The Sparkly Home Stretch


I am totally gansta.

Yo, Homies, Sparkleponies, whazzup in de hood yo fo shizzle?  Sparky here.  I have no idea what I’m saying, but yo, I am so cool.  Alice asked me to write this post here reminding you, AGAIN, that she has that contest in which you, if you dare, get to try to be as awesomesauce as I am.  Good luck with that one!

We’re in the home stretch now, down to the wire, end of the line, insert metaphor here.   In case you lost your Lol Cats calendar, today is Wednesday, September 25th, and that means you have less than five days (wait, let me count) yeah four days to get your entries in!  On Monday, September 30th, Alice will announce the winner, who will receive this incredible sparkly prize – THE SPARKLEPONY!!!

Ooooh.  Aaaaah.  WTF?

Ooooh. Aaaaah. WTF?

Once more, I will give you our contestants and LINK DROP so you can see their posts.  Each of these guys is a real contender and totally deserving of that poneh – but the winner?  There can be only ONE, dun dun dunnnnn.

djmatticus (our first brave contestant)






Miss Four Eyes

You’re not going to let these guys win it, are you?  I mean, Alice even added some raccoon sticker in with the fabulous sparkly amazing pony award.  But that’s not all.  She’ll even throw in packing paper, you peeps.  This is THE contest that can’t be missed, this is the SHIZ!

See you all on Monday, September 30, when we announce the WINNERS of my awesome contest!  I have such great plans for you, bwahahahaha, I mean, see you then!

– The Sparkster

74 responses

    1. It’s mine, all mine! My precious… er, um… poneh.

      1. I am impressed with your enthusiasm. Somewhat disturbed perhaps, but undeniably impressed.

        1. Then my job is done. I expect the sparkle poneh to be in my possession by sundown on the 30th…

      2. You can have it. I don’t do bedazzled stuph. I just wanted to say…PONEH!

          1. Proud father of three boys here. No bedazzling. At least, until Baby E gets a little older. I’m sure Uncle Twindaddy will have to bedazzle some stuph at that point.

          2. Haha, it’s never too soon to start bedazzling things as part of your Uncle duties!

          3. You’re probably right.

  1. It was funny to read all the posts again, but now I’m pondering how I can tag ONE BILLION people hahaha

      1. better not, the first time I was soooo proud that I got “friends” from allover the world – I had no clue that that were only the common”friend-haunters” :o)

  2. Ooh, the excitement mounts, not long now 🙂

  3. I cannot hope to rise to the caliber of these contestants, so I will just post comments and hope I get the Sparkly Equine out of pity 🙂

    1. A pity poneh? Hmm… well, I guess that’s one way to do it… it’s the wrong way, but hey, we can’t all be super awesomesauceness like me! 😉

      1. I am sad that I am not super awesomesaucy. 😦

        1. Heehee, you are, you are! Definitely. (But the poneh is mine!) You do super awesomesaucy things with your nails and with music and with lots of other things!

          1. You aren’t helping my case to appear pitiful and win out of sympathy, DJ.

            (and thank you)

          2. Oh, right!
            Sorry. I forgot the game plan… it’s hard to stay up with all my awesomesauce goings on.
            Please disregard all of my previous comments.

    2. Pity ponehs – that’s an interesting idea.

  4. Me me me me me!!!

    1. *ahem* Are you tuning up to start singing?

      1. Maybe. *Ahem*

        1. Well, it was all I could come up with, since we all know the sparkly poneh is mine.

          1. Aw, ain’t you sweet? Don’t stop believin’.

          2. Sweets got nothing to do with it! But, yes, yes I am. Thanks for noticing. 😀

          3. Hard not to notice!! Wait, you are my rival!! Ick ick!! Shoo shoo!!! 😉

          4. You dare shoo me?!?!?!!
            I’m not just some pants wearing light bulb you can dispose of so easily. This means war!

          5. Whatever you do, don’t make me spit my coffee!! Please, I beg of you, anything but that!

          6. pfft
            Then I just have to buy you a cup of coffee again, and neither of us wants that.

