Goofy 80s: Oh, Boy George!

No, I didn’t forget a comma.  I’m talking about 80’s icon, Boy George.  When I was a little kid, he was a hot topic of conversation.  Like the brilliant joke about the three bathrooms: Boy, Girl, Boy George.  There was a glam movement in the 80’s, when men wore makeup, punk or long hair, feminine (or just plain ugly) clothes, etc.  I’m not sure why.  I am a woman and expected to wear makeup, for instance, and I find it annoying.  Same with bras.  Why would you want one if you didn’t need the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder? (I am truly channeling elementary school here.)  But back to George.  He was part of a group called “The Culture Club” which, speaking of school, sounds like something they made you join for a foreign languages credit.

Reminds me of some of my family portraits.

Reminds me of some of my family portraits.

Anyway, this was the perfect time for our Boy George to emerge from his . . . saucer?  I dunno.  Today I bring you one of his videos, which is remarkable for the aesthetic value . . . pfft, not really.  His videos are goofy as heck.  And in the case of this one, so irritating I want to put a wine screw through my ear.

What video could I be talking about?  Well it’s this video is of his oh so entertaining song “Do you really want to hurt me?” in which Boy George whines “do you really want to hurt me?” roughly 5,000 times.  YES.  Yes, Boy George, I really want to hurt you.  I really want to make you cry.  Please quit singing that over and over.

I side with Angry Cat.

I side with Angry Cat.

If you thought the song was annoying, then you should really check out the video.  It’s annoying too, but also goofy and mildly hilarious. We start in an old-time British court room complete with judge in wig, except it’s not exactly your average courtroom.  First off we have a crew of black gospel singing ladies swaying back and forth in one booth.  Then in another booth we have, I swear I am not  making this up, a bunch of people in black face wearing glittery hats and also swaying back and forth.  Clearly Boy George is being tried for making such a tasteless video.  But we’ve only just begun, folks.

He puts on his sparkly sunglasses and suddenly the video says we are in “The Gargoyle Club, Soho, 1936”.  Oh, goody, a history lesson with this goofy dork.  I can’t wait.  Boy George wears a really rockin’ sweat suit that’s clearly been bedazzled with something, possibly a bouquet of roses, I’m not sure.  He also wears his signature black hat that one of my children comments looks Amish.  Yeah.  Boy George.  Amish written all over that guy.  Especially with that . . . that hair.  I think it’s hair.  He begins to dance around the club, and wow, his dance moves are so awesome I’m pretty sure I could do them while drunk.  He sways back and forth, shaking his hips and doing this funny little twirl while he minces around the room.  At this point, I can’t imagine ANYONE who doesn’t want to hurt him.

Boy George channeling Raggedy Ann.

Boy George channeling Raggedy Ann.

The guests are bizarre, but still stare at Boy George like the weirdo he is, and he is yanked away by . . . some guys.  The fashion police, possibly.  Then we start flipping back and forth.  We’re in the courtroom.  Now, oh oh, flashback glasses, we’re at a pool.  Once again, the video informs us we are at “The Dolphin Square Health Club, 1957”.  Sure we are.  George walks out of the pool and starts his little dancing jig again, where people stare in horror, naturally.  Check out 2:08 where George adds a little hop to his dance steps.  Genius.

Two more members of the fashion police attempt to grab him, but no dice, George disappears and we’re . . . back in the courtroom!  Yay!   Everyone is getting down except the judge, who is all mad.  George is arrested, charged no doubt with breaking all laws of good taste, and tossed in a jail cell.  Now he IS sadfaced.  And still singing.  The gospel ladies show up at the door, grovin’ on down, and George walks out of his cell which apparently was . . . unlocked?  Come ON, judge, you should have kept him locked up at least until the 1990’s.

Why are they all picking on meeeee?  Do they want to make me cry?

Why are they all picking on meeeee? Do they want to make me cry?

Finally he emerges out on a stairwell, dances a bit more, and The End is mercifully plastered across the screen.  And I just – wtf was that about?  I have no idea.  Why did Boy George choose a courtroom with blackface people?  Why did he go to two historical places and freak people out?  Why did he then come back?  Why was he wearing a craft project?  And why, at some point, does no one in the video actually HURT HIM because I’m sorry, he’s asking for it.

Well here’s the video for your own viewing pleasure.  Did I miss something?  Can you tell what it’s about?  Is there a song / video that you’d like me to make fun of review?  Please tell me in the comments below.

38 responses

  1. I’ll just take your word for it that the video sucks because…Boy George. But I do side with Grumpy Cat here. Someone should definitely hurt him.

    1. Exactly. I was so happy to find Grumpy Cat in agreement. He is my hero.

      1. Mine, too. He should write a self help book.

        1. That is a fantastic idea!!

          1. Um…. “Indeed.” 😀

          2. I’m just so happy it is Friday.
            I’m also happy we aren’t in the 80’s anymore.

  2. As much as I love all things having to do with the 80s, Boy George is one of the biggest exceptions. I think my dislike can be traced back to this song,even without the video.

    1. I’m with you there. I’d never seen the video until recently and I hated the song LOOOONG before then.

  3. I was never a fan of Boy George, though I did think the dude on the left was hawt. Yes, I would hurt him alright. Oh, yes.

    1. Guy on the left’s not bad, even with Hawaiian shirt. And beside poor George, anyone looks pretty good. Sing it one more time, and huuuuuuurtys are a ‘comin, Boy Georgie.

