Post? What Post?

This post is hereby dedicated to all the posts I forgot to do.  The ideas I said I’d surely continue but never did.  I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this, but about the only ‘series’ I have actually finished is 50 Shades.  That’s a bit sad.  I’m not sure if I have ADD – but I do know I have CRC (can’t remember crap).  Fortunately, either my readers also have CRC or they just don’t care if I finish or not.  But just for the heck of it, I thought I’d bring up the number of ideas I had and then abandoned.  Thanks to this guy.

What'd I do?  Huh?  Got any nuts?

What’d I do? Huh? Got any nuts?

I started with this October and worked my way backwards, cause that’s how I roll.  Backwards.  Anyway, I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I never did go back and finish the movie recap of this little gem:

I just know you're on the edge of your seat waiting.

I just know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting.

Oddly enough, I have not heard any clamor for, hey, Alice, you only did the first like 15 minutes of this movie!  We really want to see more!  Like more of Jeremy Irons and his No Good, Very Bad Day.

Why, Jeremy, why?

Why, Jeremy, why?

But that’s not all!  Surely you guys remember . . .



My little creation from the disturbed computer game The Sims 2.  haven’t tortured this guy in AGES.  My kids have been most disappointed because I am apparently raising them to be virtual killing machines.  Anyway, I do intend to get back to Boppo eventually, but I got distracted by a little side project that I think you might enjoy even more.  Here’s a sneak peek.

Only think little virtual dolls rather than real ones . . .

Only think little virtual dolls rather than real ones . . .

Who else have I forgotten?  Well, this lady technically belongs on the Wonder Twins blog (see above in the headings for yet another plug for my other blog) but she has been strangely absent.

Mary Alice, where are you???

Mary Alice, where are you???

I’m not sure if the cleaning fumes got to her or she finally had a complete meltdown, killed her husband with a frying pan, and then ran off to the nuthouse.  More likely she’s just still vacuuming.  On the plus side, Marlene has been keeping up appearances.  Marlene is a lot more interesting.  Maybe Mary Alice should find the trampier side of Sears.

Another thing you’ve been missing but you probably haven’t realized you have, which is highly dangerous for your astrological welfare, is my horoscope readings.

Is Jupiter aligned with Mars?  How will you ever know without ME?

Is Jupiter aligned with Mars? How will you ever know without ME?

Just because I get my predictions from the likes of Dove candy wrappers and my own feverish brain does not mean they are any less accurate than the ones you get in your daily paper.  Your newspaper.  You know, it’s made out of newsprint and they throw it on your sidewalk and . . . what’s newsprint?  Oh, never mind.

Speaking of people who can’t read anything longer than a Cosmo article (this includes me), there’s Bambi!  And Dick Head!  The stars of my 50 Shades parody (I swear I can write about other stuff.  Maybe.).

It's me, Bambi, not just another recycled picture you sillies!

It’s me, Bambi, not just another recycled picture you sillies!

I wrote parodies of the first two books but the last one remains unfinished.  It could be because every book in the real series is just a repeat of the one before that, but still.  If I finished the real books, I should finish further insulting James with my parody.  Right?

Oh and there were others, like my weight loss quest (pfft) and my yoga to make me relax quest (double pfft) and so on.  I’m not sure when or if I’m getting back on that horse.  Horses.  Whatever.  Anyway, this was basically the equivalent of a flashback TV show where they insert a bunch of old crap rather than coming up with new stuff, only this post has even less production value.

I guess what I’m wondering is – is there something else to write about?  Should I finish what I started?  I know, if you had ideas, you’d be using them on your blog, right?  But think about it.  Probably your blog doesn’t have much room for squirrels, ponies and buttplugs, but mine does!  So if you have ideas, or you just want me to shut up already, please say so in the comments below.

