Going on in my head right now:

I’ll just check my last blog post really quickly.  Oooh, comments, must answer.  OMG, she wrote a post on that?  Better pop by and check it out or I’ll forget.  She referenced someone else.  Okay, I’m off to . . .nooooo you are at work.  Stop it.  This is taking longer than a sec.  What are you working on again?  Oh, yeah, the exhibit!  This is going to be a great exhibit.  I love doing these things. Well, parts of them.  I can do research forever but eventually I’m going to have to gather it up and make it make sense.  I think I’ll look up fashion on Google and see how it compares to fashion at the university for the last century.  I’m not sure how humans could actually wear those things.  Oh, hey, I got email.  I’ll check it really quickly.  I got more comments on my post!  Wait, that’s my comment.  Why are you telling me about my comments, WP, my memory’s not that bad.  What was I doing?  Oh, right, the exhibit.  It’s fine because it’s not due till Spring Break and it’s – crap – Friday is February?  Get to work.  Okay, so I’ve already got the pages in the yearbooks marked that I want to scan.  Hey.  Did I mark almost every page of every yearbook?  Well, they were all hilarious, er, fascinating pictures and you should include them. I can’t include all of them, there’s not enough room.  Narrow it down.  Maybe I should just try to scan a few first.  Wait, they replaced the scanner software so now after three years I have no idea how to use the scanner.  I’ll have to learn how first.  Don’t wanna.  It’s freaking scary.  I guess I could look up the directions for the scanner.  The scanner has a facebook page?  Woot!

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  1. Glad to see that there is a least one other person out there with an open and honest assessment of the way things really work. There have been times where I have worried a bit that such scatter brai…er… frenetic multi-tasking would seem somewhat crazy.

    1. Multi-tasking. def. Screwing up several things at once.

  2. There are times when I read your posts that I wonder how you have access to the dialog in my head 🙂

    1. Maybe the various voices in our heads talk to one another.

    2. I was just going to write the same thing!

  3. OMG! That’s hysterical and so true!

    1. Blogger induced ADHD!

      1. I think so. This is totally WP’s fault! Or maybe just the Internetz. Bad Internetz!

        1. Whoa there! Don’t make the internetz angry! We neeeeed internetz!!!

  4. Sounds all too familiar.

    1. Especially for a goldfish. I hear the forget what they were thinking about from one side of the bowl to the other, so everything always looks new to them. It sounds like me.

      1. Indeed. I continually forget what I went to the other side of the fishbowl for. 😉

  5. How did you NOT run into a wall while all this was going on?

    1. I was sitting still, though that doesn’t totally negate the possibility.

  6. Whew! I’m glad I’m on the only one. ❤

      1. I swear you are my sister from another mister! Too many coincidences!

  7. Once again I am reading a blog post that contains my thoughts from the past few days. And now, if I check notify me of follow-up comments below, then not only will I get your response to my comment if you make one, but I will also get everyone else’s comment. My email inbox will overflow because your blog is one of many I follow. What’s the answer? I’m working on a post on this problem.

    1. I tried to eliminate some of the notifications. There’s a place where you can uncheck all these boxes. I also keep one email for the blog and another for other stuff. Except it somehow posts to both. And for a while it stopped the notifications, and then it started again. And also I’m getting notified about my replies to people, which means I got like 70 messages in my box at once. Ack!

      Let me know when your post comes out. I will be sure to stop by.

    1. So it’s NOT just me, whew. My husband has a switch he can just turn off – like when he’s going to bed or I’m talking to him. I want that.

  8. Sounds eerily familiar…

    1. Do you hear the same voices?

  9. Your mind is a beautiful place. Does the scanner want to be friends on FB?

    1. The scanner did, but then it totally defriended me. It AND the printer. Sheesh.

  10. Damn, you nailed the interior monologue down, girl.

    1. How do we keep our sanity? Or does it keep us?

      1. Sanity is the result of a dualistic construct and a pervasive attitude in so called contemporary culture despite Derrida’s illustration of this logical fallacy. I live in the grey area….
        And I like to sound smart and pretentious at any occasion. HOOPAH!

        1. Smart and pretentious is the result of a Freudian complex that means I’m totally full of shit but look how smart I sound!

  11. That sounds scarily familiar, although at least I can usually restrain myself from actually reading any comments or new posts which have been emailed to me, but the flitting between a zillion different things is totally what I was like at work when I used to work.

    It’s a bit calmer being in Whitby, I get the chance to have some time to concentrate on one thing at once! Not all the time, but more frequently than I used to.

    1. I’m hardly religious, but I would totally dig hanging out at Whitby with you. Sounds so peaceful – well, until we get together and cause sister havoc! 😀

      1. Yeah, if I were to have a partner in crime who is just as crazy as I am, I suspect I’d get asked to leave quite quickly… But if you’re ever in England you’re welcome to come and visit, that would be really really cool.

        1. England is one of the places I would love, love, love to visit! I’d like to see that Shakespeare place and all that crap. Also I’d like to see Ireland. I hear it’s green. 😀

          1. Stratford (aka that Shakespeare place) is not desperately near Whitby. (Well, on a map, when comparing it to the USA it is, however, the British roads being what they are, it’s probably a good four hours to drive it.)

            One of the reasons you should come to Whitby is that it is here that Dracula came ashore in Bram Stoker’s novel. And there are days when it’s so foggy, we all wonder if it’s happening again!

          2. Zomg, Dracula is even better than Willie! (I knew it was Stratford-on, at? – Avon but not how to spell it, obviously). Dracula didn’t sparkle. Dracula was a real bad ass vampire.

          3. We just call it Stratford, although it is technically Stratford on Avon. (Can’t remember if it’s hyphenated; don’t think it is.) Beware if you do visit that you get the right Newcastle – there is Newcastle under Lyme and Newcastle upon Tyne, both of which just get called Newcastle. Newcastle under Lyme is in Staffordshire (sort of ish in the middle of the country) and is not so well known, and Newcastle upon Tyne is in the North East and quite a big shipping sort of place. There is a place called Chester-Le-Street but it just gets called Chester, which is really confusing given that there is already a city called Chester.

            Dracula was the original, the first and the proper. He didn’t faff around drinking the blood of animals, he made “carpe jugulum” his motto and every day, grabbed it by the throat. I suspect he probably didn’t play the piano either, except perhaps to try to lure some unsuspecting eejit to come and be his supper. And he could be really super cool by turning into fog/smoke to get through cracks, which so-called-sparkly-vampires cannot do.

          4. Carpe Jugulum! I love it! I would definitely need a guide around England.

          5. I’d not be much use, sadly. I’ve lived in Whitby now for nearly 10 months, and have visited several times before that, and I still don’t know the way around the town!

  12. I love that i’m not the only one who’s thoughts have ADD.

    1. I tried the meds for that once, stayed up for 48 hours, and decided to stick with the ADD thoughts.

  13. Always so many thing we WANT to do…and then that one thing we HAVE to do. Work

    1. What is with that? I don’t get this work stuff.

      1. I know!!!

  14. Oh WP, how you’ve helped ruin any remaining attention span I had…

    1. Look inside my head, it’s like ping-pong balls. So are my posts!

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