  4. Please don’t hurt me – but my mom was a fan of this …ahhhmm… lifeform named Boy George. She also wore the Raggedy-Anne-Hairstyle. But only for ONE day, then the school called her momma for picking her up, because of “improperly habit”. She got grounding – and that hurt. Really :o)

    1. Ha! I can actually tolerate his karma chameleon although that video is pretty whack too. Karma, karma, karma, karma karmachameleonnnnn . . . .

      1. With a distance of some years (ok 30 years! wow really!)
        she can’t believe that she was a fan of this guy and why she colored her hair that she was looking like the Duracell Battery with the copperhead :o)

  5. Shovel Dancing – it’s all about the shovel dancing. Not a Boy George fan, but I wanted his bangs when I was 16.

    1. He does have some bitchin’ eyeliner.

  6. What the hell did you make me do? I pushed the play button. Dear god. Help me. Time has not improved that song. KILL IT!

    1. Kill it dead, deeeeead! I thought I sprayed for that video, too.

  7. Awww, how can one live and love the 80’s and want to hurt Boy George? I love this song, and as for the video…. like a lot of stuff from the early MTV era, it was just total non sequitur stuff! That’s what made 80’s music videos so cool, the total irrelevance they seemed to have to the song itself! Karma Chameleon has nothing to do with riverboat gambling, yet the classic video for that song is epic! And even when Boy George managed to make his videos somewhat match the theme of his songs, the references were utterly ridiculous… I can’t possibly identify the most awesome component of his video for The War Song, but I’ll go with all the kids dressed up as skeletons parading and waving their hands in the air like they don’t care at the end…

    1. I DO love the early MTV era. I miss the music videos. I mean, it’s called MUSIC TV yet do we ever see those anymore? Nope. I only find them randomly on youtube. Bring back the videos! They were goofy as hell but fun!

      I do not like that song. But I admit I kind of like karmachameleon – it’s so catchy. And the riverboat one at least made a little more sense . . . I will have to watch this latest one soon.

  8. I was never a Boy George fan, but his costume and make-up epitomizes the 80s as much as it pains me to say. How I ever survived that decade is a mystery…

    1. I never thought about it, but he really does epitomize that decade. The decade of strange. There was some really good music, though, for the most part. (And a few “hurt mees.”

  9. I literally spit my diet pepsi out,,,in class when I read “why was he wearing a craft project”!!! (i’m a super great student eh?)
    Maybe those black people were family members of the guy in the middle??? And why do the coloured people have mr bojangle paint on there face,,,??
    Seriously,,the best part is the sparkly disco balls in the reflection of his glasses.
    Whatever drug the person was on when they decided on the theme of this video,,I want some.

    1. Why is a good question for this video. Just – whyyy?

  10. The Hebrew writing on Boy George’s sweatshirt can be translated, “Please put me out of my misery.”

    1. That answers so many questions for me.

  11. Yes, I really want to hurt him, yes, I really wanna make him cry – if that’s want it takes to get him to sing the The Crying Game instead (, which is one of my favorite songs ever.

  12. Ah, you’ve brought the 80s back to life for me! Did you see how you got a glimpse of Mr George’s next destination reflected in his glasses each time? Genius, that video director. I expect he went on to have a very successful career in the film industry.
    The pool scene could’ve done with more ladies in bikinis, but still.

    Am I being sarcastic? You decide.

    1. Well, if nothing else, he got to direct Geena Davis, Damon Wayans, Jeff Goldblum, and Jim Carrey. That’s a pretty epic list of actors, even if none of them were very big at the time.

      Ugh. My inner movie geek is seeping out again, sorry.

      1. I HAD wondered what else he did. That’s nice. He may have been a great guy in person, but that particular video and song – egads!

  13. Adam Ant trounced Boy George in cool points. If they gave those out. Which they don’t. So never mind.

    1. Adam Ant . . . wait, what did he do again? I’m too lazy to Google . . .

      1. He had a couple of hits in the US and was huge in Britain at the same time as Boy George. His outfits were very ‘piratey’. We had a little bar that we went to on the weekends in college in Southern Virginia and they had two contests – Boy George look-alike and Adam Ant look-alike. I won neither.

  14. One of my earliest memories is being in my aunt & uncle’s car* listening to “Karma Chameleon” on the radio.

    *read clapped out old banger that was probably beige.

    I saw Boy George in concert in 1999, in Birmingham (the real one, not the one in Alabama). He was supported bya girl band/duo whose name I’ve completely forgotten but remember enjoying back in the day Heaven Seventeen (who of course sang “Temptation”) and Belinda Carlisle. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. He didn’t sing “Do you really want to hurt me”, probably because he didn’t want people to throw things at the stage!!

  15. Sure Mabye his music was not your’e Cup of tea Or the videos Not the best but why would you want to hurt him He is still a person just like any of us, I was not Around in the 80’s But Now i know him and his music The music he makes is better than the music these day’s.. Well i think, Along with david bowie, Queen etc. there music was real unlike some music you find now days By people who just want to get rich. Im not telling any one to change What you think im telling you how i think, And im telling you that there better than alot of people Mabye even you In.. “Some ways” Good bye

    1. Thanks for giving your opinion. I agree that 80s music, which I was around for, is much better than a lot of music today. I do not really want to hurt him, I just find that particular song grating. So does Grumpy Cat.

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