Sad Pony Exercise

sad pony

Hi.  It’s me.  Sad Pony.  Alice was too lazy to write a post today so she told me to do it.  Of course.  I’m her willing pony slave.  Hooray.  Today’s post is supposed to be about how to exercise when you’re a sad pony.

Exercise.  Right.  I’ll get right on that after my nap.  Oh.  Wait.  It’s Squirrel.


Hi, hi, hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hiiiiiiii!  What’s up???  Hey, hey, hey!  Whatcha doing, Sad Pony, huh, are you writing a post?  Really?  Cool!  Can I help, can I, can I?

sad ponyGee.  I hate to give this up.

squirrelOh I promise I’ll be good and not talk if you want and not bounce on your head or leave poopies all over the bed okay okay okay?  Huh?

sad ponyFine.  You’re supposed to talk about exercise.  How do Squirrels exercise? squirrelOhhhh, we do it all the tiiiiime!  It’s so great, really, it’s great, see first we run, like this – see I’m running across the telephone wires.  Watch meeeeeeee!  Wheeeeee!  This burns off like 800 calories a second.

sad ponyFascinating.  Oh my.  I must make a phone call. squirrelYes, see, hear I go, vrooooom, vroom, and I’m on this side of the pole now lookie I’m on the other side of the pole, now I’m back again, now back to the first side, now . . . oooooooouchhhhhh electricityyyyyyy, I’m feelin’ the burn!

sad ponyOops. squirrelOh, Sad Pony, do it again!  That was incredible!  I think I saw God!

sad ponyIt’s not even fun to torture you.  squirrelNow let’s jump up and down!  Come on, Sad Pony!  Jump up and down!

sad ponyLet me think.  No. squirrelAwwww, look, watch me, I’m up, now I’m down, now I’m up, down again, up, down, up down!  Oooh I’m feelin’ it now!  You don’t know what you’re missing OMG I’m skidding across the floor into the wall owwwwwww!

sad ponyYou tripped on my hoof.  Oh dear. squirrelIt’s okay!  I’m up again!  Sad Pony, are you just gonna sit there and stare at that picture of Miss Four Eyes all day?  Are you?  Huh?  Oh, hey hey hey, let’s run over to Miss Four Eye’s blog, huh?  Let’s do it!  Let’s go!

sad ponyOkay.  I am right behind you. squirrelYayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Here I gooooooooooooooooo!

sad ponyI thought he’d never leave.  Time for that nap. You burn calories while you sleep.  That’s sad pony exercise.  Now go away.

51 responses

  1. The sad pony/squirrel relationship is exactly how I would describe evenings at my house with a 2 year old.

    1. I’d like to say it changes, but my 8 year old is still like Squirrel.

  2. It’s kind of like my wife and I in the morning. I go from zero to cheerful in about a minute, and she is not necessarily ready for cheerfulness.

    1. I’m amazed she lets you live.

      1. She’s barely motivated enough to get dressed. Trying to kill another human being is way past her capablities.

        1. I feel I can identify with your wife on that one.

        2. As one of those that takes a while to get going in the morning (or after any sleepy period really) I can assure you that it takes far less energy to kill with a mighty Death Gaze than it does to actually do something sane and productive like getting dressed, or making a cup of coffee using a Keurig.

          1. So what you’re saying is, you want to hear more cheery songs being sung in the monring?

  3. I like Sad Pony exercise. Sleep is under-rated for sure!

    1. Definitely. I want a nap right now.

      1. I was trying to do some reading this afternoon and I dozed off. About three times. So I gave up and then deliberately tried to go to sleep and oddly, woke up. So then I did manage some reading.

        They should have, in all places of work, special beds or swanky armchairs where you can go and get a quick snooze in the middle of the day if you need.

        1. I’ve heard some businesses in Europe have nap times (siesta!) built into the day! And their workers are more productive. I want to go there.

