthwhile idea. Check it out, and maybe volunteer. If you can’t, just spread the word. Thanks.

Come for Company

Hello folks.

I’ve been advised by my medical team that my Blog changes direction so often and so quickly that I should provide neck-braces! I can’t afford them, so I can only beg: please don’t sue me for whiplash. I am very poor!

This is not love poetry, political spleen or ridiculous advice on writing, criminality or homelessness. This is my other arm (yes, I have unusual jumpers) known as Company for Christmas.

I’m trying to do something lovely for people who will find themselves alone this Christmas. It requires no money and only a fraction of your time! It may even earn you some Blog traffic.

You can help by simply reblogging this post. Job done.

If you want, you can also read this post and offer advice, thoughts or even volunteer to help out. No matter what, it can be as little as ten minutes.

You can…

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9 responses

    1. Thanks for getting the word out!

      1. I’m trying. I don’t know how many people actually read this blog, though…lol

        1. I do! Congrats on winning Jen’s prize, whatever it was. 😀

          1. You won the prize on Jen and Tonic’s blog.

          2. Oh, sweet! I guess I need to get over there and check it out.

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