Sparkly Announcement!

Hey, Good News, Sparkleponies!  I have decided to extend the deadline of the Sparklepony contest for a few reasons.  1) Peeps be busy. 2) I want to give everybody a chance.  3) I’ve only gotten in one entry so far.  4) Some of you have no idea wtf I am talking about but now you DO!  It’s about this, folks.

You could win THIS sparklepony ooooh look at the shiny glitter!  You wants it, yes?

You could win THIS sparklepony ooooh look at the shiny glitter! You wants it, yes?

You know you wants it.  It is your preciousssssss.  All you have to do, if you’ll remember, is write an obnoxious post acting like you are Sparky the won-der blog-ger!  If you need ideas, just watch me.  I’m obnoxious quite a lot.  You knew that?  Shut up.

Anyhoo, for all you speshul peeps out there, I am extending the deadline for the contest till September 30th.  That’s right, more time to procrastinate – I mean, to get to work!  You cannot let that jester djmatticus win so easily!  Not when a poneh is on the line!

(this message brought to you by Alice, who might have snorted too much glue whilst glittering this plastic pony.  Please humor her.)

26 responses

  1. It’s pointless, for poneh is all mine, bwhahahahaha!

    1. Bwahahahahaha, can’t wait for your post. It be deadly, WT.

  2. I finished my entry and will post it tomorrow, I want those spanking pony award :o)

  3. I haven’t forgotten, but now that all my regular weekly features are out of the way, it’s time to do my best to be obnoxious…. obnoxiouser than usual anyway….

    1. This is going to be awesome.

    2. This should be good…

      1. Well, other than the plagiarism idea I already spoiled, I haven’t come up with any others yet. I need to beat my head against the wall a few hundred times for some inspiration…

        1. Sparkleponey is mine ES, so beat your head as much as you want…

  4. Sweet! I’m all for procrastination!

  5. I read this post later.

    1. You suck! Bwhahahha!

  6. I’m planning on posting my entry tomorrow! Though now I have so much time I may put it off a few weeks 😉
    No, tomorrow. I don’t want to miss my chance to win da awesomesauce poneh 🙂

    Or the next day, latest.

    1. Oooh soon I hope. Break a leg (or chew off, or whatever the saying is these days)!

  7. I was gonna write an obnoxious post about procrastinat…fuck it…later…whatever…

    1. Later till September 30th. Poneh. Don’t procrastinate when there are ponehs on the line!

  8. I want the freaking pony! And since I have the obnoxious gene, you bitches are going down! (was that too strong?)

    1. No, that was just perfect. Fight, fight, fight!

  9. Um, we here in the Kingdom object to the extension and declare ourselves victorious by default! We demand immediate delivery of our prize or we will send our people to deal with your people. That won’t be pretty… don’t let it get to that. You’ve. Been. Warned.

    1. Uh oh, guys, look out. There’s a . . . a . . . jester and his feet are JINGLING!

      1. Beware the jingling feet! BEWARE!
        You’ve been warned…

  10. Yeah, I still keep reading it as Spanky. I’ll pass, ta. 😉

    1. Spanky works as well. It annoys the Sparky. I sense unrest between him and Sad Pony and Squirrel.

      1. Well, if Sad Pony & Squirrel join forces I’m sure they can beat him up and banish him. I’m totally on the side of Sad Pony & Squirrel in this case, and would even be prepared to provide them with an alibi should one be required.

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