Snow Day Survival!

Some say the world will end in fire

Some say in ice,

From what I’ve tasted of desire,

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

“Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost

snow day

Monday morning I woke up at four am to my husband yammering about something.  Turned out he was talking into his cell phone.  He’s a mechanic for the city police, and his boss was telling him to go put on snow tires.  At four am.  So the cops would be safe.  The mechanic working on said cars?  Eh, whatever.

So he got ready to trudge the normally fifteen minute drive (which would take an hour this time) as I looked at the window.  And what to my wondering eye would appear?  No, not reindeer.  Just a heck of a lot of snow.  Gobs is the right terminology I think.  Gobs of freaking snow on the ground, and snow blowing through the air like billions of tiny flakes of dandruff.  You’re welcome for that imagery.  I specialize in this sort of stuff.

Even bears aren't immune from dandruff.

Even bears aren’t immune from dandruff.

Like poet Robert Frost.  Get it?  Frost?  And the poem is all about cold and destruction?  I know; I chose perfectly.  I think it’s supposed to mean something else entirely, something profound, but for me, today, it meant a snow day trapped in my house with the Things.  Oh, sure, at first I was happy.  I saw, at four am, that the schools were closed.  No word on the university.  I made several internal threats that they had better be closed, or else I’d get mad and no one else would care.  So there!  And I went back to bed.

At six am, I woke up again and checked the T.V.  I waited as the school closings scrolled across the screen.  There was school after school after school . . . who cares?   Where’s mine, huh?  Finally, it reported the university closed.  YES!  I was about as happy as I was as a kid when they announced a snow day.  No work!  Hooray!  It’s not like I had a test or anything I was dreading, just work that I didn’t happen to feel like doing.  Worse, I didn’t feel like getting to work, which even on fair weather days is an extraordinary pain in the butt.



So after bouncing on my bed a few times, I ate breakfast, checked the computer, and went back to bed.  Bed is GREAT on cold days. I highly recommend it.  Then the Things got up.  I forgot to take the idea of the Things and me entrapped in a closed space together for several hours into account.  It turned out to be a not very nice thing.  The whole thing got off with a bang when Thing Two woke up her sister, who freaked out because OMG we were not going to school and Mom are you sure it’s closed?  Yes, I was sure.  I mean, like I’d just decide none of us would go anywhere for no reason?  Dream about it yes, but not actually do it.

So then we were all awake.  And the Wii remotes were dead.  No Wii.  Crap.  They plugged them into the charger that takes roughly 81 hours to recharge things.  Then Thing One claimed the kid’s computer.  Thing Two was annoyed that she was not being entertained.  I had Thing One get off the kid’s computer.  This works for roughly ten minutes until Thing One, compelled like metal to a super magnet, snaps right back in front of the computer.  It’s like she can’t help it.  I don’t know where she gets that compulsion from, but it sure is annoying.  Especially since she doesn’t do useful stuff like blogging.  She plays something called Animal Jam, which apparently is some form of computer crack, because she would play it 24 hours a day if you let her.

Computer Crack.  Just Say No, Kids.

Computer Crack. Just Say No, Kids.

So Thing One and Thing Two played together for a while.  Usually they play pretty well together for two kids four years apart.  Not today.  No, today consisted of screeching, crying, poking, yelling, and stomping.  And that was just what I was doing.  Chores were assigned and reluctantly completed.  Outside the snow continued to blow.  I decided God seriously needs some dandruff control shampoo.

I cooked my fabulous specialty of Kraft macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets for lunch.  Strangely enough, Thing One ate the macaroni.  Normally I do not have the Mac n Cheese magic touch that her grandmother possesses.  It’s boxed mac n cheese.  I feel as if I have let down all woman kind because I can’t even make that right.  Oh, well.  Today, though, she ate it.  Maybe she was afraid of the shrieking.

Betty Crocker I am not.

Betty Crocker I am not.

I’m trying to remember what all happened in between various crisis.  I guess I slept.  There was a Nook emergency in which Thing Two lost some of her art work that was destined for greatness (I’m sure it was at least as good as most of the stuff in the galleries these days).  But it disappeared!  This is why I recommend markers and paper.  That doesn’t’ disappear as easily.  What am I saying?  Like anyone could find a marker in the house.  Or paper for that matter.

We played the Sims on computer.  It’s like an animated dollhouse and a whale of a lot of fun.  You can kill them in lots of awesome ways.  Um, and you can make a family and stuff too!  Our current family was the monster family and consisted of a Sim werewolf, a plant person, a girl we were trying to get bitten by a vampire, a zombie, and a zombie clown.  We were going to have the clown be a ghost after having him get eaten by the giant plant in the backyard, but that didn’t work so we made him a zombie instead.  Anyway, this was fun until Thing One was attracted back to Animal Jam on the other computer.  This annoyed me.  Apparently Sims monsters were not entertaining enough.  Not enough computer crack.

Okay, so this game could possibly be called computer crack too.

Okay, so this game could possibly be called computer crack too.

There was more arguing and pouting and then the Wii remotes started working again, yea Hallelujah, and they played Star Wars and randomly shot at stuff.  I checked my blogs.  I spoke to my husband, stuck off putting on snow tires that he would then have to strip off the very next day.  Sort of like Sisyphus and his rock.  Look it up.  Anyway, he wasn’t certain if he’d get done in time to make it home.  I informed him that if he didn’t, the children might be head first in the snow outside.  I mostly was kidding.

Finally, the blizzard let up, and we were going to go outside, but I couldn’t find my other snow boot that has quit repelling water anyway.  I am always prepared for emergencies.  Still, I was able to take a picture of Hoth, the ice planet from Star Wars that currently made up our backyard.  Here is a scene with Luke Skywalker finding a giant Yoda bobblehead in the snow.  Yes we are all hopeless geeks here.

