A Very Boppo Zombie Fox News Christmas!

Here is yet another Christmas post, because, really, what would Christmas be without everyone’s favorite clown?  I was all set to do a Boppo Christmas special because last year I already wrote about the first Christmas.  You know, when Joseph and Mary had a baby in a manger (a white baby) because they had no health insurance and then Santa arrived with a diaper genie for Jesus, hallelujah, the end.  What?  You missed that one?  LINK DROP!  Happy holidays I mean zomg MERRY CHRISTMAS. (Click to enlarge pictures – if you dare!)

It's an awesome story, check it out!

It’s an awesome story, check it out!

Anyways, I was going to do a Boppo post when I realized that I had killed Boppo a little too well last time, and every time I opened the game, he promptly died no matter what.  So what could I do?  I could have recreated him, but work, and so I did the next best thing.  I made another character that could resurrect him by calling Death on a special death phone.  But what character would be fitting to go with a clown and a dog named Wee Wee?

Who wants to be Boppo's friend?

Who wants to be Boppo’s friend?

Then I had it.  Since this was a Christmas post, clearly we needed Fox News, so I created Foxy News, a Fox News reporter.  You’ll notice she looks exactly like every female Fox News host.  She’s blond, blue-eyed, and extremely ticked off most of the time (I gave her no nice points).  Perfection!

Welcome, Foxy!

Welcome, Foxy!

Poor Foxy, she’s not used to living in such conditions!  But a reporter must report the news, even if it’s in a stinky place that is owned by a clown who is probably on welfare.  Oh, but first she has to bring him back to life by making that all important phone call.  When you call up Death, you have to offer him money.  This might be a problem for Foxy.

Hmm, how little can I spend on this freak and get away with it?

This is ridiculous!  I bet Obama is behind this!

Sensing that this payment for resurrection was surely part of that nasty Obamacare, she decides to pay as little as possible.  This turns out to not be such a good idea. Turns out if you pay for lousy insurance, you get lousy care!

Oh, oh.

Oh, oh.

So Death brings Boppo back, but only kind of sort of.  Boppo the clown is now Boppo the zombie clown!  Zomg!  Now THIS is a story, Foxy!

Question: What is worse than a clown?  Answer: Zombie clown.

Question: What is worse than a clown? Answer: Zombie clown.

But Foxy really doesn’t want to deal with this.  This is like, creepy, and yuck, and she wants back in her nice clean studio where there are no zombies, no clowns, and no icky bugs!

Ew!  Only poor people have bugs!

Ew! Only poor people have bugs!

Sorry, Foxy, gonna have to see this one through.  I mean, look how far into this post we’ve gotten, and Boppo is still very much alive!  Well, okay, so he’s partially alive and dropping parts of himself all over the house, but he’s still moving, and that has to be stopped.  What kind of Christmas special would this be if there were no dead zombie clowns?  Not a very good one, I say.

So it’s time for Boppo to say “bye-bye” once again.  But how?

Cue Jeopardy theme . . .

Cue Jeopardy theme . . .

The Things and I debated on this, and after crashing a sattelite into him, and one time somehow making him completely vanish from the game, we settled on electrocution.  It seemed the most festive, considering how often this happens with Christmas tree lights and whatnot.

You have to be careful of those frayed wires when decorating, silly Boppo!

You have to be careful of those frayed wires when decorating, silly Boppo!

Foxy is there to film everything.  She manages to hide her sorrow quite well, even pointing and winking at Death as she walks by (really, she does this.)  So now it’s just Foxy, all alone in the house of clown, and none of her reporter friends ready to get her.  But what to do?  What would be the most likely way to go for anybody on Fox News, the network that is fair and balanced?

Ah, Foxy, they warned you if you lied enough what would happen.  Turns out there is a God!

Ah, Foxy, they warned you if you lied enough what would happen.

What do you know?  God IS with us!  Merry Christmas, Happy Chaka Kahn, all those other holidays, etc etc.



22 responses

  1. A dead clown AND a dead Faux News anchor? Could this post BE any better?

    1. It just fills you with the Christmas spirit, doesn’t it?

      1. It does. The rest of my Christmas spirit is in a bottle. I’ll drink it later…

  2. Ha! Too bad this couldn’t happen for realz. Lol @ the Die of Flies option.

    1. I would actually watch Fox News if flies were to swarm the studio. It could be like a Biblical event!

  3. No, it can’t get any better.

  4. I was rooting for Death By Hail… but maybe that one can be saved for Spring storm season. Christmas is complete now that we have killed the assclown and his Foxy friend! This is really what the season is all about….

    1. I knew you’d understand, ES! Feliz Navidad and a Merry Squirrel Year!

  5. A Zombie dead clown being electrocuted?? This is my kind of Christmas!

    1. Light shows are so popular at this time of year.

  6. Hey Alice .. I finally made it … and for my first visit, I can honest saying you’re a sicko … guess that’s why I laughed so much! 🙂 …. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for attending my holiday bash, and I hope you visit my Christmas Eve post for special treats for the season.

    1. I enjoyed your Christmas Eve post. Thanks for visiting. More sicko-ness is in store for the new year.

  7. My daughter is now getting into playing the Sims. Sadly, her version is not nearly as entertaining. Though, given her age, I suppose I should be quite thankful that she’s not twisted enough to be doing things like this. Then again, Wednesday Addams was actually totally awesome.

  8. Poor Boppo and news lady heh heh heh.
    Is this the regular Sims or is there a “Psycho Expansion pack” out there?
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and the Things 🙂

    1. If there were a psycho expansion pack, you know I’d have it! Sadly, I must make my own. Merry Christmas to you and the doodles!

  9. Grim….this pleases me. Merry Christmas.

    1. It’s like a fairy tale, eh? Merry Christmas to you – well, okay, hope you had one. Just realized I’m replying a bit late . . .

  10. Oh, the joys. Are you going to bring Boppo back again or leave him for now? (Pleasebringhimbackpleasebringhimback)

    1. Would love to, but in light of recent events, maybe not for a little while, in case someone thinks I’m talking about another clown.

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