Alice and Merbear talk some shit

After yesterday’s seriousness, today you can read about poop. Merbear and I talk some shit over on her blog about a retro add on constipation. Head on over and if you haven’t already, follow this gal. She’s my wonder twin!

Merbear's World



Alice: That manic look on that one chick’s face – she has more issues than constipation


Merbear: I think she’s had one too many Mcafe’s.


Alice: There’s a special bonding that occurs when two friends share constipation woes.


Merbear: Yes. I can only tell special friends when I can’t take a shit.


Alice: Tell me, Mer, have your bowels moved today?


Merbear: I thought maybe I could pass a turd, but it was just gas.

How’s about you?


Alice: Isn’t that the worst? Imagine being constipated for the entire damn winter! Damn.


Merbear: How did she not blow up like a poop filled balloon?


Alice: Always thought constipation was the usual for late 40s and 50s.

Oh no, we wouldn’t want it PURGED VIOLENTLY overnight.


Merbear: 911 emergency…yes, it appears a woman has exploded here at the grocery…

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