So that's the thing that fell from the sky.  Yikes.

So that’s the thing that fell from the sky. Yikes.

So now the snow is lightening up, and I’m sure it will do this just enough that we’re stuck getting out in the mess tomorrow.  Somehow, after today, I’m thinking maybe that won’t be such a bad thing after all.

23 responses

  1. Yeah, snow days used to be fun and exciting. Sleep in! Play in the snow! As a parent, I hate that “Oh crap, what the hell am I going to do?” feeling.

    1. I know. It’s like “Play with us, mom”. “Okay.” Five seconds later – are we done yet? We could get out a board game but then we must play it and then we must put it up and whiiiine.

  2. I wonder how many people will have to look up “Sisyphus and his rock”?

    1. I do too. Both my kids know it because they are Greek Mythology nerds. They love the Percy Jackson series, and it’s funnier if you know the myths behind it. I often feel like Sisyphus.

  3. The sun is shining where I am and it’s a balmy 70ish degrees out. Oh, and I’m so friggin’ jealous. I want to be snowed in. You know, as long as I’ve stocked up on the necessities: chips, vodka, dip, vodka, fruit, vodka, veggies, vodka, almond milk, vodka. And as long as I’ve stopped by Redbox and checked out a bunch of awesome sauce movies to watch. Did I mention I don’t have kids? And that we each have our own laptop? And the Playstation controllers are fully charged? But it’s sunny out and when I get done baking, I have to go out into the warm and run errands. Ack! I’d rather stay in and sip cocoa (with vodka). Maybe that’s what’s missing in your situation. Vodka. A few shots and you won’t care if Thing One and Thing Two decide to climb onto the roof and build a snowman on your chimney…with concrete. Or dandruff. What do they make snowmen out of again? What? I live in Florida.

    1. I knew I was forgetting something. Vodka! Of course the blizzard took me completely by surprise because I didn’t bother checking the weather the night before. And half the time they say “storm of the century” and we get a few flakes. So OF COURSE I have nothing prepared.

      Florida sounds nice. Love getting time off for snow day, do NOT love snow – or worse, ice.

  4. I miss snow days! I’m sure the experience is entirely different as the adult in these situations, but as a kid… when you only got one a year if you were lucky… oh, they were the greatest thing ever. Sliced bread’s got nothing on a snow day!

    1. Oh, I KNOW. Those were the absolute best. No school, no school! Wooooooot! Then you might get a little bored, but no way in hell would you tell Mom. My kids still don’t get the “bother Mommy and she assigns you a chore” thing. And they’re both very bright. There’s a screw loose somewhere.

  5. You are equally blessed and cursed. No snow here this year, just endless bloody rain (not literally red and metallic tasting, just ceaseless and wet and unwelcome).
    Love snow.
    But double Thing sitting – arg. Congratulations on your survival 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s like they were possessed by little aliens that first day. The second snowed in day (unreal because it’s been a very mild winter) we were able to get outside at least, and it was much better. The snow is brighter than rain, with the sun reflecting off of it. I don’t mind snow so much as ice. And cold. Hate cold. Have the SADs with winter.

  6. That poem is brilliant…

    1. It is indeed. Love Frost – the man, not the actual stuff. Die frost fairies, die.

  7. Posting Robert Frost makes you brilliant. ; )

    Just realized. Don’t care what you write, I taste. It’s crunchy. Salty goodness.

    1. Thank ye. I love Frost. My favorite is the two roads in a wood, and the one where he has miles to go before he sleeps. You can tell I’m an intellectual because I don’t remember the actual titles.

  8. I almost lost my mind over winter vacation last week. It was too cold for the kids to go outside and by day three, I was huddled under a blanket fort hoping they’d never find me. My kids are also 4 years apart and normally get along but not when they just fight over the computer.

    1. I know – it’s hellish. I live in Texas, and the weather will be 20 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next. So at least there’s variety. In Maine, I might bury myself head first in snow.

  9. That is slightly scary just how geeky you all are! You could have tortured The Things by making them watch Eclipse, given that Meyer stole that poem for one of her books and you’ve seen the first two train crashes – er, films – and done reviews of them!

    1. Yeah, I keep looking at Eclipse on the video shelf and wincing. I really can’t stand to leave anything unfinished. But man, New Moon sucked so much worse than Twilight, so if that’s the direction it’s going, I don’t want to know.

      1. Yeah, Eclipse is pretty sucky too. Although they changed the storyline so you actually see the team of ravening newborns being created by Victoria and Riley alongside the main plot. It’s such a pity that Edward kills Victoria at the end of that one. Hell, it’s such a pity they had to kill of James at the end of the first book – or that Edward went all heroic and sucked the venom out of Bella. If they’d just let her be changed at the end of the first book at that point, it would have been much less stressful for the world.

        Incidently, I’ve noticed a few continuity or plausibility type things with Twilight. If Eddie’s sense of smell is so good, how the hell does he not just chew down on Bella the first time he stays over when she’s on her period? And what happens if someone’s had fillings and they get changed? Do the fillings pop out? And – an interesting one – what if someone had had breast implants as re-constructive surgery following maesectomy and then got changed to being a vampire?

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who fails at Mac ‘n Cheese! I babysit this girl every week. And every. week. she wants Mac ‘n Cheese. And every week. it comes out differently…

    I don’t think my body can handle anymore neon yellow/orange cheese…

    1. Also, monster sims sounds WAY cooler than regular sims!

      1. Also, I never got to have a snow day.


    2. Sadly, I love Mac n Cheese. I have the food tastes of a six-year-old.

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