Rants with Alice: Comments! Answer you must!

Rants With Alice

Today I’m going to rant to you guys about blog etiquette.  I know, you’re looking at this and going PFFT.  Alice is gonna talk to us about etiquette like she’s freakin’ Emily Post?  Yeah, okay, I realize I’m not the best at this kind of stuff.  But there is one thing that bugs me about some blogs.  And that’s when they don’t answer comments.

Alice is not really a proper British girl but she plays one on her blog.  Sometimes.

Alice is not really a proper British girl but she plays one on her blog. Sometimes.

I realize this is controversial to some.  Like making a “thanks” or a smiley face in response to someone’s comment takes TIME, folks.  I realize that people have lives (what is this life business?) and I don’t think you should have to respond immediately.  Maybe it will take a few days.  Or a week.  Or a month.  Especially if you become Queen of the Mucus People, or you know, you just don’t feel like it.  Or if you’re someone who gets eleventy billion comments on every post.  But eventually, it just seems polite to at least acknowledge that the person acknowledged you.

I guess I’m just still so thrilled that people read me and find enjoyment in what they read.  And as I’ve said before, the comments can be funnier than the posts themselves.  You get to know people that way.  And I don’t think you should ever stop trying to get to know people, no matter how big your blog gets.  I got some new followers with the pressed business, and I am working on checking out their blogs.  It will take me a while, but I promise to visit each one.  Because, well, I just think I should.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a new blog to read.  I always need new reading material because I have the attention span of Squirrel and cannot seem to concentrate on anything longer than a blog post or a Cosmo quiz.

I just learned my girlfriend is not that into me.  Thanks, Cosmo.

I just learned that I have sexy power! Thanks, Cosmo.

I’m not saying that you have to follow everyone who follows you, or that you have to go be best buds with someone because they left you a comment.  But gosh, is it so hard to be polite?  If someone gives you a present, do you just toss it aside in a pile and say nothing?  If you do, are you related to the men in my family?  Anyway, that’s the way I look at it.  Comments are presents.  Maybe the present isn’t just what you wanted (I don’t like being told I’m not Queen of the Internetz) but it’s the thought that counts.

I rarely follow blogs unless the bloggers respond to comments.  It’s just so much more fun that way.  There are one or two that are just so good that yes I follow them even though they don’t answer comments.  But not very many.  Most of my blogger buddies are awesome about responding to comments, and some of these bloggers have huge readerships.  I respect that.

Yes I AM Queen of the Internetz.  Bow before me.

Yes I AM Queen of the Internetz. Bow before me.

There must be some reason why some people do not respond to comments.  Maybe they’re shy?  I realize a lot of bloggers are introverts.  That’s why we’re here.  I am much more introverted in real life, at least I am when I don’t know you.  If I get to know you and I like you, I will never shut up again.  But I guess I could see how this might be a problem for some people who don’t have split personalities (ie extrovert online and introvert offline).  Still, I would encourage these people to push past that fear.  I had to push past some fear just to make my blog public.  But what incredible rewards I have gotten in return.  And I’m not talking about my blog bling, not even the big blue blog bling up there in the corner.  (With the hearts.  Yeah, that one.)  I’m talking about the community of readers.  I’m talking people who lift me up, who tell me “Hey you not only don’t suck, you’re pretty awesome.”  That is the reward.  And you miss it if you don’t engage with your readers.

And though I’m grateful to have been acknowledged by the WP gods and to have gotten new readers, my best bling is handmade.  I’ve gotten personalized awards for covering that crappy 50 Shades series.  I had a blogger draw a picture of my blog and write a poem about it – it’s up there on my All About Alice page.  It even has Sad Pony and Squirrel!  Heck, my readers are so cool they acknowledge my delusions and even have pretend relationships with them.  You can’t find this kind of crazy awesome just anywhere.

I have the best friends ever.

I have the best friends ever.

