Rants with Alice: Comments! Answer you must!

Rants With Alice

Today I’m going to rant to you guys about blog etiquette.  I know, you’re looking at this and going PFFT.  Alice is gonna talk to us about etiquette like she’s freakin’ Emily Post?  Yeah, okay, I realize I’m not the best at this kind of stuff.  But there is one thing that bugs me about some blogs.  And that’s when they don’t answer comments.

Alice is not really a proper British girl but she plays one on her blog.  Sometimes.

Alice is not really a proper British girl but she plays one on her blog. Sometimes.

I realize this is controversial to some.  Like making a “thanks” or a smiley face in response to someone’s comment takes TIME, folks.  I realize that people have lives (what is this life business?) and I don’t think you should have to respond immediately.  Maybe it will take a few days.  Or a week.  Or a month.  Especially if you become Queen of the Mucus People, or you know, you just don’t feel like it.  Or if you’re someone who gets eleventy billion comments on every post.  But eventually, it just seems polite to at least acknowledge that the person acknowledged you.

I guess I’m just still so thrilled that people read me and find enjoyment in what they read.  And as I’ve said before, the comments can be funnier than the posts themselves.  You get to know people that way.  And I don’t think you should ever stop trying to get to know people, no matter how big your blog gets.  I got some new followers with the pressed business, and I am working on checking out their blogs.  It will take me a while, but I promise to visit each one.  Because, well, I just think I should.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a new blog to read.  I always need new reading material because I have the attention span of Squirrel and cannot seem to concentrate on anything longer than a blog post or a Cosmo quiz.

I just learned my girlfriend is not that into me.  Thanks, Cosmo.

I just learned that I have sexy power! Thanks, Cosmo.

I’m not saying that you have to follow everyone who follows you, or that you have to go be best buds with someone because they left you a comment.  But gosh, is it so hard to be polite?  If someone gives you a present, do you just toss it aside in a pile and say nothing?  If you do, are you related to the men in my family?  Anyway, that’s the way I look at it.  Comments are presents.  Maybe the present isn’t just what you wanted (I don’t like being told I’m not Queen of the Internetz) but it’s the thought that counts.

I rarely follow blogs unless the bloggers respond to comments.  It’s just so much more fun that way.  There are one or two that are just so good that yes I follow them even though they don’t answer comments.  But not very many.  Most of my blogger buddies are awesome about responding to comments, and some of these bloggers have huge readerships.  I respect that.

Yes I AM Queen of the Internetz.  Bow before me.

Yes I AM Queen of the Internetz. Bow before me.

There must be some reason why some people do not respond to comments.  Maybe they’re shy?  I realize a lot of bloggers are introverts.  That’s why we’re here.  I am much more introverted in real life, at least I am when I don’t know you.  If I get to know you and I like you, I will never shut up again.  But I guess I could see how this might be a problem for some people who don’t have split personalities (ie extrovert online and introvert offline).  Still, I would encourage these people to push past that fear.  I had to push past some fear just to make my blog public.  But what incredible rewards I have gotten in return.  And I’m not talking about my blog bling, not even the big blue blog bling up there in the corner.  (With the hearts.  Yeah, that one.)  I’m talking about the community of readers.  I’m talking people who lift me up, who tell me “Hey you not only don’t suck, you’re pretty awesome.”  That is the reward.  And you miss it if you don’t engage with your readers.

And though I’m grateful to have been acknowledged by the WP gods and to have gotten new readers, my best bling is handmade.  I’ve gotten personalized awards for covering that crappy 50 Shades series.  I had a blogger draw a picture of my blog and write a poem about it – it’s up there on my All About Alice page.  It even has Sad Pony and Squirrel!  Heck, my readers are so cool they acknowledge my delusions and even have pretend relationships with them.  You can’t find this kind of crazy awesome just anywhere.

I have the best friends ever.

I have the best friends ever.

