Jack Chick’s “The Trial” Dissected

Ding Ding!  Wait, no, it’s not Law and Order.  It’s much worse. Chick Tracts.  Have you ever heard of them?  If not, you are in for a hell of an introduction.  Jack Chick was a whackjob that figured the best way to introduce people to God was through badly drawn and horribly written tiny comic books that cheerfully warned people they were going to roast in Hell unless they converted STAT.  Today I bring you Senator Jason of Crimes against Divinity whose dissections properly tear apart, with hilarious effect, the insanity of these steaming piles of crap. It’s a lengthy post, but well worth the read.  When you’re done, head over to his blog and read his others.  You’ve never had a trip down the rabbit hole quite like this. 

*Note: If you are offended by criticism of religion, you might not want to read this – but you’ll be missing a great post and a chance at discussion.*


I have the place to myself. No parties, no beer, no wild women clinging to the rafters. Instead, I have committed myself to your entertainment. That, and I figure that it’s either this or teaching myself Python programming or SolidWorks and to be honest, I’m tired of everything I do in front of this computer being work related. Well, there is Skyrim, but I think I’ve explored every single cave and sniped every dragon worth his weight in bones and scales from Riften to Markarth by now. Plus, we all know that I can’t get enough of Chick’s little passion plays.

Some call it an addiction. Others call it a desperate bid for attention. History will decide.

Right here, in a nutshell, is the reason why you can’t resist reading. See, the conservative Christian persecution complex is a pretty powerful thing. It has managed to convince grown adults that as believers, they are the modern-day victims of oppression, bigotry, hatred, and contempt as the secularists try to force religion into the shadows – much like Saints Bartholomew and Antipas of ancient times. Any day now, Christianity will be outlawed, atheism will be the law of the land, and believers will become nothing more than second class citizens, unable to hold a job, buy property, or get married without renouncing their faith and abandoning Jesus Christ.

In fact, the one and only thing holding back this new holocaust is the fact that … well … Christianity is the de facto religion of the United States, followed to some degree or another by about 85% of the population and the overwhelming majority of our lawmakers. It’s kind of tough to suffer persecution when you’re still basically running the show. Guess we’ll have to wait on those lions for another few hundred years.

With that bow on the back end of her dress, the girl on the left looks more like a wind up doll than an actual person. There’s even something a little “uncanny valley” about the way her arms are positioned. You can almost imagine the bow slowly turning as the internal clockwork moves her ever so slowly toward her friend in an odd, stiff-jointed shuffle … eyes blank, knees locked, with just the faintest sound coming from her mouth like an echo from a forgotten dream: “Jee .. sus … Jee … sus …”

I’d tell my mom about that too. And then never come back to school ever.

Meanwhile the kid on the swing in the background is going to kill himself.


It’s tough to tell from the picture on the cover if the protagonist of the story is Li’l Suzy or not. I know she’s a favorite of one of Jack Chick’s other illustrators, but I don’t know if they do crossovers between artists. (Uncle Bob, on the other hand, has featured prominently in Jack’s work – see “Gladys“, “The Nervous Witch“, etc.) Either way, you kind of get the feeling of what’s coming. It’s simple: add two kids (or one kid and a Victorian-Era clockwork automaton) talking on a playground, an over-reactive mother, that stupid dog he loves to draw (see blond girl’s shirt), and a sense of paranoia desperately begging for strong medication, and you have a recipe for another opportunity to win some souls!

“But Mom … – ” Nobody tells my daughter that Justin Bieber auto-tunes his voice! NOBODY!!

So Chick has it in for the ACLU. Big shock there. What’s even more of a shock to my system is laying eyes on that melting, gelatinous mass of skin, tweed, and soul-wrenching ugliness that is supposed to be one of their lawyers. Holy hell, Jack … first it was Ms. VD Spreadlegs, Holly, then Gladys. This guy looks like someone painted a face on the underside of their big toe. I guess you really want to make it easy for your target audience to figure out who to root for. Ahh, if only it were this easy in real life.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen a picture of Jack?

I guess we’re supposed to take from this that not only do you not like the ACLU, but also lawyers in general. And a lawyer for the ACLU, well … God just doesn’t bother with those people. They’re born, they live, they die, they go straight to hell. I’m not sure it even matters if they convert. Calvinism is funny that way.

