Marlene makes peach cobbler

On our Wonder Twins blog, Marlene teaches us how to make peach cobbler. And so much more.

That Retro Blog

Marlenedomesticdiva My peach cobbler is anything but run of the mill.

If you want to know more about that sort of thing, just ask Mary Alice about her sex life.

My granny handed down this recipe to my mother. Before she ran off with the milkman, she gave it to me.

She said, “Marlene, I know you will cherish this recipe as much as I did, before I decided that life is much too short to waste washing laundry and ironing your fathers trousers.”

To this day, I can’t look a dairy cow in the eye.

In order to make such a delectable peach cobbler, you need to start off with the best ingredients your husbands income can afford. Luckily for me, I am able to purchase fresh, pink, juicy peaches from the grocery store.

The produce man knows just how I like them. Firm and taut, with just a hint…

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