So I figure the least I can do is respond.  I also try to visit the blogs of my “homies” (Alice in da hood) and leave comments there.  It’s not a chore.  I love reading their posts, so I usually have something to blab about.  Sometimes my comments are longer than their posts.  But it’s my way of showing appreciation, especially since I still haven’t figured out how to make blog bling.

Admittedly, part of this is my OCD in action.  There is a comment and I must answer it!  Not only that, I want to answer comments on the blogs of other people.  I even pushed my real-life blogger pal to go answer her comments on her blog because it was driving me crazy.  It’s like going to a bookstore and OMG their books are not in order, so I start rearranging them and WTF I don’t work here!  So possibly some of this is just the madness of Alice.

But it’s a good madness.  Join me, won’t you?

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  1. No comment.

    1. I’m not commenting on your lack of a comment. I am going to go answer all your comments, though.

  2. Not the madness of Alice at all, I was thinking the very same last night and getting ready to go to any blog who hasn’t replied to my comment and unfollow them…I was almost at the point of unfollowing a lot of people admittedly but that was the sanest of my reasons.
    I’ve actually told someone outright that if they want a bigger readership (they were complaining about it) then they need to go and look at other peoples, comment and start talking to someone other than themselves! in a nice way obviously.
    So well said Alice…well said indeed.

    1. Ha! Love ya, scienerf. Hey, quit being a selfish jerk – I mean this in a nice way, you jerk. Just kidding – I know you would be nicer. I’m highly tempted to comment “Hey, you didn’t answer your comments, poophead.” and see if they answer that one. 😀

      1. hehe save that for the serial offenders :lol; they deserve it 👿 I’ve just deleted a couple who…well they’re not that interesting and never I mean NEVER reply to comments. well poop to them I say! Love you too ya nutty squirrel xx

  3. Oh yeah. I’ve got OCD about responding to comments. I just love doing it anyway, it’s the best part of blogging!

    1. It so is! Oh, I’m still thinking about that Bloggers Anonymous. Will totally have to make a post on that soon.

  4. I concur. I’ve been doing a shitball job of commenting on posts as of late and it makes me feel like a shitball because I do also feel if someone takes the time to comment, I should take the time to respond.

    1. I haven’t been the best either at commenting on other blogs lately – I think I should have their posts sent to my email so that I see them when they pop up. (Reader kinda sucks sometimes) Cause I’ve been saying, oh hey, why haven’t you posted and they’re like I did six days ago you dork. Oops. We can be shitballs together. At least you always respond to comments on your blog!

  5. I don’t comment as much as I should on other blogs, but I do respond to and appreciate each comment left on my blog, even the spam bots. 🙂 I have subscribed to a lot of new blogs lately and try to read each if them every day. In lieu of a comment, many times I leave a “Like”. I have also put some of you on my blog roll. If I haven’t put your blog there yet, please let me know and I’ll happily do it.

    Point is, Alice is so right about the blog courtesy thing. Most of us have been blogging for a short period of time and are trying to build up a readership. A comment is kind of like a pat on back for a job well done and validation that we are doing something worthwhile and enjoyable to other people. Last Saturday, I wrote something very similar to this post, so GMTA, Alice. 🙂

    Bottom line: I am grateful for those of you who take time to read and comment on the nonsense I write.

    And thanks for a warm welcome into your blogging community.


    1. The spambots leave awesome comments. Their use of the syntax is captivating shedding the light on the question thanks. I will need to check out this post you mentioned. Though I must say, you don’t write nonsense, often you’re just reporting on it – some of this news stuff writes itself, doesn’t it?

      1. Yes, it does write itself! I am never without blog material. I love Dumbasses!

  6. I love this. It is so true and hilarious. Just started following you, but love what you write!

    1. Thanks. There’s more goofiness where that came from. 😀

  7. I agree whole-heartedly! (and thanks for posting the award I made you 🙂 )

    I hate it when I take the time to comment, but they don’t take the time to respond! UGH!

