Alice vs. Some Mad Hatters

Hi, all. Your friendly neighborhood Alice is over at Senator Jason’s blog today. Learn about my strange encounter at the library – I mean stranger than usual!

Crimes Against Divinity

Today’s edition of Crimes Against Divinity comes to you courtesy of Alice from “Alice at Wonderland”, who hosted one of my Chick tract dissections yesterday.  If you haven’t already taken a look at her blog, get your ass over there.  The story below “… is about the day I encountered a bunch of religious nutters screaming about hellfire on our campus (where I work as a librarian).  They even gave me actual Chick Tracts.  Unreal.”

Clearly a logical choice to follow up a Chick dissection.  Enjoy.


It was just another one of your average, heart-stopping, exciting days at the library – until around noon when I noticed some of my coworkers staring outside. At first I thought they were just torturing themselves with the promise of freedom, but then one of them spoke up.

“Alice,” she said. “There’s a bunch of guys from some church out there shouting and…

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2 responses

  1. Hmmm …. I might want to take on the Global Warming tract at some point. I’ll have to finish up the rest in my queue first, though …

    1. That one is a doozy! I knew he hated Catholics and Jews and Islam and gays, etc, but I didn’t realize environmentalists fell into the evil category too. Of course most of them are lib’rals, like feminists with scary hairy legs and stuff. Hellbound all!

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