          1. That’s places like Spain where it gets really horribly hot in the middle of the day and only mad dogs and Englishmen are found outside. So most folks toddle inside where it’s cool, grab a lie-down and a snooze, and are then raring to work from 2pm until 7pm and have the main meal of the day at something crazy like 9pm!

          2. Yeah, but aren’t they up until 2 a.m. too? 😉

          3. Probably. I’m in the UK and we’re just dull and boring, so I have no idea. I do know that in parts of Germany, they get up super-early, start work at 7am, have a mid-morning coffee break and finish at 2pm. That’s also a good way to be productive – give people most of the afternoon to themselves!

          4. Hm, sounds like my schedule, almost. At work 7:30 a.m., 1/2 hr. lunch, off at 4. It’s nice because I avoid the worst of the traffic on my commute…

            I’ve always wanted to visit London, Ireland, and Greece. Maybe one day.

          5. We can do that, too, during breaks. Plus at our office, we are doing some 10-minute exercises around 3pm.

          6. I work at an outsourcing company here in the Philippines 🙂

  4. I’m the Squirrel at home and other person is Sad Pony.

    1. Oh, what fun you must have!

  5. I just rolled out of bed, but all this talk of naps has got me really feeling the urge to crawl back under the covers. I think naps are like yawns – once one person starts in on them, they are highly contagious and everyone eventually follows suit.

    1. Yes. I love naps. I am much better at those than sleeping at night, for some reason.

  6. Well, look at that! I just exercised for three hours straight! =P

    1. If napping were an Olympic sport, I would win the gold.

      1. Exactly! See now there’s an Olympic sport! What’s all this running and jumping around hullabaloo for?

  7. I swear half the time I’m sad pony, the other half I’m squirrel.

    1. Squirrel runs around so wildly in my head, he makes me Sad Pony in exhaustion.

      1. lol. I completely understand. Yet there is no way to ever turn Squirrel off!

  8. Hmmm….I think I see the Sad Pony, Squirrel dynamic now.

    1. Sometimes you feel like a Sad Pony, sometimes you’re Squirrel.

      1. Is that anything like, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t?”

        1. Ah, you caught the reference. Good. Just spoke to a student that didn’t know what a Xerox machine was.

          1. Well, most of them probably don’t. You don’t see many of those around any more.

          2. Yes, it was funny though. I told them (there were a few) where the copier was and they looked at me like – what does that have to do with a Xerox? Helps when the prof updates his syllabus every twenty years.

          3. Here, people refer to it as “Xerox” more often than “photocopy”. Xerox really did well with their branding, eh?

          4. Here in Texas we call all soda pop Coke, so Coca Cola did well too.

          5. Here, we call soda “soft drink,” I guess as oppose to “hard drink.” Sometimes, too, people do tend to say, “Do you have Coke? Give me a Pepsi” or something like that. By Coke, they mean soft drink…LOL!!!!

  9. I think Sad Pony just needs a day off to soothe his body. Days of recovery in between exercise are important, too. So are naps. 🙂

    1. I think I’ve had a few too many days of recovery myself.

      1. Yes, well, I suppose too much recovery turns into too much sloth-ery… 😉

  10. Whee! Thanks for the shout out you guys! Kisses for both of you 😉

    Pre-coffee I’m Sad Pony. Can’t. Get. Up. Need. More. Sleep.
    Post-coffee and post daily sugar fix I’m Squirrel. Look at me gooooo!!!!

    1. That must be why you are all so perfect for each other. 😀

  11. LOL!!! That was fun to read.

    1. Glad they entertained. 😀

  12. You’re seriously disturbed. Let’s be friends.

    1. Awesome! I will have to send you something. I want to be freshly pegged.

  13. Sounds eerily similar to some conversations I’ve been having with my friends recently…

    1. Same here. Also with the voices in my head.

      1. Ha! Fun. I like voices in my head. They make me feel less lonely…

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