38 responses

  1. I have enough issues with ideas for my own blogspace, so I just wish you luck in deciding what’s next. I’ll be here reading anyway 🙂

    1. Thanks Punky – hey did you ever watch that show? I only remember the one with her friend stuck in the icebox.

  2. I’m all about some more Boppo torture. We should be finding as many different ways to kill that clown as we can.

    1. That’s true. I really do owe it to all mankind.

  3. Well, I know what you mean.
    I keep coming up with great ideas, make a huge fuss, explain the idea and never finish it. I keep failing miserably.
    I’m with Twindaddy, Boppo torture.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this! I saw something about a giveaway and must make my way over there . . . free stuffs!

      1. You should, it’s very easy, no voting necessary because when there’s voting I always forget to vote or ask people to vote for me.

  4. If you’re not providing your readers with celebrity gossip, then you’re doing us all a great disservice! And yeah, finish the D&D review. I’m at the edge of my seat here!

    1. One vote for the D&D review – I may have to do a bit more on that if you do the GI Joe reviews based mostly on my constant nagging.

  5. Would that be squirrels, ponies and buttplugs all together in the same exciting mini-fiction? I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
    And I can’t be hearing no more disparaging comments on that mega-epic of a film, “Dungeons and Dragons” – a cinematic treat without compare 🙂

    1. I bet you could do dralidoodles of the 50 Shades characters getting smashed. Oh please!

  6. I shall raise a pitcher of ale – and then drink it – to every forgotten idea…so keep them coming.

    1. Thank ye, I’m sure there are others already forgotten!

  7. Mary Alice, I have this giant can of Lysol for you, whenever you are ready. I read whatever your little mind concocts… 😉

    1. Marlene, you’re the greatest. We simply must have a dinner party and forget to invite that bitchy new neighbor.

  8. I definitely have CRC.

  9. I just think it’s funny that I had a conversation with my boss this morning about how I’m the type of person that damn near always finishes what I start whereas she’s the type who gets all excited about starting and then damn near never finishes.

    1. There was a time I finished what I started . . . I think it was BC (before children).

  10. I’ve only been around for a month and I’m already feeling this. Psssh.
    I’m going to remember that whole CRC thing…

    1. It’s a great excuse. Also kids. If you don’t have any, borrow one. You can take a Thing.

  11. Torture Boppo. We like when you torture Boppo.

    Honestly, I rarely finish anything, and if I do I expect celebrations and statues in my honor.

    1. I do too! WTF is my ticker tape parade, huh?

  12. Damn, I forgot about the D&D movie review too… and I liked the first (and only) installment. But I’ve never forgotten about Boppo the Assclown. I’m going to torture Squirrel until we get more Boppo beatdowns!!!!

    1. Which squirrel? I’m so happy Boppo Assclown has brought joy to so many of my sparkleponies.

  13. Alice, most bloggers would love to have the problem of having way too many ideas. I’ll take pretty much anything from you, so that’s why I don’t complain when you move from one series to another.

    1. And I love your top ten lists. With all the morons in politics, you should never run out of ideas.

  14. I agree with you – no blog has enough room for all my ideas :o)

    1. I think I just need a ghostwriter.

  15. More cow bell!!
    Wait, wrong blog. Sorry.

    I think more boppo torture is definitely in order. Perhaps something holiday themed… can we figure out how to kill him using only a Christmas tree? Or a carving knife accident on Thanksgiving?

    Otherwise, your randomness is awesomesauce all on its own… no need to ever finish a series. That would require work, and work is boring. 😉

    1. Cow bell? Oooh holiday theme Boppo torture? You’re brilliant! I was wondering what to do for my holiday posts . . .

      1. Always happy to help!
        Brilliant? Hmm, I think the usual consensus is that I’m mad. But, perhaps that goes hand in hand with brilliance? 😉

        1. It would certainly explain my brilliantness.

          1. great minds think alike? 😀

  16. I’m with the Boppo torture. Which I see you have started up again. For which I thank you. And which I will read later on today. Maybe.

    1. Yay! How is it going, Faith?

      1. It’s going reasonably OK, although the more time I spend dealing with the Foodbank, especially in the distribution centre and putting together the food parcels for clients, and hearing about their situations, the crosser I’m getting with the UK’s government.

        I will be doing an update, I promise. I have so many ideas but for some reason they always seem to arrive when I’m knackered and in bed…

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