    1. I know! That award cracks me up every time. “You didn’t have to try hard.” Fer sure, fer sure. What’s ironic is that WP is being weird with the little spinny thing and not wanting to post your comments, so it might look like I’m a bit of a hypocrite – again. 😀

  8. Absobloodylutely agree! I also use that as a yardstick on following a blog. At least you know the comment is being read and appreciated. But I guess if you do get a gazzillion comments, than maybe it is not practical! Bloggers etiquette 101…

    1. Personally, I think if you have the time to write a dopey post, you have the time to answer comments even if there are a lot of them. Granted, might take you a while, but still. Some bloggers can get caught up in their own hype. The Great and Powerful Oz does not have time to answer your comments . . . 😀

      1. It just blogging common manners!

    1. How do you know if it’s O.K. or okay? And why make O.K. an abbreviation for okay, when it only has two fewer letters?

      1. Who knows with abbreviations. My daughter’s name is Abby and I’ve known people to call her “Ab.” Really? Was that extra syllable honestly that hard?

        My style guide suggests “okay” and only “OK” in headlines.


  9. “they acknowledge my delusions and even have pretend relationships with them” Now what kind of a crazy person does that? You have weird readers. 😀

    Btw, I can’t believe Squirrel had to take a whole Cosmo quiz to find out that he has sexy power. Of course he has sexy power! You don’t simply get to date the Naked Blogger without having sexy power!

    1. So true. Squirrel just has to answer every quiz, though, he can’t help it. At least he doesn’t haven’t to take the quiz that asks “Is she that into you” now. 😀

  10. “.. I will never shut up again.” you get a fist bump on that one. Just yesterday one of my best friends since school told me that I don’t talk as much anymore, because nowadays I take a breath now and then. 😛

    That’s right though^^. I mean what I wouldn’t give for a hundred million comments and follows! If I ever get there though, I would definitely thank each person who stopped by and bothered to leave a comment. It feels nice, so I would make sure to be nice back!!

    Also, sexy power? does that squirrel think he’s a Rabbit?

    1. My mother said that she knew my husband was a perfect fit when I first brought him home because he was quiet and I never shut up. Thanks, Mom. 😀

      Squirrel thinks he’s a sex pistol, pretty sure. He takes the quizzes to confirm it.

  11. Wait?! You aren’t the Queen of the Internetz???

    1. Some people just don’t respect royalty!

  12. Now you are going to have 2,568,453,965.45 comments to answer, as a result of this post. As a person with OCD I am certain that this with give you SO much pleasure, just knowing that you will NEVER run out of comments to respond to, and the responses to the responses….SQUIRREL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY KEYBOARD???? Nuts!

    1. I should let Squirrel answer my remaining comments. Heck, I should have him write a post. Beware though, he snorts caffeine.

      1. But of course. Otherwise, how could he get everything done? Hey, don’t tell Squirrel, but when I was an undergrad we made pure crystalline caffeine in the lab! Run, Squirrel, run!

  13. I think some (a lot of) people think this is a place where they can be “the star” (for lack of a better word). I think this is a peer to peer network more than anything, meaning we’re all the same. It’s like a conversation with (potential) friends, and you need back-and-forth to create a conversation.
    Those are my 2¢ anyway.

    1. Oh, yes, I know a few of those stars. They’re everywhere, aren’t they? When I got pressed, Thing One was so excited, but then she said “Remember Mom, they also press pictures of ladders.” ROFLMAO. Kid keeps me grounded, fer sure.

  14. Thanks for raising the question of replying to replies. As a new blogger, I am not really sure of the “rules”. I try to answer any comments, and often they answer back. Do I answer their answer, even if it seems like it could be the end of the conversation? You could go on forever if that is the proper etiquette. Sometimes I frantically search for an unanswered reply, not wanting to offend the person who left it. I’m sure there was one I had put on the back burner for some reason or another. But I can’t find it!!! I keep running by the tree from which the Cheshire cat is grinning at me. Does this make sense?

