Mary Alice’s How to Have the Perfect Home and Family

Mary Alice shows us how to have the perfect home and family on The Wonder Twins.

That Retro Blog

Today Mary Alice is taking us on a tour of her home and introducing us to her family.  We also switched her coffee when she wasn’t looking with Folger’s.  We’ll see what happens.

Hello, I’m Mrs. Mary Alice Johnson, wife of Bob Johnson.  He works at that tall office building south of the elementary school and he . . . well he . . . actually I’m not certain what he does for a living, but he brings home the bacon and supports our family.  Truly, we are his pride and joy.  Well, after he’s had a good game of golf.  And some time at the television . . . that television . . .

Oh where was I?  Yes, Bob is my knight in shining armor, so it is only fitting that I keep his castle spotless and shining as well!  I truly enjoy cleaning.  Jesus loves clean people…

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