Blog Break

Hi all.  Again.  Just letting you know that I’m taking a blog break.  Again.  I’ve got this great cruise lined up – for some reason Carnival is giving these awesome discounts!  Something about a “get back to nature” special.  Anyway, I hope this break recharges some of my batteries so that I can bring you the typical useless programming you’ve come to expect from  Nothing but reality TV standards here, guyz.

Take care.  And if you think of anything you might like me to cover in future posts, you can always leave these ideas in the comments.  Awful TV shows?  Exercise videos?  Books about stupid vampiric businessman psychopaths?  Moronic celebrities?  New prescription meds I should probably be taking?  Let me know.

See you soon and thanks again for being awesome,


40 responses

  1. better pack extra food and water in your suitcase … have fun!!!!!!!!

    1. But they don’t let me bring water on ships . . . wait, that’s planes. Good thing there’s no terrorists on boats!

  2. See ya when you’re back! Bring a chamber pot ~

    1. I figured you’d just go off the side. So much to learn!

    1. Most likely a trip right into the ocean.

  3. Enjoy yourself! I hear the extra-large ziplock bags work best.

    1. For all my souvenirs, right? I’ll bring you some for sure.

  4. Best wishes for a safe cruise, Alice. Have fun!

    1. The ship looks totally sturdy. No problems.

    1. Thanks. Sure is hard to fit a porta-potty in my suitcase. I wonder why you need those anyhoo?

  5. You might want to pick up a portable potty and some MREs. You’re trip might last longer then you planned.

    1. I hope we stop on Dantooine.

      1. Oh, me too!! I’d love to meet you!

  6. Have fun on your cruise! Hopefully it won’t be a sketchy one . . . but if so, you can always write about it, lol.

    1. I can’t imagine how anything could go wrong with a boat and water!

  7. You should take dance lessons on the cruise! Learn a new skill & work on that weight loss. 🙂

    1. I’ve heard people have been really losing the weight on Carnival cruises lately.

  8. Sounds great! Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you back.

    1. Same here. The cruise literature asks if I can tread water. I wonder why?

    1. You guys and your potty humor. Are you trying to tell me something?

  9. I shall miss you! I hope you have fun.

    1. Fun doesn’t begin to describe it. I think it shall be poop-tastic.

  10. Have fun, Alice! We’re gonna miss you!

    1. I miss you too! Oh, I forgot, you’re babysitting Sad Pony and Squirrel, right? I left them in your backyard.

      1. Backyard? Nah, they’re in my bedroom

  11. Oooh, enjoy the trip! I don’t know about anyone else but I’d like a full report when you get back. Or even just the occasional amusing anecdote. Whatever you can manage. Xx

    1. Full report scheduled. It’s a doozy.

  12. Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with buns of steel (the videos, what else)

    1. Steel buns can be useful at times. Or so I hear.

  13. I will miss you and pine every. day. My pomp pomps will sit and gather dust until your return. ^.^

    1. I can’t wait to see your pomp pomps again, Jill.

  14. Enjoy, a post about people who put crisps (potato chips to you) in bottles would be marvelous.

    1. Hey, someone told me something to post! Yay. Chips in a bottle? Do they get them in there like they do the ships? I must google this.

      1. It all done with string and mirrors and most mysteriously never make it into the bottle.

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