    1. Oh, lol, I think you are like me. I’ve had a lot of back and forth comments and it’s fun. Other times they comment, I reply, or vice/ versa, and that’s it. I think as long as you get the first one in, that’s the most important thing. Unless they ask you a question in the response, then you might answer that. Or not. Or you can be a goof and just talk to the person on your blog or his blog like it’s your own personal message board. I do this with a few bloggers – it’s fun. So all that rambling means as long as you acknowledge, you’re good to go. I think. I don’t have thousands of readers, so I’m just pulling stuff out of my um, rabbit hole.

      I’ve found comments days, weeks, a month later too – somehow they were missed. Oops!

      1. Thank you Alice. I appreciate your advice. I will have to rat you out to the Reply Police, however, if I do it wrong. After all, they call me He Who (cannot be blamed).

  15. I agree. I always try to comment (even if I’m one of those days/weeks/months people, oops!), and I find that I start to lose interest in the blogs that either NEVER respond to my uber witty comments (seriously, I’m rad people, get with the program!), or are just TOO BIG for us little commenters. I honestly hardly go over to the Bloggess anymore because she is just too big. I mean, she’s hysterical and I love her stuff, and I will read it every once in a while, but the joy of blogging for me is in the relationships and conversations with other bloggers.

    1. I swear I answered this earlier and WP ate it. I checked out the Bloggess too. She was funny, but she answered none of her comments and there were tons of them on each post. Why do people keep posting if she never answers? I don’t get it.

      And how dare anyone not respond to your uber witty comments!

  16. Bang on! One query though…If comments are going back and forth, who should end the thread, should the blog owner have the final word? I always worry I have left someone in limbo.

    1. You march off into different corners and whoever shoots first wins. Wait, that’s dueling. I’m not sure. I figure if it seems like it’s finished, it is. As long as the person is acknowledged.

  17. Ok. I need a tree. A big tall tree and Imma gonna climb it and scream YES! I try to be sure I reply to every comment left. It’s a good way to open the discussion and get new perspectives. I miss some, but I try not to. If I have a new commentor, I go to their blog and do a little getting to know you before I comment. Not only does it make my reply more meaningful, I can also avoid making a donkey out of myself (I like to try to leave that to my muse).
    What makes writers like you and Twindaddy and others are the back and forth in the comments. It’s happiness. It’s fun to be co-witty.
    I do still read a couple of blogs that have never replied to a comment, but I no longer comment. I’m just not going to waste my time, and it does feel like a waste of time to try to add to the discussion when there isn’t going to ever be one.

    1. Exactly. That’s a good idea to check out the blogs too. Might prevent a foot in the mouth, er keyboard?

  18. I agree–the comments are often the best part. I only wish I had time to read through all the comments on the blogs I follow. So much fun stuff there! But I don’t think it’s an introvert thing. I’m a big introvert–have to force myself to even consider attending a social gathering–but I love interacting online. In fact, from what I’ve read, most introverts do. We don’t like small talk; we like to get straight to the point, and online interaction allows us to do just that. It’s a myth that introverts don’t like people–of course they like people. They also like to communicate. They just don’t necessarily enjoy doing that in large groups. One on one is so much easier.

    1. You are right. I love online because I have time to think of what I’m going to say, and I can interact one on one. In person it’s tough, especially a large group. Small ones, no problem. I had online classes and people thought I was this blabbing extroverted goofball and then they met me and we like, what?

      So I’m not sure why some don’t respond to comments. It’s a mystery.

  19. I still consider myself to be a blogging “newbie” but I always – ALWAYS – try to respond to comments on my posts. However, because I have a wordpress.com site, I’m not sure if I have the capability to respond by email. I always “reply” to the actual comment on the actual post. Do I still get the “poophead” title from Thy Righteous Lady of Blogging & Inner Goddess Land?!?!?!

