Marlene talks about following your dreams

Marlene follows her dream. Marlene’s standards are, well, check it out . . .

That Retro Blog


A girl should always follow her dreams.

I will share a secret with you. The summer after I graduated from high school, I ran away from home. I had saved my babysitting money from watching those dreadful little Johnson children, watching every penny.

Lets face it. I had the look and still have a great can.

I wanted to be a movie star, like Joan Crawford. So I bought a ticket to Hollywood and got a job at a very nice establishment.


I met an older woman who showed me the ropes.

I wonder whatever happened to poor Lola. She was the best damn showgirl I ever knew.

Anyways, she told me I needed to pick a stage name. I hadn’t thought of this before. I loved my name, it always suited me perfectly. Eventually, I asked dear Lola to choose one for me.

“Sherry Poppins!”

What’s that Mary Alice?…

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