Yo, like I got interviewd by McMary of A Spoonfulof Sugar. I’m think I’m almost to Kardashian level now! Check it out, and of course, check out his cool blog. 😀


The lovely blogger Ms Alice from the lovely Alice at Wonderland Blog took time from her busy life to sit chill and talk with MrMary. This is what ensued.


I Love language and prepositionsespecially. Why is the title of your blog Alice at wonderland and not Alice in Wonderland?

I wanted to call it Alice in Wonderland, but of course that was taken.  I started at blogger, which lets you use a @ so it was alice@wonderland there.  But WordPress doesn’t like the @.  I think it messes with their Big Brother thing, maybe.  So it became aliceatwonderland.  And people called me Alice, which is an awesome pseudonym.  I love it.

That change of prepositions almost has philosophical consequences. At implies a temporary sort of experience. For example I am at the library or at the ball park (not the men’s locker room Ball Park as in like

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9 responses

  1. Awesome post! Also Alice, I have a pic you could use for the fifty shades thing. Does wordpress have a photo sharing option?

    1. Not sure, but you can email it to me as an attachment at aliceisatwonderland@hotmail.com

        1. FacePalm. This will definitely go on the next post.

  2. Congratulations!!! 😀

  3. What a delightful interview and your talented dry wit never fails to amaze me. Well done and Congrats!

  4. You’ve become so famous! It’s only a matter of time that people run down the street “Alice! Alice! Sign my forehead!”

  5. Alice, your fame just keeps on growing! XX

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