New Kids Show: Mutey and Friends!

The Things and I were eating at Wendy’s and came up with a fabulous idea for a new kid’s T.V. show.  In their Kid’s Meals, they got “smart links” that you can attach together to form a giraffe.  If you squint.  A lot.  They each got a set, so we decided to make our own . . . creation.  Meet Mutey – the mutant giraffe.

Meet Mutey

Meet Mutey

Mutey is a mutant, but he’s just like YOU!  Only he was raised in nuclear waste.  And has two heads.  And two stomachs.  And we’re not sure about the other parts.  But otherwise, just like YOU and ME.  He’s special!  Not only that, he has special friends too!

Roadkill Racoon

Roady the Roadkill Racoon

This is Mutey’s best bud.  My husband came up with him while we were excitedly discussing our new show in front of several somewhat worried Wendy’s customers.  Roady the Roadkill Raccoon was involved in an unfortunate accident and flattened but reanimated with the powers of electricity and play-doh!

But that’s not all.  Mutey has other friends who make special appearances from time to time to freak out brighten everyone’s day!  They also teach lessons like the ABCs, only backwards, and numbers from eleventy billion to -286.

Zombie Duck, Confused Penguin, and Sabertooth Kitteh

Zombie Duck, Confused Penguin, and Sabertooth Kitteh

Creepy Face - like Baby Sun from Teletubbies, only Creepier!

Creepy Face – like Baby Sun from Teletubbies, only Creepier!

Tito, the world's smallest elephant

Tito, the world’s smallest elephant

And many, many more as soon as our twisted imaginations come up with them!  Anyway, we put a lot of thought into this (like the last 20 minutes or so) and decided on a title and a theme song.  Check it out:

This is going to be picked up by PBS any day now!

This is going to be picked up by PBS any day now!

And the theme song for “Mutey and Friends”

M-U-T, A-N-T

Mutant, Mutant Giraffe!

Mutey goes on adventures

With his friends!

Doodle doodle pop!

And remember kids

Mutey is like Me and You

Special Too!

We Love You!

Doodle Doodle Poo!

Catchy, isn’t it?  We thought so.  And so will the kids!  Once they climb out from under their beds!

So what do you think?  Have we got a great pitch, or what?

49 responses

  1. This… is… the… best thing ever! When my middle child has playtime alone he comes up with the craziest ideas similar to his. There has been a couple of time that I caught him doing character voices and even a them tune, no words, just humming. Your kids seem to have it figured out, if things take off let me know if you want my kid to join them for additional creative input. I hear he is trying to break into voice acting.

    1. How old are your kids? He might well fit in with my little weirdos.

      1. Well, the middle one is our little creative boy and he is three next month. The oldest is four and I bet he would love to make models out of play-doh, the kid has super focus abilities that I know he did not get from me. The youngest one is 4 months old and so far he makes adorable noises and cute toothless smiles but also acts as a good paper weight.

        1. OMG, three four and under? You must have endless fun. I love the paperweight comment – very true for that age.

  2. If a dumptruck can talk, so can roadkill. I say, go for it!

    1. So true. I mean, there’s a show where people just talk with their hands. I’m serious. It was on Nick Jr.

      1. Oh, yeah. I had blocked that one from memory…oobie or something. Talk about creepy. It makes Muno look normal.

        1. Isn’t there one called annoying orange? I would think that is pretty terrible, of amazing, I guess with a name like that there is no in-between.

          1. Annoying orange started as a youtube skit and was NOT for kids. Not little ones, anyway.

          2. Of all the excellent youtube creations out there, they choose THAT ONE to make into a cartoon. Ugh.

          3. My kids watch that one sometimes. They don’t even like it. It’s just – on somehow.

        2. I totally reviewed Oobie. Stupid hands. Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. That show couldn’t be any worse than Calliou.

    1. Oh, good gosh, no. I still haven’t reviewed that show. It was awful. Why was the kid bald when his little sister had hair? It’s not like he was sick. I call it “Lazy Animator Syndrome”.

      1. Sadly, I know the answer to this. In the book the show was adapted from, Calliou was younger (like 1 or so). When they made the show, they wanted him to be older but maintain the same look.

