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Mary Alice, 1950s professional housewife, answers more questions she totally made up – I mean that were submitted by other women. Learn about how to keep hubby and kids occupied for hours!

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Mary Alice is back again answering your questions – well, okay, she is answering questions from church friends because no one from the peanut gallery submitted a question yet!  So ask a question!  Uh, that is, if you don’t mind, dear heart.

Dear Mary Alice,

Ever since we bought one of those newfangled TVs, all my husband does is stare at that screen.  He even stares at it when all we get is static.  How can I get him to pay attention to me again?

Ignored in Indiana



Dear Ignored,

You are looking at this all wrong!  I have found the TV to be an excellent device for babysitting your husband.  While they are distracted, you can sit back and have a nice drink.  Of tea.  You can even use them as a prop to hold the baby.

Mary Alice


Dear Mary Alice,

I have three children…

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