You want 10 million dollars? For something a little girl said to your kid on a playground? Are you mad? What the hell country do you think you’re living i-

Oh … uhh, right. Carry on.

Ah. “Ann”. So this isn’t the famous Li’l Suzy. And here I was hoping the saga would continue. Maybe next time.

Here we come to the theme of the tract titled “This Would Never Happen“. If you go to the ACLU (or the American Humanist Association, or the Freedom From Religion Foundation) to bring up some gross violation of the First Amendment like a public school teaching creationism or posting the Ten Commandments in the front of a court building, the most they’ll do is sue to have it taken down since it violates the Establishment Clause.

As we’ve seen from recent events, though, it doesn’t always work and we’re stuck with two stupid monuments trying to talk over each other. That’s some good work, boys.

“Ms Gordon, you are charged with a major hate crime!

“… and I’m so intensely focused on this case that I will ignore the two bald, eyeless Nosferatu cosplayers coming at me from the crowd!” On second thought, they might just be zombies … in which case you’re safe since they only feed on brains.

Oooh, major hate crime, huh? Was she beating up the Jewish, Muslim, or atheist kids? Did she spend her recess holding up a sign that says “God Hates Fags?” Was she passing out pamphlets that say that same-sex parents are unfit and molest their children?

Stay tuned … only a few panels to go …

I’d like to say something, actually … isn’t it bad practice by the media to question a 6 year old regarding a legal trial instead of her mother? Where is her mother, anyway?

I could be jumping the gun here. She’s one of Chick’s Christians; in other words, the pure, wide eyed young believer who is innocently spreading the word of God’s free love gift to all of her friends while the hard, cruel, unbelieving world tries to punish her for her message. She’s so young and naive, she doesn’t even understand why they’re angry. Who would be angry at such a loving god?

Ah may barf.

Also, if watching the 24-hour cable news channels gives any good indication of this, religion – especially Christianity – is so institutionalized that you’re not going to get much attention at all if you say you have any kind of personal relationship with God. In some parts of the country it’s even expected, even if it isn’t necessarily always true … as Wolf Blitzer demonstrated when he was in Oklahoma. Point is, this would never happen, and the news channels wouldn’t even give stories like this a first glance before going instead to a novelty piece about a three legged pug that can fart the first few measures of Stairway to Heaven.

Your honor, if it pleases the court, I am now going to pass a cantaloupe through my rectum. You’ll pardon me if I look a bit strained.

I have news for you. The four major religions you are going to call to the stand really don’t care about what some other person’s religion has to say about salvation, especially since they all have something to say about the topic, they’re all different, and they all claim they’re right. Who cares? Humanity’s been doing this ever since we were walking upright.

As for brainwashing, I’m afraid that’s one of the goals of religion. Why do you think people are told all of these stories about Heaven, Hell, and the importance of not just being good, but truly believing, in order to avoid eternal torment as soon as they can understand language? That way, by the time they’re old enough to be able to think for themselves, it’s become so hard-wired into their heads that they don’t even bother questioning it.

Sooooo … I’m on the edge of my seat. What did she say?

You have got to be kidding me. Okay, let’s start at the top. Hate literature is material that promotes the restriction of a person’s or group’s human rights, or the ridicule, hatred, or violence against a person or group. This just talks about Christianity’s requirements for getting into heaven. Obviously, this is what Jack’s would use as his opposition’s example of “hate literature”, since it clearly doesn’t fit the bill.

The problem no matter what passages most mainstream Christians use as a guide for morality in our modern secular society, there’s still some pretty nasty, evil stuff in the Bible that can’t be ignored simply because we consider irrelevant, outdated, or inconceivably brutal.

That said, Ann’s parents (assuming they exist) would potentially have been in trouble if their daughter were handing out some home-made leaflets to her classmates condemning homosexuality, especially if it pointed to passages like Leviticus 20:13 – which specifically calls for putting them to death. Other than that, Ann herself would probably have been sent to a counselor if she demonstrated such an unshakable obsession with God that it interfered with her ability to get her work done … but that’s really about about it.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Jack. I understand that reality would have made for a boring tract, so instead of representing real life we have a bad episode of Perry Mason with some South Park and what looks like The Muppet Show thrown in. Kudos.

I think that’s Dr. Zaius to the left of our lawyer friend’s head.