    For goodness sakes, I hope the punishment for this offense is not the Red Room of Pain. HAHAHA

    1. You can respond to anyone who has an email address, if you want to just send an email. I have my email listed under my About Alice page. I keep an email addy just for my blog. You can also follow people by email and their blog posts appear in your inbox. But I still think you should get a few pats with a wet noodle, just cause. 😀

  20. Hello, Miss Alice. Miss Hatter. What’s the matter? Don’t feel like being a smartass today? You know I’m kidding, right? I love ya, Alice, and your awesome blog! I do my bestest to respond to comments. Like you, if I don’t, it bugs me. I’ll think in my head, did I respond to that comment? I totally understand. Now, I’ll be expecting a prompt response from you…or whenever you get down with your quizzes.

    1. Ha! I always feel like being a smartass! I happened to be checking online and saw your comment and was like woot must respond immediately even if I have to save the quiz for later. I do need to find what MY MAN wants me to do for him tonight. I’m guessing make him a sandwich.

  21. Alice, this is absolutely brilliant. Seriously. Now I am not necessarily good at responding to comments quickly — and a few weeks ago I found a post that was well over a month old that I hadn’t responded to any of the comments on (whoops). But I went through and responded to all of them and apologized in each comment, too. I kind of look at it as someone comes up to you and says something to you. Now it doesn’t matter if you don’t know them, unless they’ve said awful, nasty thing and called you a whining wuzzie, you don’t just ignore or walk away without responding.

    And oh my God, I just woke up and that was all one paragraph.

    I think I may have to hand out assignment sheets to everyone for checking out all the new follows Canvas is still getting. I mean, I know it was DeeDee’s piece, but I hope they have some idea of what they’re getting themselves into, following the whole site. Also, we’re getting a lot from Blog For Mental Health, a lot of them through you, so thank you for that.

    Anyway, you know all about it, you’re still trying to get through your own new subscribers.

    But I love this post so much that I pulled out my laptop to say so!

    1. I need to check out Canvas! I haven’t been over there in a while. New follows? You mean Dee Dee’s post was a Canvas one? I am so out of it, clearly. Hey, I follow alll my readers except I have no idea what’s going on! Lol. Will try to fix that soon. Thanks for pulling out your laptop! Always love feedback from you. 😀

  22. YEP. Thank you for providing a how-to guide of successful blogging in the form of a rant. Made my morning. I try to answer all comments in hopes of climbing the ominous mountain of blog success (aren’t we all). Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. I kind of view the blogosphere as a very loud, crowded bar. With the din, if you’re not one of those people with a huge voice that carries easily, you tend not to say anything unless it’s very important or very hilarious. B/c sometimes, as awesome as my comments are – there’s just not very much to say in response. 🙂

    1. A loud, crowded bar . . . very apt description! There are some really huge voices here. But there’s also a lot of little ones. You can hang out at the Wonderland bar anytime. 😀

  24. I am so glad I’m not the only OCD responder. I swear there is a reason we are both Alice! It’s my twin!
    I sit there and go “Don’t refresh. Come on you can do it. For frak sake you’re at work. You need to work! But I can’t. Indeed to know what they think! And I cannot ignore them, then they shall hate me and start a witch hunt! They’ll burn me at the stake! The horrors.”
    Yes, I have this discussion at work constantly.

    1. Who needs friends? We have the voice in our heads!

      1. We’re our own best friends!

  25. Totally right. It’s discourteous to just not acknowledge someone’s comment. It also doesn’t make sense, because if you don’t want comments, switch them off. If you do want comments, but don’t want to engage in conversation, then WHY do you want them?

    1. I know! All I can guess is that it’s for ego stroking? Look at all the comments that I just don’t have the time to answer? It makes no sense to me.

  26. I do agree – and have hated that I don’t respond as well or as much recently… While never responding is bloody rude – it’s a time consuming biz (especially for me as my internet is little better than dial-up). I prioritise reading other people’s stuff – and if time runs out I leave the comments… don’t shoot me!!

    1. It can be time consuming – and it serves me right that there were so many comments on this post! Oh, the irony, it is ironic. Still, I cannot say I do not love it.