So I figure the least I can do is respond.  I also try to visit the blogs of my “homies” (Alice in da hood) and leave comments there.  It’s not a chore.  I love reading their posts, so I usually have something to blab about.  Sometimes my comments are longer than their posts.  But it’s my way of showing appreciation, especially since I still haven’t figured out how to make blog bling.

Admittedly, part of this is my OCD in action.  There is a comment and I must answer it!  Not only that, I want to answer comments on the blogs of other people.  I even pushed my real-life blogger pal to go answer her comments on her blog because it was driving me crazy.  It’s like going to a bookstore and OMG their books are not in order, so I start rearranging them and WTF I don’t work here!  So possibly some of this is just the madness of Alice.

But it’s a good madness.  Join me, won’t you?

134 responses

  1. Up until this year, I was pretty much a blog isolationist. I’d get the occasional comment, but unless I really had something to say in response, I’d just ignore it. I’m trying my hardest to change that in 2013 and actually interact with the rest of the blogging community out there. Which includes reading a lot of other blogs, and liking them and commenting.

    I’ve found that once I started, it became easy. You can pretty much find something to say about just about anything if you give it a few seconds thought.

    As for those people who don’t respond to my comments…I’m sure they have their reasons. Maybe my comment simply didn’t merit a response.

    1. All of my comments merit a response for I am Queen of the Internetz. 😀

      1. Really? Is that a real title or more of an honorary thing like Grand Marshall or Prime Minister?

        1. It is honorary and I bestowed it upon myself.

          1. Normally, I might judge. But people said I couldn’t give myself the nickname Cutter. So I’m in no position to judge.

          2. Why do you have the nickname Cutter . . . hey are those knives?

          3. No no, nothing like that. More like the G.I.Joe hovercraft pilot.

            And yes, I am a nerd, thanks for asking!

    2. Oh, G.I. Joe! I don’t remember Cutter, but my favorites were always Snake Eyes and Scarlett. I do not believe in the movies. Blasphemy! Snake Eyes and Scarlett foreverrrr!

      1. Hey, you can’t blame Scarlett for choosing Ripcord in the movies. I mean, he was a Wayan brother and all. (Sadly, I can’t remember which Wayan it was. Marlon?)

        It’s better than in the cartoon when Scarlett was into Duke.

        Maybe the real problem is that Scarlett is kind of a slut.

        1. Haha. Yes, the Duke thing was especially bad. Duke has the personality of cardboard. Also, why did they make Ripcord black in the movie, when they already had plenty of cool black characters? Dopes.

          Scarlett is not slutty. Lady Jaye on the other hand, well, she gets around, I hear. Anyone who’d sleep with Flint. I do like how in the comic Scarlett would always ask Snake Eyes stuff then read his mind and say what he was thinking and Snakes was just going whatever.

          1. Flint was my favorite character as a child. But in hindsight, the guy was a huge dick. Take a look if you get a chance:


  2. I guess I’ll be in your good books. I reply to 99.9% of the comments on my blog. The .1% actually had me stumped because I didn’t know how to respond…..odd for a writer! Love your stuff….glad TwinDaddy brought me here!

    1. Glad to have you. I’m sure there are some comments I missed back there somewhere. Occasionally I find one.

      1. I’m still in the beginning stages without the FP status, so I’m sure mine are easier to keep up with. 🙂

  3. I love answering comments! For a blogger with almost zilch number of actual followers, comments make my day so I acknowledge them. I appreciate that they appreciate the efforts I give to each post, even if they don’t/won’t agree to what I say (and as long as they’re not just being trolls or spammers, which I get all the time).

    1. It is truly the best way to grow your blog. Respond to your comments, and comment on the blogs of others. You can find other blogs you like by looking at their commenters and following them, etc. It builds on itself. 😀

      1. So true. But I really do love meeting fellow writers online and reading their stuff whenever I have time. If I get read as well, that would make me happy, of course. Even a simple smiley would make me feel rewarded. That means someone actually took time to read me, or at least cared enough to make my day (LOL!!!)

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