Danny O’Tool? Really? This guy’s ugly as hell with enough real estate in the eyebrow department to pull off a direct, front-to-back combover, so I can only guess he’s supposed to be one of the bad guys. Yep. I guessed right. And he’s covered in religious regalia, so he must be from the Catholic Church.

I don’t get his problem. They follow the bible – or at least they say they do – and if the bible says there’s no other way except through Jesus, then what’s the issue? They’re all good. Ah, I remember now … Jack says Catholics aren’t Christians because they worship Mary and their Death Cookie.

In my 20 years of Catholic upbringing, I have NEVER heard of the Church as “the Mother Church”, or, for that matter, Mary being worshipped as God’s equal. Maybe I went to a more liberal branch and never knew it. I know we used to say Hail Marys, especially for confession … but I was always left with the impression that we were just giving respect to the woman who supposedly gave birth to God 2.0 without so much as dinner and some flowers.

The teachings of the church come from, among other places, the bible, which is designed to teach a narrow doctrine. Religions kind of do that. Your occupation and the history of your own church should have made you pretty familiar with that idea.

Sorry, I don’t know what got into me. We’re all supposed to be siding with innocent, wide-eyed Annie and her harmless bible teachings … and we forget that people like Danny base their teachings off the very same thing.

Oh shit, I almost choked on my Cheetos. Abdulla Ab-Du-La? Drawn suspiciously like Ayatollah Khomenei? Come on. I know that we’re supposed to think all Muslims look alike and all, but damn, Jack. If you can’t do something well, don’t do it at all.

“Islam is outraged!” Well, that’s one thing he has right. They do tend to get a little heavy handed with the fatwahs. And the rioting, depending on where you are. It’s not so much because anything from Christianity “destroys” their religion, but the fact that you’re not submitting your will to Allah … and that demands a paddlin’. It might even get you a beheading if you’re in the wrong part of the world.

By the way, it’s “peace be upon him”, ya dingus.

As for you, Rabbi … you pretty much have it. If that statement is true, then no one but people like Jack are going to go to heaven. (Though the Jewish outlook on the afterlife is a little different from the Christian one.) The rest of us have an eternity of hot poker colonoscopies and molten lead enemas to look forward to. At least the company will be more interesting, at least until the break’s over.

By that rationale, I really hope HP Lovecraft isn’t right. I mean, shit.

I think many things should be removed from the bible, following the recommendations made by Thomas Jefferson. It’s amazing what he did with a half dozen copies of the bible, an Exacto knife, a glue stick, a 12-pack of PBR, and the presence of mind to know that morality isn’t contingent upon belief in a personal god. Moving a little further in time, I submit that the “women’s bible” (complete with lavender font and calcium-enriched pages) should be banned outright. What chutzpah is it to make a book for women about a religion that, among other things, promotes the subjugation of its target audience?

Oh hey they got Christopher Lee to cameo! Awesome! Jack even got the scowl down to a T. He should have kept his hair long, Saruman style. Sure, he kind of looked like an Afghan hound, but you wouldn’t dare tell him that to his face.

I’d really like to know where an intimate knowledge of Greek and Hebrew would help in identifying another way to heaven if you’re just looking at the bible. Regardless, I can’t understand why Jack is so afraid of a good, modern day translation being derived from all of the original Greek / Hebrew manuscripts we have today by actual biblical scholars (not the church or fundies), as opposed to what was used to make the KJV.

“… what did you say to Debbie Baxter?”

I told her that hush puppies were made out of real dogs, and that if you spun around three times in front of a mirror chanting “bloody Mary”, you’ll see the devil. From the mouths of babes comes the truth, after all. How could someone this young and innocent possibly be wrong?

I remember going to a church where a friend of ours was a pastor. We weren’t believers then either, but we went because he’s a friend and he asked us to. After the mass, we were walking around the “fellowship” area where people gathered and talked for a bit before heading back home. I recall seeing quite a few people with the same unsettling look on their faces that Annie has on hers. They walked around you, blinking noticeably less than they should, giving you the feeling that they were not only looking at you, but at a point somewhere in the middle of your head like they were trying to find your soul in the same way you find those secret images in a Magic Eye poster.

We didn’t stay long.

To be fair, though, I never ran into that kind of off-putting, wall-eyed serenity growing up … guess it depends on the church. Needless to say, I don’t think we’re going back.

