The other post was a downer, but I’m feeling better today, cause, Friday.  So I thought I’d share a little horror joy with you guyz with some fun videos!  First up is a holiday favorite, cause you can’t celebrate Christmas too early, can you?   The joy and cheer of shopping till you cry, awful family reunions, and of course, nuclear meltdown.

Next up, because everyone was so excited about “Every Breath You Take” in the last video review post, I decided to post the video of that little romantic ballad about stalking.  And to think he wrote this before stalking became so dreamy in the Twilight series!  A man before his time, Sting.

Okay, and finally, since this IS Friday after all, let’s look at the cute little girl who tried to ruin it all.  Don’t worry, this is the literal version of this little twit’s prodigy’s video, so it is infinitely more bearable.  It’s FRI-DAY, FRI-DAY, you guyz!

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these videos, except the Sting one because he is totally my boyfriend and we are in lurrve so he let me film it even though I think I was in third grade when this song came out.

16 responses

  1. I LOVE Christmas At Ground Zero. One of the best Christmas songs evah!

    1. Definitely! Duck and Cover with your Yuletide Lover!

      1. I recall using this one caroling. Or maybe just to annoy my parents.

  2. Thanks for the earworm…it’s Friday Friday..gonna get laid on Friday..maybe.

  3. Ah, The Police. Forget Sting…I have such a crush on Stewart Copeland. 🙂

  4. The last video is my personally “nuclear meltdown” :o) I like Sting and I’m so happy that you are so much in “lurrve”. Have a super great friday and a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, I think I shall, saying there is no nuclear meltdown in the forecast.

  5. Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it is appropriate to start talking about Christmas.

    1. Why not? They already have decorations in EVERY SINGLE STORE.

      1. Not true! We don’t have them out at my store quite yet, but they are lurking in the back, just waiting to ambush unsuspecting customers within the next week or so…

  6. You were very talented with your film skills back in 3rd grade… impressive. 😉

    1. Why thank you. It was tough to choose between that and my thrilling library job.

  7. We both posted a Weird Al video on the same day! YAY!

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