Powertools Are My Friends

It’s an oldie but a goodie (I think?) from last year. This is called recycling, folks – it’s a good thing. Anyhoo, tomorrow I’ll be back with updates on my Epic Quest, but today I give you Bob the Builder and Handy Manny. Whee!


I know that men can become attached to their tools and machines.  When you start having conversations with your equipment, though, you might have a bit of a problem.  Next up: two children’s shows feature talking tools and machines.  (What is it with these talking inanimate object shows?  Are there not enough animate objects to make shows about?  Like, say, giant mutant dogs?  Nevermind.)  Our first contestant is:
Bob the Builder
                Bob is a likable enough guy.  He is a builder – hence the name of the show.  But he doesn’t do the job alone.  He also works with Wendy (they’re just friends) and a lot of different vroom-vroom machines, making him a natural favorite for boys.  These machines of his, though, are not ordinary machines.  They are living machines, which technically means they are both Bob’s equipment AND employees.  I’m not sure how you would figure out…

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  1. Yes. At least The Magic Roundabout was intended to be surreal.

    1. The Magic Roundabout? Do I want to know about that one?

      1. Yes, I think you do, actually. It was brilliant. It was originally filmed in French, but no-one bothered to send the script to the UK, so they just made up a crazy and slightly surreal script to dub over, and strangely it worked. I mean, where else do you have Dylan the (spaced-out) rabbit who appears to have been eating the wrong sort of grass?

        Wiki has a page on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Roundabout

        There’s also an official site: http://magicroundabout.com/

        And if you look on YouTube, you’ll find links to some of the episodes.

        1. OMG, I just checked it out on Youtube. That . . .cow . . . with the mouth and the flower moving back and forth and the head nearly turning 360 degrees . . . WTF.

          1. Told you it was surreal. And yet kids and adults loved it – and still do!

      2. How have you never heard of the magic roundabout!? I now have the theme music going round in my head just at the mention of it. Next you’ll be telling me you never heard of the Herb garden or Count Duckula?

        1. I must be educated, clearly!

        2. Duckula was brilliant. I had a book of Duckula as a kid.

          I think Duckula actually started off as a baddy in Danger Mouse.

          1. Danger Mouse sounds familiar. No, I’m thinking of Mighty Mouse. I think I’ve heard of Duckula.

          2. Trust me, Danger Mouse is better. He lives in London, the home of the waterproof teabag, in a red letterbox cunningly disguised as a red letterbox*, with his trusty side-kick Penfold, cowardly cowardly custard of Bath.

            *Translation: Postbox/Mailbox

    1. It’s hard work reblogging your own stuff. Shut up.

      1. If that’s the case it’s a wonder you get anything posted at all.

        1. I don’t have time to post. I’m too busy talking to this chatty stormtrooper.

          1. And loving every minute of it.

          2. You betcha. I am having major concentration problems here. More than usual. Must work – on – something . . .

          3. I have two years’ worth of posts you could read…

          4. Me too. Almost. Just a few away from 200. Not sure if that’s impressive or just sad.

          5. Yeah, I have over 600…

  2. Bob the Builder, can we fix it? Yes we can!
    Oh no, this song is going to be stuck in my head for a long time…

    1. My kids like to sing, “Can we fix it? NO we CAN’T!” That should be my saying. I definitely should not try to fix things.

  3. “When you start having conversations with your equipment, though, you might have a bit of a problem. ”

    Those are the words of a person who has conversations with the images of hollywood stars who appear on her TV set in the guise of imaginary blood sucking monsters, with semi-fictional versions of her daughters (things #1 and #2), with Mr. Grey’s imaginary body parts, with all of us readers out here in virtual land, and probably with her computer too.

    1. I should know not to judge poor Bob the Builder. SHAME Alice. What’s that computer? I’m a hypocrite? That’s it, I’m turning you off. 😀

  4. Remind me…are you in the UK? If not…when the hell did Bob emigrate over to wherever you are?
    Ah well…nothing wrong with talking to inanimate objects so long as they stay inanimate….when they start to talk back something is wrong and they must be thrown away immediately!

    1. I’m in the U.S. Bob’s been around for a while here. I didn’t realize he was Canadian. Who knew?

      1. Oh dear and he actually took off over there? I thought it was bad enough that it was warping the minds of British children never mind anyone elses. Did you ever get the Teletubbies? Unfortunately they came with a song that went to number 1 over here 🙄

        1. Yes, they were my first children’s tv review. Eh oh!

  5. […] addition, and not setting a precedent, I’m also gonna send something to Alice, she said she and her Things wanted a wristband. Thanks for taking part of one more giveaway, […]

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