It just occurred to me … doesn’t Annie get any sort of legal representation either? Where are her parents? Couldn’t they afford lawyers? Did they choose to let their daughter represent herself? I’m sure that if they were in the courtroom, they would be good looking. I mean, they’re Christian, after all. I guess maybe if she had outside support, it would ruin the defenseless Christian thing he’s got going.

“Mom, is our lawyer’s head getting bigger? Like, is he calling me to the stand so he can eat me?”

“Ugggh, it’s horrible … the stress is so much that my head has started radiating its own natural light. I can’t get to sleep at night because I can actually see the insides of my own eyeballs!” Again, Mom’s Spidey Sense notwithstanding, stuff like this happens a lot more frequently when the status quo is disrupted in a religious part of the country. Case in point, I saw this sort of reaction from my old CCD teacher, who would damn near have a nervous breakdown when anyone started pushing back on the stuff she was telling us. If you see atheists suffering a case of apoplexy, it’s usually because kids like Annie have the backing of the school district and no one seems to be aware that there’s any problem at all.

Florida, I’m looking in your direction …

“I didn’t get to tell her the best part.” Well, that’s because your mom doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who listens much. But by all means, Debbie, please tell Evil Mr. Whipple what happened next. Squeeze nothing and walk away slowly.

“After Annie told me to convert, I asked Jesus into my heart. Then we went over to Amir and his friends and started beating the crap out of them because they’re a bunch of unbelievers. It’s okay … god told us to, like he told Saul to wipe out the Ammonites. Then we started speaking in tongues and casting out demons. I know for sure we were saved because we were able to stomach the cafeteria food without being chained to the toilet for the next hour. Hallelujah!

I’m so happy now! I can do whatever I want and hide behind the bible while I do it! It’s like a blank check!!”

Uhh … that is the way it works now … right?

Wait a second. I’m no lawyer but how did the kid manage to convince the judge to dismiss Mom’s case? The trial wasn’t about the philosophy of Christianity but about whether Annie committed a hate crime. This might serve to explain some of Jack’s interpretation of the law in other respects, such as the use of his images for satirical purposes.


Guess he hasn’t noticed me or my timeless inspiration, “Enter the Jabberwock” yet. (Wait, why am I sending you over to him? Ignore the link and read mine! I need the attention!!)

Then a STARTLING event occurs …”

It was a zombie jamboree
Took place in the New York cemetery
Oh, it was a zombie jamboree
Took place in the New York cemetery

Zombies from all parts of the island
Some of them are great Calypsonians
Since the season was carnival
They got together in bacchanal
And they were singing …

… sorry. Was the first thing I thought of and I had to go with it. I got nothing else.

They were all buried next to one another? Must have gotten close after the trial.

“A much higher court takes over …”

Judge Judy?

Boy, Jesus, you sure changed since your rebellious younger days, didn’t you? Now you’re all fire and brimstone like your father … other you … whatever. Well, if you ever decide to beget another son-who-is-still-you, I hope he’s just as bad as you were at that age. I wonder how he would react to how you’ve turned out?

Ah, impetuous youth …

I will never allow sin into Heaven

Maybe not, but you certainly let it have free reign on Earth, and even helped along a number of times.

(Job 1:6) – One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.”

(Job 2:1) – On another day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him. And the LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.”

Where were you, O Lord, when you and the Prince of Darkness himself were considering Job? Did you kick his ass out when you saw him? NoooOOOOooo … you asked him where he came from, he gave some half-assed answer which, by the way, you should have known. When did Satan go from (no pun intended) the Devil’s Advocate to the bad guy? Oh, right … New Testament.

(Isaiah 45:6-8) That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together; I the Lord have created it.

Yeah … you’re a real hardass with the “true source of evil”. Humanity, on the other hand, gets the shit end of the stick as usual. Just as the Pharaoh whose heart was personally hardened by God so He could make a point. And the less said about the entire books covering the genocide of Israel’s neighbors, the better.


Okay, I’ve had enough. I did this in another tract, but it bears repeating since Jack has a habit of pulling this crap. John 8:24 talks about faith, but let’s open our Bibles to Matthew, Chapter 25:

41Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
42For I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
43I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
44Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
45Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
46And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Jack doesn’t really focus much on the rest of the passage. He loves the first verse, but conveniently omits the fact that God is condemning people here for lacking mercy, compassion, charity, and love for one’s fellow man. No surprise, since given the material in these tracts, it’s something I personally doubt we’d see in their author either.