      I could never shoot Panda. You guys are like endangered species or something. Certainly poetic Pandas are. 😀

  27. Well you have just guilted me into going back and making a supreme effort to respond to every comment I’ve received in the last little while, because I do sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. And now my widget called “what they said” which is supposed to show comments from other people, contains nothing but pictures of me and my dumb comments for as far as the eye can see. WTF wordpress?? I am in love with myself but not to that extreme. 🙂 If you don’t have time to respond to this comment, believe me I will totally understand. (or be seriously hurt and disappointed – it’s a toss up.) xxoo Have I told you I love your blog? I love your blog.

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that. I too, am supremely in love with myself for I keep commenting on my own blog posts, over and over again! And getting notifications each time! I mean, it was fun when I liked my own post and WP told me I was vain (like, duh) but this is something else. 😀

  28. I agree, there’s nothing worse than leaving a comment, especially one that asks a question or something and then being seemingly ignored.

    In fact, I remember reading an article on WP about how to gain followers, and it clearly stated to interact with the followers you already have. Someone somewhere was talking sense, it appears. (Stop the press, there’s common sense exhibited on WP!!!)

    1. I remember that one too! We should put links to that on the big blogs with no replies to the comments! I’m sure they would appreciate it! Snark. 😀

      1. Yeah, they’d probably appreciate it in the same way Squirrel would appreciate us stealing his caffeine or Sad Pony his pony pills or Le Clown being forced to give up the body to Eric on a permanent basis! 😉

  29. Imagine potato chips in a bottle! Crazy.

    1. How would you get them in the bottle? I’m gonna be thinking about this all day now.

  30. I agree 100% with you.
    I have issued getting back to people lately, I’m crazy busy, I try hard.
    Sometimes I feel bad when I reply to a comment left a week earlier. I need to get better with it, but I try to take care of my readership, after all you guys put up with my crap (hey you even have the Ass Award in there lol).
    You know you have a special place in my blog and in a sorta personal level too, if that’s possible. You were my first guest blogger, now I can brag about having a Freshly Pressed blogger writing in my blog lol
    I admire those bloggers with 1 million followers that reply to every comment.
    Have a nice weekend Alice.

    1. You do a great job, Leo. I don’t notice how long it takes you, usually, because I’m commenting all over the place or I’m refreshing my stats or I’m playing stupid computer games or maybe I’m, like, managing to shut my thoughts off long enough to do actual, meaningful work. Also, I still need to send you an invite to my blog, should you still want to do a guest post.

  31. It make take me a while to respond (what with that Life thing getting in the way and all) but I do respond to comments. Like you, I feel like it is the important part of the conversation. You want to get the hand-shake just right to set up a good rapport.
    I don’t have a squirrel, a pony or a Wonderland behind me (what fun you must have) but I do feel a little “we can all lose weight together” remark is a good way to find out who your friends are. And we like our friends.

    1. Yes. Blogger friends are great. I can’t keep up with Squirrel without my heart bursting, and Sad Pony won’t get up, so it’s good to have people who are on the same journey for better health.

  32. Testing 1…2…3….

    1. Wait, what’s the question? Ummmm, I’m going with C!

      1. Passed with flying colours!

  33. I’m with you on this- I have an alienated 8th grader inside of me and just know that other bloggers talk to each other and exclude me. Getting a comment ignored is the internet version of standing at the cool table and no one will let you put your tray down and you stand, bereft and foolish looking while your lunchables warm up and your pudding curdles. It is pain.

    1. The pain of the warm lunchable meat and the curdled pudding. I feel it, sister.

  34. I try to answer my comments, too. Do I feel obligated? Uh, yeah. But how wonderful is it that people, not only read what I’ve written, but are engaged enough to verbalize their own thoughts? Oh, yeah. Totally get off on it. A good ego stoke is good for everyone! Have a rad weekend.