          7. No. I will back off. You are far too superior, oh sparkly one.

          8. Hmm, here’s a thought. If I win (when I win) the sparkle poneh… will the sparkle rub off on me, and will I then have to worry about Revis mistaking me for a sparkly vampire and killing me in our quest to save the Kingdom…? Eek!

          9. yes, that sparkle shit doesn’t wash off with just any old soap and water. You need special soap. I think you should just let me have poneh and save yourself from a stake in the heart.

          10. Forfeit for self preservation reasons? Hmm, I could agree to that as long as whoever “wins” acknowledges that I’m all that is awesomesauce and they are only “winning” because I backed out…
            Nah, that’s silly. I could take Revis… even if he is a rogue ninja zombie killing knight… that doesn’t impress me.

          11. You are indeed all awesomesauce plus a bag of chips.

          12. OoO! Yum, chips! Chips and awesomesauce together at last.

          13. Mer needs a snack now.

          14. Might I recommend some vintage awesomesacue and a nice bag of ruffles?

          15. Wait, are you killing sparkly vampires in your story? Where? Where?

          16. Chapter 1 saw the demise of a sparkly vampire.

          17. So you and revis are writing this together? Sounds like fun! I write fiction too. Some with vampires. The non-sparkly kind.

          18. Link Drop ( I recently wrote a non-sparkly vampire piece too. 😉

          19. Lol. I have my own private blog for my fiction. I am too scaredy-cat to share with many people.

          20. Oh! Don’t be a scaredy cat! You’re a talented writer, I want to read your stories!!!

          21. Thank you. I’m writing a longer one – I only have part one done so far.

          22. Fun. That’s awesome. I hope to read it some day… are you thinking about trying to get it published when it’s finished?
            My labor of love – a fantasy epic – has been sitting on my hard drive for just over a year now… it’s been edited, it’s been peer edited, it’s been revised… it’s waiting for me to stop being lazy and figure out how to submit it to get published.

          23. Have you thought of self-publishing? It seems so hard to get published otherwise these days. Unless you’re an idiot that writes insipid crap copied off of other insipid crap (helllooo E.L. James)

          24. I have…
            And I’m part of a project that is getting self published later this year (Misha Burnet’s Fauxpocolypse anthology – if you’ve seen it mentioned around the blogosphere), so I may see how that turns out with self advertising and promotions to boost sales and make a decision off that.
            I’m still holding out for a good old fashioned publishing company to want to sign me and pay me lots of money to write my non-sense…

          25. I also have a fantasy series of books – none complete enough to try for publishing, all gone through tons of revisions . . . it’s been years since I’ve really looked at it – not even sure I can still FIND it all . . . I did use one of them as my thesis – creative thesis, wooot.

  5. Winners? I thought there was only one… but, it matters not, for I am the winner!!! Nobody else needs to bother entering because I owns thiz, that poneh is mine!!!!

    1. You forgot the bruwahahahaha.

      1. Why would I evil laugh about my own demise? Honestly… that’s just weird.

        1. You just answered your own question.

          1. Hah! You are trying to trick me with your wordy-words. It won’t work. I own all of them too. Words and ponehs are my domain! Muahahahahahahahaha. (See, that was a perfect place for the evil laught.)

          2. Nicely played.

          3. Can’t trick a trickster.
            Silly merry, tricks are for jesters…

          4. When will I ever learn! 🙂

        1. Hey there Wonder Twin!!

    2. Sparky would be so proud! I should have you know, though, that I will win UndercoverL’s contest so you can quit trying now.

      1. When I found out that the winner is based solely on “likes” and not on content, I gave up on winning that particular content. 😛

        1. Aw, but lots of peeps LIKE you.

          1. It’s true, I know it, but… they don’t all click that all important “like” button. *sad face*

          2. I will click your like button if you click mine . . . that sounded weird.

          3. Hahahaha, I’m pretty sure we already did…

  6. Well, this is certainly one of the more interesting comment threads I’ve ever read.

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