Alice Plays with Paint

Evil Squirrel was kind enough to give a detailed demonstration on how he draws his little cartoons in MS Paint and makes them look like something other than what a drunk four-year-old drew.  You might check it out.  I did a few experiments.  I’m still not quite satisfied with the detail I get, but I still feel some improvement.

Alice looks a bit heavy and like she maybe smoked a bit too much with the Caterpillar.  Maybe she's grown up Alice.

Alice looks a bit heavy and like she maybe smoked a bit too much with the Caterpillar. Maybe she’s grown up Alice.  Also I forgot her nose.

My second try.  I just started doodling and came up with this guy.  I call him King Narc, cause he looks like a royal twit.


King Narc?  I art King Fab-u-lous!

King Narc? I art King Fab-u-lous!

An artist friend once told me all my male figures looked gay.  He may have had a point.  Also he turned out to be gay later, so he would know.  I have more practice with girls, cause girls are prettier, duh.

Okay, now a self-portrait.  I’d like to rub some edge off those thighs, but I believe they are rather close to accurate.  My body seems to get non-proportionally bigger as you go down.

Yes, my expression usually looks like this, and my fashion sense is awesome.

Yes, my expression usually looks like this, and my fashion sense is awesome.

Okay, so no one can say I didn’t try.  Does this mean I’ll stop making my other stick peeps?  Don’t know.  They are easier – in some ways.  I’m still thinking of getting one of the graphics tablets, provided I can learn how to use one.  My technical skill leave some to be desired.  Good thing I write a humor blog.

Anyhoo, I thank Evil Squirrel for taking the time to detail his process for me.  That is far more than my Squirrel would do, as he is too busy racing at top notch speed into trees and knocking himself out.

Alice, I'm like on FIRE!

Alice, I’m like on FIRE!

Or setting himself on fire.  You just never know.  Thanks again, ES.  Squirrels rock.

29 responses

  1. That’s definitely more than I can do with Paint.

      1. I wish I could sustain an idea long enough to write a rockin’ novel like yours!

        1. You are very kind. And I have no doubt you could!

    1. I have a really old version of paint too – .0001 or something. But it was nice to learn those tips. Thanks. 😀

      1. lmao. Love it.

    2. Yep. Same here. I can manage stick figures with bug eyes and spray painted hair, but that’s about it.

      1. I’m going to have to open paint to see if I can even accomplish that. lol

  2. Woohoo! I love your people! I suck at drawing humans, which is why I got into the critters. The squirrel on fire is quite charming as well…

    If you keep at it, and you’ll be surprised at how good you can get at it! If I posted a progression of my artwork I’ve created over the 5 years I’ve been drawing in Paint, the crappiness of everything I drew in the first year or two would be very obvious…

    1. Yeah, it does take practice. I am used to working with pencil, so I feel a bit out of control with the brush. But the brush pixelated to one is infinitely better than the Paint pencil – that thing’s out of control.

      I do like your squirrels. Cute.

      1. It’d been so long since I’d used the pencil, I had to go back and try it. The control isn’t too bad for me, but it’s the cursor that totally throws me off. The best thing about the brush is that the cursor is exactly what your mark is going to look like, and exactly where it is going to be…

  3. Love your pictures! I’ll definitely check out the Squirrel’s blog to see how it’s done.
    I’m also considering buying a graphics tablet. Of course, it helps if one can draw in the first place 🙂
    But I think it’s time to take my DraliDoodles to the next level (colour) 😉

    1. Dralidoodles! I will have to check out your dralidoodles. I’m not sure if I have or not.

      1. It’s just the fancy name for the scribbles on many of my posts!

  4. Yes, I’d say the limp wrist on King Narc gives him a sterotypical gay pose. A Fairy Tale where all the male characters are gay…not a whole lot of dragon killing or thorn bush crashing to save damsels in distress – or without noses. Too fun…

    1. Yes – I noticed the limp wrist and went oh well, screw it. Too much trouble to change. I also tend to give them feminine faces and overall looks, so really I guess you would say more femmy than necessarily gay, if you want to be accurate. Yeah, I doubt he’d want to save my noseless Alice. He might muss up his hair.

  5. Your cartoon self looks like it could be inserted into a Scooby Doo cartoon. I like scooby Doo so consider that a compliment.

    1. In that case, thanks. I hope to look more like Daphne than Velma, but think more like Velma. Do you think Velma was a lesbian? A lot of people do – also that Fred was probably femmy. I mean, an ascot? Daphne was just a dumb twit but she had cute hair. And we all know Shaggy and Scooby were freaking stoned.

      1. I like the lesbians, so it’s OK… As far as the rest… Spot on.

  6. That is one hell of a lot better than I’ll ever do with any graphics program, unless they come out with one that does all that drawing shit for you.

    1. That would be convenient. I’d also like a word processor that processes all the words into a best-selling novel. Like it could take Twilight and mash it up and produce some sort of crap like 50 Shades – it was a best seller. Doesn’t have to be good.

  7. Dude, I suck at drawing, so you both kick ass..King Narc does look gay…love your self pic…

    1. Thanks! Good old King Narc – we do know a few, don’t we?

  8. They are great! Do we get a Sad Pony drawing next?

    1. My pony drawings are definitely sad.

  9. Could be a whole new brand/blog kingdom in there, you could call it Squirrel On Fire and go round stalking the blogosphere for clowns…

  10. I agree with Chris, your self-portrait it’s really good, and reminded of Velma with long hair of course.
    Your kind looks really gay indeed, like Tim Gunn (project runway).

    1. OMG, that guy is so awful. LIke, dude, you should not be telling other gals what to wear. Ugh. The snootiness of those fashion show people. Blech.

      But thank you for the, uh, Velma compliment?

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