Mary Alice and Her Hoover

Mary Alice sucks it up on the Wonder Twins.

That Retro Blog

My Bob is the most generous man.  He only buys the best for me.  Last Christmas, for instance, he got me a Hoover, not some old crummy vacuum like Marlene has.  No, a Hoover is what every woman aspires to for the ultimate cleanliness in her home.  Bob said he liked that it had a good rack on it.

And it does!  This mighty Hoover comes with so many attachments, not to mention a strong hose that reaches a few feet!  When I unwrapped my present I immediately put it to use.  I vacuumed for hours.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  What incredible suction power!  It helps to do the same room several times, just to make sure.  Really put your back into it and push hard.

I had my best friend Marlene come over and ooh and ah over my new gift with me.  She…

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