    2. Damn. Beat me to the “no worse than…” comment. “Caillou,” yes, of course! All I could think of, for some reason, was “Manimal.” Am I old yet?

      1. Oh, my. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it. Sounds quite exciting. Snort.

        1. Few people ever saw it. The stuff of legends.

  4. Woohoo!!! I might even watch that WITHOUT the kids!!

    1. It’s fun for the whole family!

  5. I have a neighbor that looks a lot like Creepy Face. I need to tape that picture to the front of her door.

  6. I LOVE it! Finally, something good on TV!

    1. About time, right? I also thought about another storage war show where a huge tornado swoops down and blows up every storage building in existence along with some of the dorks trying to find junk in them (oops), and maybe a few of those pawn shops as well.

  7. Oh, Tito is so cute! Plus, that’s the name of one of my characters in my novel. Love the theme song!

    1. Thanks. I love Tito too. That was Thing One’s creation. Thing Two made confused penguin.

  8. I think that you should produce this show by actually creating it, and filming it, while you eat your happy meal at Wendy’s. That way, you get two shows for one, the Mutey and Friends show, plus the show of the show being created, which each week might also include footage of the manager and the local police throwing you out of the restaurant, followed by footage of social workers taking your mutant kids from their deranged parents.

    In effect, it would be a cross between “New Zoo Review” and “Borat” (with maybe just a little “Twilight” and “Grey” thrown in for kicks).

    1. Interesting idea. I think I’ll experiment with another family first. Not much meant for reality TV myself.

  9. I’ll watch the whole series when it gets to Netflix. Meanwhile, put me down for a Sabertooth Kitteh T-shirt. 🙂

    1. T-shirts? OMG, product placement! Sabertooth Kitteh™ merchandise coming up!

  10. I’m so in for this show!

    1. We may hire you on as a writer.

  11. Hi. If I ever start watching tv again, I will definitely watch this! 🙂

    1. Yay! I think this is at least as good as what’s on Cartoon Network. Not that that’s a huge brag.

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  13. I think you may have struck licensing gold with Mutey and his friends. You could even do tie-in advertising for discounted therapy for more sensitive tykes!

    1. I like the way you think. You can be my producer. Or advertising executive. I have no idea what either do, really.

  14. I don’t know… I think maybe Creepy Face should headline.

    1. I picture it flying at you in the opening credits, like Baby Sun on the Teletubbies.

  15. It’s certainly less crazy than some of the kids’ TV shows that are out there. “Balamory” being a particular scary example. Or what about the “Miss Patty Cake” series? (I’ve never seen it, I’ve only seen the pictures on the video/DVD boxes when they were in the warehouse where I used to work, and read the blurbs and my goodness they were scary.)

    If you’ve not been snapped up by now, why on earth not? Maybe you need to pitch it to the BBC…

    1. Balamory? Miss Patty Cake? I haven’t heard of these, but even the names are terrifying. The BBC might be the way to go – I think they’re crazier than the American producers. Or I could try Japan. They’ll do anything.

      1. Balamory is a Beeb show, set in a village on an island of the coast of Scotland. It scares me.

        Miss Patty Cake I fear is American. It’s also supposedly Christian, and is even more scary.

        1. What is a Beeb? And why do Christian shows feature talking food all the time?

          1. Not A Beeb, but THE Beeb. It’s short for BBC, which is short for British Broadcasting Corporation. If you say B-B-C quite quickly, the two b’s run together and form the word “beeb”. Hence us Brits referring to it as The Beeb. Because we’re just cool like that.

            And I have no idea about Christian shows and talking food, but at least on the Veggies, they only talk to each other, they don’t interact with any actual humans (unless there’s something I missed)…

          2. Well, they talk to “the kids” watching. This is why I don’t eat veggies often. I’m afraid one of them is Bob or Larry and I’m not into eating sentient creatures.

          3. I think Bob & Larry (and the other Veggies) were originally made of plasticine, like Wallace and Gromit, so you’re probably safe with regular fruit and veg.

  16. Oh great, thanks for the earworm warning… now I’m going to have that tune playing in my head the rest of the day….

  17. I’d totally let my kids watch your show! As soon as they hit 21 (no really, it’s very funny)

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