10 Reasons why I am not participating in Nanowriblawhatever

(FYI: Nanowhatever is the post-a-day blog month that is for people too lazy to do nanowrimo which is write a novel in a month month, but I am too lazy to do either.)

1. I not the brain have to form posts many that.

2. No one wants 30 pics of Squirrel.



3. I do not have a maniacal puppet assistant like Speaker 7 (who is doing the nanowhatever thing).

4. Sad Pony and his big pony butt.

Reports about me have been greatly exaggerated.  I thought Alice was a pillow.

Reports about me have been greatly exaggerated. I thought Alice was a pillow.

5. Effort?

6. I have Things that ask for food and stuff.

7. I might miss an episode of Extreme Cheapskates and not know that I can share dental floss with my husband to save big bucks.

8. What number am I on?

9. Miley Cyrus.

10. My spambots could not keep up with me.

I think that about covers it.  Anyone out there trying for the post a day in November? 

50 responses

  1. “I not the brain have to form posts many that.”

    Fucking brilliant.

    1. Thanks, WT! I feed off your brilliantness.

      1. Aw..damn it. lol…you know I hate compliments!!!

  2. No way Jose! I think I did it before, but it must’ve eaten my brain because I can’t remember it.

    1. I tried it but gave up at one point I think. My thinker hurts.

  3. “10 reasons”?… I really got into your head now, didn’t I? 🙂
    By the way, if you had posted the list items separately, you’d be covered until the 10th of the month. If you add 20 more reasons, you will win this NaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaMo

    1. I was super impressed I could come up with ten. I could totally do a post on your blog. Wait I’d have to come up with another ten somethings . . .

      1. If you do come up with another, you’re always welcome to take revenge for my guest posting on your blog.

  4. I try to, although I am afraid it will be a lot of squirrel-like pictures too 😉 But I’m doing the nanowrimomomomommmmoo thingy as well, and I just like to do silly things like writing too much and stuff 😉

    1. I will have to check out your daily posts. You’re welcome to borrow Squirrel if you want.

      1. I think I will have Tigger and some other stuffies to post before I borrow Squirrel 😉

  5. 30 pictures of Squirrel would be awesome! I think I’ll start NanoSquirroBloMeDooWopDiddyMo….

  6. I usually do good to remember to put on clean drawers, matching shoes, and not drop the F bomb in front of the people who sign my check.

    1. ME TOO. I was so happy I remembered the clean drawers today, and I’m sure my coworkers were too.

  7. The first three posts could be great, but after taht, I’d only write on how boring I am and how I don’t know what to write. It’s a no-go for me…

    1. Blog posts about not knowing what to blog are 85 percent of the posts on WP. This is my unscientific conclusion.

      1. Haha, yeah, I’m afraid that could be true! I’d rather write nothing for a week than just writing something because it’s been so long since my last post.
        Inspiration isn’t something you can force upon someone, let alone yourself.
        But that’s but my opinion.

  8. I normally try to post once a day, but I’m afraid if I committed to it some shit would happen to prevent me from doing it. So maybe if I manage to do it I’ll grab a badge afterward. Does that count?

    1. Yeah, exactly, it’s like daring fate to smack you with something. I say grab the badge whenever you want – copy/paste.

      1. I could just reblog all month. I have enough posts to do that…

        Reblog November!!

        1. Hey, me too. Reframe it in a good way – if you haven’t read this post it’s new to you! wooot.

          1. Indeed. My regift to you, from when no one read me.

          2. Oh I have TONS of those posts.

  9. 30 Shades of Squirrel?

    1. I like it. I think that would make a much better book since most Squirrels arguably have more brain power than either Christian or Ana.

  10. 10 Reasons Why I Love This Blog:

    1. Alice always keeps it real.

    2. Alice makes me laugh ’til I pee my britches.

    3. The squirrels are always in the tree instead of running underneath my tire.

    4. Alice’s party guests leave the best comments ever.

    5. Sad pony is usually here to remind me I never had a pony when I was little. What 6-yr.-old wants to clean up pony shit all day??

    6. Alice reminds me that we’re all human – even the superbeings who participate in nanowriblo-whats-its.

    7. Alice’s blog is NOT a list of lists, so I DON’T HAVE TO COME UP WITH ANOTHER 3 REASONS! OKAY?!

    1. Awww, Judah, my own top ten list! Thank you, that made my day!

  11. I read your post 10 minutes after joined in nanothingy … I have a super timing LOL

    1. I actually feel a little sad that I don’t get a pepper now.

  12. Yeah, doing a post every day in November is insane. I traditionally do that in December instead. But the good news for you is that it will mean another G.I.Joe review next month.

  13. I’m thinking about doing it, but only because I’m a masochist and have an addictive personality.

    1. Me too. I’m actually kind of surprised I didn’t for those reasons.

  14. It seems to me that your brain is smart.

    1. So far. Good to read more of your posts, though.

  15. Trailed over from speaker7. Made me laugh a lot but, unfortunately, I’m on my commuter bus and now everybody is looking at me as if I blew a memory chip or something.

    1. I like it when I make people laugh. I have to be careful of that when I read other peoples’ blogs at work!

  16. I’m doing the post a day thingy to prove I can, which means I’ll probably get to day 15 and forget I was doing it.

    1. I tried it last year got to a point and went screw it!

  17. I haven’t posted since the end of August. I can’t even manage a post a month, never mind a post a day. So I’ll just try and do one post this month, rather than spamming people out!

    1. That’s what I’m afraid of – with the really “cool” bloggers people will be all YAY more posts but there might be a limit on your Alice intake.

      1. Alice, to me, you are really cool.

  18. Haha great! But I’ll take part in NanoWrimo and I won’t complete it but I’ll still take part! 😉

    1. I did nanowrimo 3 times – won twice. Can’t say they were masterpieces, or even pieces necessarily but hey.

  19. I can barely write 30 words a month – much less 30 blogs in a month. What exactly is the point of those kind of things? It’s like Movember for moustaches or the stupid Boston Red Sox with their beards.

    1. Yeah, wtf does a mustache have to do with November or prostate cancer? And why put Mo in front of it? And why highlight one Cancer? Isn’t all of it bad? Weird. Also weird, this strange craze of putting mustaches on everything whether it’s November or not . . .

  20. I NaNoWriMo because the words make me wri mo. If I didn’t, they’d build up in my head until it exploded, and then I would be no mo.

    1. You is a poet and dont’ know it yo.

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