Sad Pony and Squirrel now on Facebook!

You probably recall an earlier post where I discussed my decision to leave Facebook.  Well, when I wasn’t looking, Sad Pony created a page.  He said something about hoping PETA would take notice.  Then Squirrel heard he was on, so he got on too.  You can find them there now, only they had to misspell their names in order to get accounts.  Seems like Facebook is very judgy about what is a name and what isn’t.  So Sad Pony is Sadd Poneh and Squirrel is Squirrelle Nutkin.  I believe those are the French versions of their names.  If you would like to friend them, I’m sure they’d accept.  Already they have one friend.  They are especially eager to find Miss Four Eyes.  If you read their profiles, they are both in a relationship.  Hmmm.

I have two friends and one is Squirrel.  SIGH.

I have two friends and one is Squirrel. SIGH.

Friend me friend me friend meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Friend me friend me friend meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Call it a psychological experiment, but I’m curious to see what happens.   Also I’m very bored and have too much free time.  But mostly I’m curious.  What ads will Facebook try to market to them?  What sort of friends will they get?  Will their actions affect future employment opportunities?  Will Blunt Life Coach get a facebook page or does he too much of a life?  Only time will tell, dear reader.

Be sure and Friend them soon if you love puppies and rainbows.  But beware – I hear Squirrel really likes Farmville.

35 responses

  1. I thought I was bored and had no life….

    1. At least I have imaginary friends!

      1. I was imaginary friend with Marsha Brady when I was a kid!!
        Beat that!

        1. Does she have a facebook page?

          1. No, but I think Jan does.

          2. As long as it’s not that little Cindy freak. Oooh I wonder if Greg has one. That curly fro was to die for.

          3. Yeah, he was one groovy cat.

  2. Cool! I just set up twitter for the piggies, but I really don’t get facebook. Seems a bit boring really!

    Hope they get lots of awesome friends!


    1. Oh, right – of course piggies would have a twitter – they tweet, right?

  3. Ah, fun. I need some fun on FB.

    1. Should be fun – I should probably have asked people to tell me if they’re going to friend because obviously the names don’t always match and I’d hate for the guys to get scammed. Squirrel is especially gullible.

      1. Christine Skeels is following Sadd Poneh

  4. Oh, no. Blunt Life Coach doesn’t need a Facebook page.

    1. Keep an eye on him. You never know when he’ll take over and decide to besmirch the good twindaddy name all over cyberspace.

      1. I thought he already had.

        1. I’m sure he could do more damage on Facebook or God forbid twitter.

  5. I tried looking for Sadd Poneh the other day, couldn’t find him 😦
    I’m going to try looking for Squirrelle Nutkin (the name is perfect btw) now! You think FB has a special threesome relationship status thing?

    1. I’ve always wondered about that – like, can you elect both “married to A” and a “in relationship with B” options on Facebook?

      1. I actually have a friend who has more than one relationship and apparently you can’t. You can select “it’s complicated”. I considered that considering they’re imaginary animals and all.

    2. I wonder why you couldn’t find Sad Poneh? Email me your fb name and I’ll have him send you a friend request.

      1. Woot! I found them both!
        Funny thing, I was looking for squirrel and actually found a real Squirrel-Nutkin. This guy’s last name is Squirrel-Nutkin.

        1. I’ve been finding some weird stuff there period – and this coming from me.

  6. I’m sure Facebook will recommend local ponies of opposite sex that hope to make the Sadd Poneh a little happier. On the other hand, Squirelle Nutkin picture has already appreared in my “recommended local singles” Facebook bar.

    1. Did you know there is a Pony, Montana? Also several bands with pony in the name. Naturally I had to add these to his profile. Squirrel of course is crazy for NSYNC.

  7. My cat’s water bowl has its own tumblr. It’s less popular than Sadd Poneh.

    1. This doesn’t surprise me. I’d better keep Squirrel from the camera or he’ll be instagramming his nuts soon. There’s also a Sad Pony poser on fb I discovered. Go only for Sadd Poneh, the original.

  8. Lol I love animal facebook accounts. SO awesome. Oh and thanks so much for sticking up for me on Maggie’s post. You are such a sweetheart 🙂

    1. I liked that you had the guts to speak your mind!

  9. I think I might friend them, just to send them Candy Crush Saga requests.

    1. Squirrel would eat that up.

  10. At the height of his Farmville addiction my brother created Facebook profile’s for 8 people and proceeded to convince my 15 year old sister that they were all legitimate people. He would update their statuses and change profile pictures. Kept him amused for a few months. And stopped him from annoying his actual friends with Farmville spam. Win

    1. That’s hilarious. I don’t feel so bad now.

  11. […] my second (and last) Facebook update with Sad Pony and Squirrel.  For the other two click here and here.  Thus far Squirrel has twelve friends.  All of his friends are my blogging buddies.  […]

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