Blogger Apathy


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  1. Agreed. It’s one of those days.

    1. I stopped at my kid’s school, then drove on till the eldest said “Are you dropping off little sister?” Bang bang on the steering wheel.

  2. Ah my thoughts exactly most of the time. I hope you’re OK xx

    1. Mostly. I want to sleep. Might go down to the scanner room and take a nap under the table.

    1. I may have you take over since you come up with lots of posts. You can go by Alice for a while – I’ll let you borrow the pinafore – it should look smashing over your armor.

      1. My well has been kinda dry as of late, too.

  3. Fair point, well made.

    1. My mouth just made a hard line.

      1. I just LOL’ed at these two comments!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I have “doodie duty” today and tomorrow while students are taking the STAAR test. Yes, I am a certified educator and yes, I have been reduced to a freakin’ bathroom monitor. I get to listen to toilets flush (and very few sinks used to wash hands) for 6 hours each day …. in complete silence, of course. No talking. No reading. No computer. No socializing. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. If Christian Grey were to show up in Charlie Tango, I’d go with him. I.Hate.Testing.Days. ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on a brighter note, happy Wednesday. =)

    1. Doodie duty? Oh, my. I have coffee duty today – that’s right, I have degrees and work in a library and one day a week I man the library coffee shop for a couple of hours. It’s basically the same thing. Sit and try not to fall asleep as people pass me by and go to the vending machines which are right by the shop.

      1. Well, I survived day one of bathroom monitoring. My morning has consisted of listening to toilets flush. JOY! Oh, and only one major issue: an overflowing toilet in the boys’ bathroom. No big surprise. Looking forward to tomorrow. NOT!

        1. Hope you had funsies today! My kids get to take that lovely test soon. Loads of fun. Thing One stressed so much last year (even though she makes As all the time) that she threw up during the reading one and they couldn’t count it. Thing Two, on the other hand, got her benchmark pretest thing back with a 50 and was like “huh, that’s not good is it?” Um, no. Ha.

      1. I’m having a case of the “mondays” and it’s Wednesday. What gives?

        1. I don’t even know what day it is. Well I guess I do now. Thanks.

  5. ah that one word post again 😉 blah meh and sigh over here

    1. I’m hoping someone gets pressed with one word. It’s not that I want to get pressed again, it’s that I want to see one word pressed because that would be awesome. Everyone write one word posts for a while. Maybe if the one word is”wordpress” it will work.

    1. Mehhh. Know what would make me feel better? A G.I. Joe post. Whip one of those out for me.

        1. ZOMG, you did one and I missed it oh noooooooooooos! Will right that wrong right away.

  6. I gotta come up with one amazing awesome pressable word. What is that word???

    1. “I know where you live” – wait, that’s five words. Maybe “inspirational” or “pretentious” or “narcissism.”

  7. Yep, I think we all know that one, but lately I’ve had more Twitter and Facebook apathy. Meh.

    1. I had so much of that apathy I shut down my accounts. Double Meh.

  8. same here: the thing is, when I want to write a post, I usually ponder what I want to write , trying to give the whole thing a solid and balanced structure.
    However, I have so much crap going on as far as my MA thesis is concerned that my brains refuse to write sensible statements and witty remarks in a foreign language after I am done with the daily workload

    Crap Crap double crap (ana steele makes the world go’round)

    1. I just checked out your blog again and wow, I’m impressed. You can totally write in two languages. I can barely write in one. I took years of Spanish in high school and college, and I can sort of read it – but speak it? Yikes. What I remember most is this stupid sentence from a filmstrip we watched in class once. The guy asks where the dressing room is and the girl says “Alli, cerca de la puerte.” That should be very useful to me. At least I also remember “Donde esta el bano?”

  9. Eeeewwww (Will that do?)

  10. Ohh Alice, I’ve been living out of drafts and recicle posts.
    I have something for your blog, I’ll send it your way this week.

  11. Me too.
    I bow to you, oh mighty Alice of Wonderland, for blogging single words so successfully.


    1. Why, thank you. If only I’d done it naked, it’d have been even more fab.

      1. hahaha (That’s one word, I’m pretty sure.) lol

  12. One word and you have 20+ likes and 35+ comments, makes me wonder if I have been going about this all wrong. Next week on Animockery Studios: meep!

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. For instance, I have already gotten twice the comments as my last post where there were lots of words and crap. Meep might be your ticket to stardom.

    1. I was going to reply but . . . eh.

  13. At least now I have a name for what I’m going through (blogger apathy). Meh, pfft, and more blah.

    1. I think it’s a blog plague.

      1. So invent the cure, already. 😉 I’m first in line.

        1. I keep looking around for one and no one seems to have it – they’re too busy going “Hey, will you do a guest post for me?” Or – “hey, here’s another recycled post, um, it’s totes good though.” Or – “here is my blog post that says nothing wtf am I doing?” Etc.

  14. […] and her one word posts. […]

    1. Things that make you go?

    1. Pfft, like you care. 😀

    1. I saw your name and felt happier. Chocolate.

      1. It always brings a smile. As will I’m sure this link:

        But I have to say, I don’t want any of the chocolate that was in the vat that the girl is swimming in (4th row down)!!

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