Merbear and Alice Go With the Flow

Hi, ho, it’s Alice again. Merbear and I have decided to move our retro ads on over to our new blog, The Wonder Twins. Come check us out over there! Today’s topic? Tampons!  Comments closed here so you’ll come on over.

That Retro Blog

1954 Tampax Tampons Ad

Alice: I hate it when things “show” on “those days”!

Merbear: Stick a cork in me, and let’s go!  Don’t forget to grab the boogie board.

Alice:  Yeah, just don’t mention your “down there’ whatever you do!

Merbear:  Why, I am delighted. Thank you for asking, I am chafe-free!

Alice:  These tampons and bathing suits were made for each other!

Merbear:  A match made in menstruation heaven.  That straw hat is whack.

Alice: Totally, like it was designed by small Chinese children who work for one grain of rice and finally got pissed.

Merbear:  Trim your own hat, bitch.

The best thing is, the tampon is internal. Shhh. It’s a secret.

Alice:  Yes, internal, so it can’t be seen. You know, once it’s in place. It’s not internal before then.

Merbear:  External.

Alice: Bingo!

Merbear: In or out, for the laymanI don’t know about you Alice, but I…

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