Please help no amount is too small…

I want to add more of a post to this, cause I could write dozens. If you don’t know Merry you really should because she is more than fibromyalgia which is taking over her life. She is freaking hilarious. We me through a fruitcake and bonded over retro ads about hair brushes that double as . . . other things. Also lysol douches and tampons. I happen to have a head cold, so it’s possible that this is making no sense, so just head over to Zoe’s blog at Behind the Abuse and find out how to help my friend Merry.

9 responses

  1. Ahaha! Head cold duly noted. I hope you feel better! Thank you so much.

    Quick thing it’s behindthemaskofabuse. 😉

    1. What did I write ohhhhh. I’m amazed I got that much right. D’oh.

      1. ahaha! it made me laugh!

  2. Fantastic! More and more voices!

    I think the manufacturer of Lysol may want to talk to you about slandering their product.
    Or give you a commission for opening a new market for them…

    1. I could totally see a new market, same as the old market. Seriously, they apparently actually used this. Also they put Listerine everywhere but their hair. And help Merrey’s house!

      1. Wait, I meant everywhere but their mouths, cause it’s supposed to be a mouthwash. But they did use it in their hair. And other places. Oh, crap I’m so out of it.

  3. Lysol douche??? So I shall dub them…douchewipes.

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