The Week Ahead!

March your calendars for stupid!

March your calendars for stupid!

Hullo, all.  I thought I’d update you on what is coming up (besides possibly my lunch) in the week ahead.  Tomorrow we have our eleventh lesson in 50 Shades Flunked.  It’s a doozie.  Don’t miss it.  I know some of you have skipped class lately, and risk being dropped from Smut University.  Sad Pony cries for you.  Especially if you still don’t realize you’re enrolled.

Also, I’m proud to announce that the Things and I have finally finished Twilight II: New Moon.  It took us a while.  I think we rented it three separate times.  The Things became interested in chores and early bedtimes.  But we persevered, readers, and I do believe this is the best one yet, thanks to the nutty brilliance of The Things.  It will be another three-parter, starting on Thursday.

But what else will you do with this blog, you might wonder.  Or, what WON’T you do with this blog at this point?  That’s up to you!  If you have suggestions of something you’d like me to write about, just let me know.  I’m happy to review crappy books and movies, because I have something wrong with me.  Actually I can write about almost anything, whether I know what I’m talking about or not, because I don’t have to bother with pesky research.  Anyhoo, just drop me a line down the rabbit hole in the comments or an email.  See ya soon.


18 responses

  1. I’m scared to come back, honestly. 50 Shades AND Twilight? WTF?

    1. Fine I am totally it is no problem back come won’t you?

      1. That sentence has reduced my brain to a foul-smelling puddle of tapioca pudding. Thank you for that.

          1. If like Yoda you speak, commas you must use. Befuddle the reader, you will, if you do not.

          2. Sucks at grammar, Alice does.

          3. Mind what you have learned. Save you, it can!

  2. I want you to write a free verse – ie doesn’t have to rhyme all over the place about 50 shades…your times starts now 🙂 x

    1. Oh, wow, if I write poetry, you may never ask me to do it again. 😀

  3. I’m looking forward to the 50 Shades, I need my degree please.
    Cuz I’m enrolled right?
    If I had a book I would give it to you for reviews.
    I should write a book.
    We should start the campaign I mentioned before, running for presidents of WordPress, we could demand something, whatever, take hostage FP, I don’t know, many great and brilliant projects.

    1. Take FP hostage? Run for president of WP? I LIKE IT.

      You are totally enrolled.

  4. Oh Alice Dear, you will never run out of stupid things to make fun of. It’s an endless supply you lucky lucky girl.

    1. Well, that’s true. Stupid is everywhere and it breeds. 😀

  5. I’m looking forward to reading what The Things said about New Moon, as I slowly work through the 110 emails which came into my inbox in the past week while I was offline.

    I’ve got it down to 63 unread now, which isn’t too bad – it’s easy to get rid of the advertising emails and the ones from WP itself, but there are some which, it appears, I actually must read…

    1. Glad you’re back! I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something from a person in all the WP notifications. I did some changes in the options and got a second email and for a while it stopped but now I am overloaded again on both accounts. Oh, well, at least I get some mail now. Lol.

      1. I’m actually tempted to set up some filters on my email (I use gmail, for my sins) so that WP posts and WP comments go into separate folders, thus leaving actual real mail in my inbox. But I’m currently feeling too lazy to set that up. It all depends on how much time I have. Plus I have a feeling that with Lent fast approaching, I might have less internet time for six and a half weeks too, which means I’ll have to skip reading some things anyway. (But not you. Never you. Maybe that Clown dude, though.)

        1. I would definitely recommend sacrificing the clown over sacrificing the Alice. 😀 What are you giving up for Lent? Jacob gave up shirts.

          1. I might enquire whether I could give up puddings at dinner. For two reasons. Firstly, I’m fairly certain the daily puddings have helped with the expansion around my middle, and secondly, in Lent, puddings are generally stewed fruit (without custard or other sweet sauce type thing), which I’m not keen on to begin with (especially rhubarb or gooseberries, of which we have lots in the freezer). Generally we don’t give things up, but we do have an extra half hour a day of prayer (either privately or corporately depending on the day and each individual’s schedule, and sometimes it’s silent and sometimes there’s one of the Sisters leading some sort of meditation).

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