My 200th post

I just realized that my last post was my 199th post and that my next scheduled post was 50 Shade related.  Somehow I didn’t want that to be my historic 200th post.  Even though I completely missed whatever my 100th post was, I wanted this one to be special.  How often do you have 200th anniversaries?  You know, while still alive?  Not like those they’re always talking about on Google, where it’s some famous person’s 548th birthday.  That seems pretty silly to me.  Are we going to drag out the corpse and put a birthday hat on it?  Cause that would be super creepy yet also a pretty cool reality T.V. show.

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin!

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin!

Anyway, I would say “wow, I can’t believe I have written that much” but wow, I’m not actually that surprised because I am a pretty big blabbermouth both in voice and print.  But at the moment, I don’t have bunches to say.  So I’ll let others do it for me.

How am I going to count two!  two hundred apples!  Alice!  You suckkkk!

How am I going to count two! Two hundred posts! Alice! You suckkkk!

We don't have enough fingers to count to 200, Alice!  Oh, and don't shoot!

We don’t have enough fingers to count to 200, Alice! Oh, and don’t shoot!

I just covered your blog with 200 band-aids!  Or band-aidos in Spanish.  Say it with me!

I just covered your blog with 200 band-aids! Or band-aidos in Spanish. Say it with me!

200 is the number of times I had Ana say "Oh, jeez" in the first chapter of my book.

200 is the number of times I had Ana say “Oh, jeez” in the first chapter of my book.

I do 200 pushups every ten minutes.

I do 200 pushups every ten minutes.

There are two hundred globs of us up your nose!

There are two hundred globs of us up your nose!’

I sucked up 200 cups of Tubby Custard.  Then the Teletubbies.

I sucked up 200 cups of Tubby Custard. Then the Teletubbies.

OMG, some lady is having 200 babies on TLC!

OMG, some lady is having 200 babies on TLC!

200?Math is hard.

Math is hard.

Two hundred posts.  Big freakin' deal.

Two hundred posts. Big freakin’ deal.

Twoooooooo-hundred nutssssssss!  Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg! (faint)

Twoooooooo-hundred nutssssssss! Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg! (faint)

Years of Art class at work!200!

Years of Art class at work!

Thanks for reading,


65 responses

  1. In an ironic twist – I just posted my 99th yesterday…..
    Congrats on your 200th~ Make me cake!!

    1. I will use any excuse for cake! I’d be super fun to have someone bake it and demand they then put 200 birthday candles on it.

        1. I’d eat. Just don’t bake with the candles on. 😀

  2. 200 already?
    That’s like 600 in dog posts.

    1. Yeah! Did you know there’s a show on Disney called “A Dog With a Blog”? My kids watch it. Why. Why??? I mean, I bet his blog is bigger than mine, too.

  3. Happy 200 posts! Now go do 200 push-ups while eating 200 cups of Tubby Custard.

    1. Now that would be a challenge. What if I called lifting the spoon my push-up?

      1. Seems reasonable to me. Just remember to switch hands, so your arms don’t get an imbalance…

  4. Congrats, Lady!! My 100th post was my blog hiatus that lasted a whole 10 hours. Yeah, I saw that and was like, “Well shit, I done effed that up.”

    1. Hey, I’ve had blog hiatuses like that!

  5. Thanks for the giggles, and looking forward to your 300th!! 😀

    1. Thanks. 300, hmm? I bet I could get there even faster if I just post a lot of stupid stuff! Wait, I already do that. Hmm.

  6. Very nice … 200 posts happens quickly, doesn’t it? I am at 197 myself. Cheers to you for MANY more, I really enjoy your posts!!!!!

    1. 197? Hey, that’s close. I just happened to notice it say 199 somewhere because I usually schedule my posts for like the next day. And thanks. I will have to check out your 197 posts. Um, part of them. I haven’t actually read all of mine, probably. 😀

  7. Oooh, well done you on the 200th post!

    Shows that you have enough to say to keep people interested in reading you, too. 😀

    1. That’s what continues to amaze me the most. I certainly wouldn’t have figured it when I first started on blogger. Back in the Old Days. 😀

      1. Ah, but we get to leave the Old Days behind us. In theory, anyway. Some people like to drag them along, and bring them out and air them, either for fun, or to annoy the people who weren’t there (if they are Good Old Days) or to show how hard their life was as compared to everyone else (if they are Bad Old Days).

        I suspect that might be too philiosophical for this time of night (it’s 8pm as I type).