    1. Me tooo! Comments are like blog crack! You have a rad weekend too.

  35. This hits all of us ..not like a shoe on the back of the head… but I have noticed that my time …rephrase my life is getting in the way of dedicating time to posts and therefore to make comments. In fact I did a post about it, so you have to forgive me if sometimes I just click like and don’t comment. I have found like many that blog, have those regular followers who are gracious enough to comment, others just read – some hit the like button. I need more time…I need more time ..feeling a tad like the white rabbit at the mo.
    Just see how many comments you have managed with this post alone 🙂 Blogging etiquette is required folks, we all like recognition every now and then and a few simple words is all that is required. I think I over stepped a few simple ones..then again I was on a roll 😉

    1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. It’s not so much whether someone leaves me a comment, but when people don’t respond to the comments on their blogs that bugs me. I’m amazed I get comments period – when I was on blogger I got big goose eggs – look at some of my older posts imported from there and you’ll see! Which is why I try to respond to mine, but sometimes I still miss some. And sometimes I miss going to the blogs of others for a while. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!

      1. It’s hard work whatever way you look at it, time consuming..but hey we are here for the long haul, you are either wanting to contribute or not..if not what is the point.. It takes me over 2.5 hours to comment on comments and to read other blogs before I start anything of my own… every night I do it..every night I try to manage.. sometimes though I have to cook a dinner now and then 😉

        1. Family members are so annoying that way, demanding food and stuff.

  36. Wonderland doesn’t seem very safe…

    1. Wonderland is totally safe. We’re all fine. Just FINE.

  37. I reply to most comments, but if all I can think of to say is “thanks”, I don’t always reply. The reason I don’t is that some people sign up to get comment notifications by mail and would get all those “thanks” responses in email.

    1. Ha, I see your point there. I often just have to “like” poetry posts because I love them but I have no idea how to express how, not being a poet. “That is pretty” seems a little repetitive!

      You could try answering with various emoticons. You know, switch things up a bit. 😀

    1. Comedy gold in woman form…that’s me.

      1. Thanks for visiting my blog! (generic replies presents!)

  38. I do think it depends on which ‘blogosphere’ you use. I recently came from blogger, and still follow a lot of bloggers there – and was amazed how often people respond to every comment. I never really missed it either, but I realize it can make a nice gesture to the readers =)

    1. Really? When I was on blogger, no one responded to comments. I had no idea how to follow anyone. I think I had maybe three comments and they all came from a friend I pressured to comment. Sad.

      1. That’s what I mean. No one did, so when I came here I really didn’t know it was blog etiquette 😉
        I did get comments though, when I started reacting on other blogs…

  39. “I always need new reading material because I have the attention span of Squirrel and cannot seem to concentrate on anything longer than a blog post or a Cosmo quiz” – unless of course that post is an extensive discourse in ichthyology on the eating and breeding habits of the Polypterus senegalus, in which case you’d probably not be able to finish reading the title before going off somewhere else.

    By the way, thanks for the recap of the crappy 50 Shades because it made my procrastination so worth it. I told some of my friends that it’s okay to feel creepy after reading E.L. James’ shame book, and that it doesn’t mean they are close-minded prudes. The book is crap, period. Then I direct them to kink sites where they write better stuff. 😀

    1. You did your good deed for the day. Pat yourself on the back. I think an extensive discourse in ichthyology might be better than this. It’d make more sense, and I’m not even sure what some of those words mean.

  40. That bothers the fuck out of me to. Wait, can I say that here? Potty-mouth alert…
    I don’t bother following people that act like that. I think for some it’s an ego thing or something. Even if it’s a lame response, it’s better than getting the shaft. It takes time to read. Acknowledge me for my efforts you pecker!

    1. There is much potty mouth here, as I cover 50 Shades of Shit. I try to keep it nice if I’m writing a post the Things might read, but that’s about it. And yeah, acknowledge you pecker headed egoist! It’d be interesting to write really random stuff just to see if they actually read the comments at all.

