Hullo, all. I am guest posting on the blog of another Alice. Since she’s an Alice, she is obviously fab. She’s had lots of great guest stars already, like a storm trooper and . . . I think Oprah was there once. Anyway, I am writing about why I write about 50 Shades. Check it out, and check out Alice X 2!

My Rabbit Hole Trips

NOTE:  The next of the visitors on my list is my fellow Alice, from that wonder of wonders, Wonderland! Want to know what’s with her reading and recapping 50 Shades of Horrible?!, I mean Grey, then you picked some timing, as today, you shall find out!

Want to jump in on the visits? Then let me know, send an email or leave a comment and I’ll get you set up for here, or my blog of randomness. 

Anyone who has ever taken a look at my blog can come to two conclusions right off the bat.  First, the gal likes Alice in Wonderland.  Second, the gal has a rather unhealthy obsession with the 50 Shades series by E.L. James.  In fact, a large portion of her blog is actually (we’re not even going to count the posts) dedicated to bitching about these books.  So you might be wondering – why?

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  1. Oooh, get you getting all over the internet! I’m glad you’re providing this service. Part of me thinks I should perhaps read the books, but part of me thinks that maybe there just isn’t enough brain bleach in the world.

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