Check it, you guys! I am a DOODLE! And Sad Pony and Squirrel and the Things! Also check out Rarasaur’s site If you haven’t already. Many shades of awesome.

6 responses

  1. That is so cool. Have The Things seen it?

    1. Yes! And they loved it too. The poem is also so sweet! I may have to really print that out and put it on my fridge. 😀

      1. Do it. Do it now. Otherwise tiny little blue men will crawl out of the skirting board and steal off with all your booze, shouting things like “crivens!” and “nac mac feegle!”

  2. Yayyy! Your doodle looks fabulous on your site! 😀

    1. Yes it does! I LOVE it and especially the poem! How cool to be able to say so much in so few words. Who knew I had wisdom?

      1. Haha, anyone’s who has ever crossed your path and paid attention has probably witnessesed your wisdom. :). It’s a very striking characteristic of yours! 🙂

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