Who the hell is that guy at the end? It looks like a young Weird Al after a fight with an electric shaver, a bottle of hair gel, and a collection of unsolicited fashion tips from Don Johnson, circa 1985.

Oh, this is supposed to be the token queer gay homosexual to give the group of sinners a little more diversity. I’m not sure who the two guys in the back are supposed to be, unless they’re just some unexpected cameos from Mad Magazine.

“Satan does not want you to believe the gospel, so he and his followers call it ‘hate literature’.” Well, it depends. If someone quotes a passage from the bible like the Sermon on the Mount, or even Matthew 25:41-46 as a way to encourage good behavior, I don’t really see a problem. When another person starts picking out passages to spread the message that women are inferior to men, or we should be discriminating against (or criminalizing) homosexuals, citing verses that say they should be put to death, well … we’re going to have a problem. Talk like that is meant to encourage people to take action in response, even if it does ask that they throw away the last 3,200 years of societal modernity to do it.

The bible has it all, and more. Owning people and giving guidelines on how severely to beat them, the appropriate amount of money to pay a girl’s father for “damaged goods” if you rape her, and scores of tales about wiping out entire peoples because they didn’t meet God’s approval. Despite this, I wouldn’t call it “hate literature”. It’s certainly not what we should use as a basis for our modern moral and legal code, but it has some value as a historical and cultural text.

Personally, I think it would have more value put in a museum somewhere while we base more of our rules of law – as Richard Dawkins put it – on secular moral philosophy and rational discussion … but hey, I’m just a godless heathen.

That’s right, you can trust us! We’re showing you the way to God’s FREE LOVE GIFT, so you’ll be saved, and go to heaven where there are angels playing harps, an endless supply of bagels, cream cheese, gravalox, and scores of free slobber-free, house trained puppies that will always want to play fetch with you! Who could possibly reject something like that? By which we mean you shouldn’t reject it. You really, really, shouldn’t. It would be bad. Very bad. We’re talking being cast into a lake of fire by one of God’s angels, where your skin will blister and burn off, and demons will eat your eyes while the Fallen Angels play jump rope with your intestines. And don’t forget the hot pokers. They’re still aimed directly at your ass, without a jar of Vaseline in sight.

Remember, God loves you!


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  1. I’ll give Chick one thing: He really seems dedicated to his beliefs. There’s no half-assing it for that guy.

    1. True. When he’s ridiculing other races, faiths, and common sense in general, he goes all the way.

  2. religion blah blah blah, moron blah blah blah, Zombie Jamboree shout out, what a nutter blah blah bl… wait a tick… Zombie Jamboree!!! I thought I was the only one who knew about that song?!! “Back to back, belly to belly…” Good times. Now I don’t even remember what we were talking about.

    1. Yeah, there’s only so many times you can question Jack’s grip on reality when you go through these tracts, so I try to mix things up a little to make sure there’s something for everyone 🙂

  3. Thanks again for loaning out your soapbox, Alice. You’re more than welcome to write a guest post in my neck of the woods whenever you like!

    1. No problem. I might have something that will work on your blog. I’ll email it to you.

  4. Funny stuff! I wish your blog had been around years ago when I got my first chick tract:

    It could have saved me a lot of trouble and time.

    1. I think I was about the same age as you at the time. My grandmother gave me a copy of “This Was Your Life” … and I had about the same reaction. There I was, sitting in my room at the age of about seven or eight, trying to wrap my brain around the idea of spending an eternity in a lake of fire for living a life that didn’t meet God’s approval.

      1. Do either of you ever think about that now? Just last night I had this anxiety attack about it – I mean, I know it’s not reasonable, but when everyone around you believes and you don’t, it’s hard not to think you are the one who is wrong somehow. This doesn’t happen often, but that was one of those nights for some reason.

        1. I still have have moments when I think I might be on my way to hellfire. But I usually just remind myself that if I am wrong, there really is nothing I can do about it. If God has chosen to exclude me from his mercy, what can I do?

          I know the arminianists will talk about free will, but I tried to believe the required things. If I had free will, then I suppose I should have succeeded. I did not. So, either Christianity isn’t true or the calvinists are right. And if the calvinists are right, why should I stress about something over which I have no control?

          (There are a lot of rationalizations about free will, etc, from calvinists but they all boil down to God chooses some and not others and we dress it up with talk about human freedom. Blech!)

