The Love Rug

Merbear and I tackle another retro ad – this one about a love rug. No, really.

That Retro Blog

Alice: Is that Hasselhoff??

Merbear: I don’t think so.

Alice: Looks like him, what a douche.

Merbear: He has an afro.

Alice: It’s like having another lover!

Merbear: It strokes as you stroke.

Alice: He is so steamy!

Merbear: I want two lovers.

I love you Love Rug.

Alice: Me too, I want that sensuous furry feel like I get from my husband.

Merbear: I just want that rug, man.

Alice: Do him on the rug, then you can have a three way.

Merbear: Mink. Ah, hell yeah.

Alice: Jaguar – rarrrr!

Merbear: I want to get my fingers caught in his fro.

Alice: That dude on the rug, he looks like a serial killer.

Merbear: Who cares, I bet he thrusts just wonderful, thanks to Love Rug.

Alice: Is it his fro or the rug, I can’t tell.

Merbear: Same material?

Alice: I want fibers caressing my butt cheeks.

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