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Mary Alice answers YOUR burning questions with her usual 1950’s sensibility. Check it out on The Wonder Twins.

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I am back to answer your questions.  I apologize for my absence, but my dear husband Bob needed someone to do every single thing for him.  Every. Single. Thing.  Not that I mind, of course, it is my duty and I just love every second of it!  But let’s get to it!

Deer Mary Alice,
The Queen is spending all of her waking moments, and most of her sleepy moments as well, with the little prince. What can I do to get her to pay attention to me again?
Forgotten Jester

Dear Forgotten Jester,

First of all, continuing to call your wife “the Queen” should make her very happy.  I recommend a nanny to watch the little prince.  Also a maid would be helpful.  Ever so helpful.  She will do anything you want after that, even that one thing!  Bob, dear, are you reading?

Mary Alice

Dear Mary Alice,


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