Marlene talks about Mary Alice

Marlene is dissing Mary Alice today. Check out what that harlot has to say and get back to me.

That Retro Blog

MarlenedomesticdivaEvery girl needs a best girlfriend.

I remember the first time I met Mary Alice. She was playing in the sandbox and had the only bucket. I needed it so I pushed her down.

My daddy always told me I could have anything I wanted.

We have been like peas and carrots ever since. We even married our high school sweethearts, who were also best friends.

Oh, we have all known each other for so very long now.

So very long.

To liven things up, sometimes we throw dinner parties. We send the little ankle biters off to bed and Mary Alice brings her marvelous rum cake, though I swear it barely tastes like it has any rum at all. It makes me wonder if she is a lush, but you didn’t hear that from me.

I whip up something special, usually a tender brisket or some such thing. Mr Howell…

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