        2. Every so often, my brain will start spinning its gears over the possibility that Christianity could be right. When I go far enough down this road, I end up admitting to myself the equally real possibility of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, or some African religion I’ve never heard of being the one true way to salvation … and that’s assuming that salvation is real, the soul exists after death, and we’re properly giving praise to the one true god of the over 3300 in Humanity’s pantheon. The only reason they don’t keep us up at night is because we weren’t indocrtinated with those beliefs instead.

          If a personal God does exist and he’s worth any praise whatsoever, He will likely value the application of critical thought and skepticism over blind obedience and fanatical denial of the processes through which His creations work.

        3. No. I never think that I am going to hell. I’m pretty sure, however, after this post, that Jason’s going to roast! Nah. No one’s going to hell. First, religion is quite obviously 110% man-made. And second, the spirit is not separate from our physical being. Sure. All matter hangs around and we go back into the great melting pot, but we are not differentiated. We don’t remember what happened before we came through the vaginal door…don’t remember anything for a few years because we are building consciousness. It’s not even logical, really. I mean, what exactly would separate? We are our memories, our thoughts, our ideas. All of that is stored in our hardware.

          What about the babies that die? The people born who are mentally or physically disabled? What would they take with them? Great post, BTW, Senator.

          1. Yeah, that makes sense to me, and one of my issues with religion too. But like I said, almost EVERYONE I know is religious with the exception of my parents. You start feeling really alone, and maybe like you’re the mad one – like Alice in Wonderland, in fact.

          2. @Alice I understand….Guess that’s why were all here. Sure is nice to find others like us! 🙂


      2. It does sort of get the brain working in high gear, doesn’t it? All the horrible dreams kids can come up with about what hell might be like. The stuff of a horror writer’s dreams, I guess. Might explain my choice of genre.

        1. I can see why people like Richard Dawkins considers teaching religion to young children some form of “abuse”. Obviously, it depends on the situation. Telling kids to be good and to emulate the good aspects of Jesus’ life is one thing; revealing that it’s on pain of eternal torture in a lake of fire is crossing the line.

          1. I don’t know that the two sides of Jesus can be separated. I know people have tried it, but you end up with a Jesus you have to apologize for over and over when people pick up the bible.

            On some level I guess you could call it abuse. It’s a terrible lie and hurts people, but I would be hesitant to make the propagation of Christianity – even to youths – illegal. I’m not sure if Dawkins calls for that or not, I’m just saying that to tell Christians they can’t witness to their kids is a whole other kind of abuse.

            Anyway, for months I’ve been trying to put together a humorous essay about what to do if someone tries to witness to you. Reading this post has got me excited about trying to do that again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I think this post converted me. How can I not trust someone who comes up with Abdulla Ab-Du-La?

    1. The name does sound impressively authentic.

    2. Don’t be fooled! Jack Chick has done lots of research into Islam:

      Apparently Islam was started as a plot by the Catholic Church in order to form some kind of global “super-church” – see below.


      Learn how the papacy helped start Islam, only to have this new daughter rebel against her. You’ll understand the Arab’s place in Bible prophecy. Muslims have been saved by reading this book.

      See how Rome guided the development of Islam, only to be double-crossed later.
      Read how the Virgin Mary is being used to bring that rebellious daughter, Islam, back into cooperation with “Mother Church.” The global “super-church” is forming!

      1. This sounds like an episode of Days of Our Lives.

        1. Jack may be but the idea of a “global super church” does give both him and me the creeps. Probably for different reasons, though!

  6. The problem with the majority of Christians, especially in the US, is that they have no idea what persecution is. They’re not thrown to the lions or killed for reading the Bible. So they have to make up “perceived persecutions” to make themselves feel better. As a Christian, I have never once in my life had anyone threaten to take me to court over something I’ve told them (of course, I don’t go around telling people they’re going to Hell and generally condemning them). I don’t feel persecuted mainly because I’m not persecuted! I think Chick has pretty much lost any sense of reality a long time ago and in his world, this kind of perceived persecution goes on every day, whereas in the real work, the worst we have to deal with is someone pointing a finger and laughing at us.

    1. Yeah, the majority of Christians seem like decent people. But those wackos like Chick – it’s scary how many people people like him can influence. For all his talk of “false teachers”, I believe he is the most false of all.

