Marlene is smoking

Marlene has a nasty habit. No, not that one, cigarettes.

That Retro Blog


There is nothing better than a cigarette.

Hmm, there it is.

I remember my first drag, it was so smooth and mellow. So satisfying. I held it deep within and then blew it out slowly.

It had a rich, bold taste.

Mary Alice tried smoking when we were younger, but found them to be dirty and disgusting for some reason. I could never understand why.

The thing I love about cigarettes is the variety. If you had the inclination, why, you wouldn’t have to smoke the same one twice!

I found that many of them gave me a little tickle nearby my tonsils.

With Luckies, I rarely coughed and noticed my gag reflex had became virtually non-exist.

That was until I saw him.

Um…oh dear. My pantyhose have become quite constricting all of a sudden.

So anyways, ever since I switched to Camels, each day has been full of greater smoking…

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