  41. Ho boy! I do have “a few” gripes myself! I’m glad you aired this one out.

    1. That’s what Rants with Alice is for, yup. Everyone should have a rant page.

  42. I whole heartedly agree. That drives me nuts! I LOVE IT when people comment on my insanity! It’s like crack, but legal, and you get to keep your teeth.
    My (other) biggest pet peeve is when you get a visitor that goes and reads ALL of your dribble, but doesn’t say a word. I’d much rather have 20 readers that all leave comments than 100 readers that leave 5. I’m never going to get rich off of this, I just like knowing that i’m not as crazy as I thought!

    1. Yeah, I know. What’s with all those drive-bys? I think maybe it has to do with them finding our blogs with search words like “sexy pony pics” and being disappointed.

  43. nice rant.. Queen of Mucus haa. And now I am a little paranoid –did I respond to your comments or not?

    1. I thought the same thing! I bet I forgot some back there somewhere . . . Plus WP decided to eat some my replies, just to show me. 😀

  44. I agree, if someone takes the time to comment, the least you can do is comment back! I mean really. It annoys me when people don’t respond to comments, but to each their own I suppose, lol 😀

    1. I’m still trying to figure out this life people talk about getting in the way . . .

  45. “I always need new reading material because I have the attention span of Squirrel and cannot seem to concentrate on anything longer than a blog post or a Cosmo quiz.”

    ~you may have been kidding, but sometimes I REALLY feel that way. I used to get into a book and finish it in a day or 5 depending. Now it’s more like a few weeks because I only read for a short time before bed. I also find it difficult to read very long blog posts. I got 1/4th into Tracy Fulks’ (illbeoutinaminute.wordpress.com) 8000+ word blog and swore I was going to go back to it.. yeah I haven’t seen it since I first attempted to read it. In fact, I just remembered it while composing this comment. Maybe I can blame it on my meds. 🙂

    1. Oh, no, I was serious. I was an English major twice, so talk about a buttload of reading. As a kid I read constantly. Now I have no attention span whatsoever. Maybe I spent it all on school.

      1. That could make sense. I mean biologically we only menstruate so many times in our life so maybe that falls with everything else. We only have so much length of attention span until we’re depleted so the more schooling you acquire, the quicker you go through it all.

  46. Alice – you’re wonderful! And so dedicated! I try to answer all the comments, but I know I miss a few… I just have to try harder!! ^.^

    1. I’m pretty sure I miss some too. Especially when WP EATS MY REPLIES THAT IS NOT FUNNY WP!

      1. Ooph, horrible! Makes you want to cry when things like that happen!

  47. Goodness, I’ll have to catch up on your 50 Shades series some rainy weekend . . .

    I used to think I should follow all bloggers who posted comments or liked my posts. Then I realized that there are those like-clicking-whores, so I don’t do it as much anymore. I have a hard time keeping up with blogs sometimes already. But if people leave a comment, I will at least check them out.

    I like to acknowledge all the comments left on my blog partially because I feel like it’s good for them to know I actually read the comment. I feel kind of bad when all I can think of is “thanks,” but occasionally it’s got to do. I am much more introverted in real life, but any sort of extroversion would fit in that category, lol. I think I’m still introverted in my blogging, even if I write a lot.

    I also appreciate all comments I receive because it shows that someone is actually reading my blog. And like you said, it can lead to rewarding relationships.

    Since I’m insecure, I often don’t expect people to respond to my comments . . . maybe it just wasn’t worth responding to, I’ll think.

    1. Of course it was! I love the “like-clicking-whores”. Hahaha! I understand some people “like” who are sincere, but there are also some who are spammers and slip past the radar that way. I remember another blogger exposing one guy that did that.

      1. Well, I find that many likers who are sincere eventually leave a comment. Or, if reading in one sitting, like posts at least 15 minutes apart, not several at the exact same minute. Or they leave comments on other blogs I read, or, or . . . have at least a slight connection to another blog I read.

        I do appreciate sincere likes . . . I think even for those that don’t comment, there’s usually a way to tell which ones are genuine.

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