Popped in just to promote C4C again – Panda is being nice, you guyz. Check it!

Rule of Stupid

Hi All. C4C goes live in two days! One last push folks.

If you haven’t done this already – PLEASE retweet. It’s for a good cause, costs nothing, takes seconds and could make a massive difference 🙂 You don’t have to follow C4C, or even care who we are – just PRESS MY BUTTON!! You’d have to be SO COLD not to 😈

This hopeful idea has already done so much. So many wonderful bloggers have offered time, advice, re-blogs… the C4C badge is dotted around the blog-o-sphere and…

We have FULL 12 HOUR COVERAGE for the USA!! – 9 hours for Europe and 10 for Canada and Australia. Basically you people are AWESOME!!

No matter what happens on the 25th, you bloggers…

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  1. Well done Alice – here’s hoping we can work out what we have to do 🙂 I also did a last ditch post to get more on board – fingers crossed for a great day/night 🙂

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