  7. This is hilarious, if you ignore the fact that these things exist and people actually read them. It’s also very educational — I’ve learned, for example, that Jesus manifests himself as the Lincoln Memorial.

    1. The Lincoln memorial, lol, that’s perfect. That’s what makes them so rife for comedy – they are so incredibly over the top. And yet, there are people who believe that, and they are in our government. Yeah . . . best not to think of it.

  8. Nice dissection, Alice!! It’s absolutely steaming the insanity level Chick has reached this time. This “chickyverse” where kids go to trial without a laywer or any adult to defend their rights is even worse than anything schemed by Ms. Henn. Hehe, I think even “the last generation” had more sense, even with the conehead teacher and the pope ruling official science. This time Chick broke all limits about victimizing christians, presenting the most defenseless child against the ugliest atheist, ehem, “false religions” (for Chick is the same thing, though). As ever, his overcharged caricatures get just the opposite he wants, they make us laugh as the farthest from reality daynightmare ever pictured. I mean… poorly pictured.

    1. I must give Senator Jason the credit, as this is his guest post. But you’re absolutely right, they are so comically exaggerated you just have to sit in awe of it all. I mean, you can’t make up crazy like that. To see more, go visit Jason’s blog – there’s a link up top. He’s got more of the things, and they’re all just that funny (and a tiny bit scary).

  9. I found it really strange that Jesus is drawn as some faceless creature. He died for our sins, but apparently that’s not enough to have a face in a Chick tract. (Was the artist concerned that he’d go to hell if he didn’t draw Jesus pretty enough?)

    1. Technically, I think God is the faceless creature, and Jesus has the face. No word on what the Holy Spirit is supposed to either be or look like. Maybe he’s still a burning bush, putting out some heat for the Heaven’s backyard fire pit.

      1. There’s no way for us to find out for sure, because we’ll be going to hell, according to Chick & Co.

        1. At least we’ll have lots of friends there, X.

      2. Creativerealms | Reply

        Chick is not consistent at all. Sometimes Jesus is faceless god but other times he is sitting next to faceless god on his own throne.

        1. I’m still confused over whether God is Jesus or Jesus is God or one is the son and one is the father or . . . did you get your Jesus in my God? Is God in my Jesus? And who the heck is the Holy Spirit? So confused.

    2. It is ironic – he draws him as one might one of the Greek gods – really huge, overpowering, and shining with light. It was said to look upon a Greek god would cause a human to burn up. Is he getting his mythology out of whack, or what?

      1. Not that I’m one to defend Mr. Chick, but I think he’s alluding to the description from Revelation chapter 1 where Jesus is said to have a face like the sun:

        12 Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands; 13 and in the middle of the lampstands I saw one like [a]a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet, and girded across His chest with a golden sash. 14 His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire. 15 His feet were like burnished bronze, when it has been made to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. 16 In His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun [b]shining in its strength.


        Anyway, that’s just my guess.

        1. Yeah, I could see him liking Revelation Jesus, swooping down with the fucking sword. I think whoever wrote Revelations was eating some weird mushrooms or something cause that whole chapter is more whack than the rest of the Bible combined. Which is saying something.

          1. It is pretty amazing. Just when you think you’ve seen the bible writers do it all, they top themselves. I think they would have made a great reality TV show.

            “We started strong with creation, then we fucking re-booted by killing them all off in the flood. Zeke’s weird visions were cool and somehow people bought that whole Zombie Jesus thing. But what next?”

            Then the spend the whole night drinking whiskey and doing coke trying to come up with the next idea.

            Then John wanders in high off his ass saying “Listen, man! Tongue like a sword, man! Tongue! Sword! Dude, do you get it?”

          2. One comedian had a theory that God got drunk one night and started shouting down commands. Hey, Jews! Don’t eat pork! Etc.

          3. As good a theory as any. Probably better than most theories.

  10. You know what the really, really scary thing is? As much as we can see that Chick and people like him, and people like the Westboro Baptist so-called Church are hateful and not really Christian, God still loves them anyway.

    I think I’m going to have to have words with Him about that…

    1. I dunno, if there is a Hell, I’d think the WBC would be headin’ downstairs – so they can share their love there. They seem to think that’s where everyone will be . . .

      1. Well, they* always say that Hell has the best tunes, so at least we’ll have something good to listen to there!

        *This “they” is the standard “they” of the “man in the pub” sort of category, not a specific “they” such as Chick or WBC.

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