        1. Reminds me of some of those old campy Star Trek episodes. Our planet was founded by the Olllld Ones.

          1. “Babylon 5” had “The First Ones” I think, who were the precursor to all the other life forms. Funny how Sci-Fi is so true to life at times… I wonder where the writers get their inspiration? 😉

          2. Yes. Some people dismiss Sci-fi as too far out, but so many of the themes are exactly what is happening right now, or what could easily happen in the future. My fav Star Trek movie is The Undiscovered Country. Excellent comparison to our issues with civil rights only, ya know, Klingons. 😀

          3. And the whole religious tolerance and understanding thing too. I guess us humans simply aren’t evolved enough yet – or maybe we need the aliens to turn up so that black and white can gang up together against green and/or grey!

  8. Way to go! Only 800 more to go to 1000!

  9. Happy 200th Birthday! I am going to blow my nose 200 times today in your honor!

    1. That’s the sweetest present ev-ah. Be sure to hang on to that kleenex. When you are a famous author, people will want to buy it on Ebay.

  10. Dora then EL James! Cracked me up! Doesn’t get better than that 😀
    Congratulations Alice!! *pomp pomp*

    1. Pomp pomp! Thanks for the mention earlier on your totes awesome scale post. I got one of your readers who said I was as funny as you were and I was all, WOOT. 😀

      1. Woot woot! Double pomp pomp!

  11. Happy 200, I now demand 200 more Fifty Shades posts!!!

    1. There might not be 200 more, but I promise it will seem like it.

  12. 200 bandaids. That would be “matayim plasterim מאתיים פלסטרים” in Hebrew. Kol ha’kavod כול הקבוד (well done)!

    1. Hebrew looks so cool. I think Tolkien used a bunch of Hebrew for his elven stuff.

      1. You’re very right, he did. I just re-read the whole Lord of the Rings thing, and was struck by his use of the “iel” ending for names. That ending means, “my _____ is God.” For instance Daniel means “My justice is God.” Galadriel seems to be related to Gilad or Giliad, which would render it “My Mountain of Balm is God.” Oh dear, you’ve got me started….I will suppress myself.

  13. I can’t decide if Barbie, squirrel, or your art work are my favorite. Perfect 200th post! Congrats!

    1. Thanks. Squirrel says he’s the best, but he’s a little high on nuts.

  14. Bugger – missed mine – I’ve done 222, but at least post 222 was by Jesus, that’s pretty cool. Anyway, I cheat, as most of mine are poems, and everyones knows they’re tiny and easy!
    Congrats on 200 actual proper sized posts – I think you should allow yourself to skip one 50Shades page per post – that’s got to be a real reward!

    1. Poems are tiny and easy? Tiny maybe, easy noooo. Speaking of Jesus, my best poem, composed by force in a ladies Bible class (they thought I could do these because I was the only English major.)
      Roses are Red
      Violets are Blue
      Jesus is Great
      And so are You
      No one asked me to write a poem again. Hey are you saying there’s another Jesus post? You get the best guests.

      1. But the things he makes me do in payment *shudders*!

        1. Haha, am reading your post now! That Jesus and his riddles!

  15. Congrats on your 200th. You’re such a riot! Well done, Alice.

    1. Thank youuu for encouraging me. Some would say to stop that. 😀

      1. Oh, Alice…WHO would say that??!!

        1. My mother most likely. But she had to listen to me through junior high, so she gets a pass. 😀

  16. Alice, Happy 200th. I enjoyed this post. From another Alice

  17. So does that make this your bicentennial post? Are there fireworks? There should be fireworks. 200 of them.

    1. I have almost that many on the WordPress 2012 year in review thingy they did. All these fireworks. Tiny pew! Tiny pew! Tiny pew! (pew is the sound of fireworks)

  18. Happy 200th Blog Ms Alice. Happy two huuuuundreth Happy blooooog Alice Happy two huuuuuuuundreth ..ok you get the drift.

    1. A SONG. This is great. People write me poems and songs. It could go to my head if there wasn’t so much cotton there! 😀

  19. Oh Blue’s Clues… for your 200th post. Congrats!
    Wonderland is a better place with the addition of these 200.

    1. Aw, thank you. Back at ya.

  20. WOW! Happy 200. I just barely passed the 100 mark! Quite an accomplishment.

    1. Thanks. I have a lot to blab about, apparently. 😀

    1. Also, when imagining a woman having 200 babies, I think I puked in my mouth…

      1. I bet there’s some doctor that’s put close to that many eggs in a woman. Lookie, she’s like a gumball machine! She’s birthin’ Oompa Loompas!

  21. […] you’re looking for a great 200th post, this one, My 200th post from aliceatwonderland is great.  As usual with her work, I laughed my way through it, and I […]

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